Part 55 – Karen & Joel

After a few hours of intense labour Karen gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby


They  named her Katie.

She was perfect in every way and Karen doted on her. She was such a happy baby who very rarely cried unless she needed a diaper change or was hungry and she slept so well at night time.

05-20-17_6-01-08 PM (2)


Daddy of course loved his little girl too. He would get up in the middle of the night when Karen was tired and would bottle feed her, change her diaper and cuddle her back to sleep. She would always go straight back to sleep until morning.

05-20-17_6-18-49 PM (2)



Time flew by so quickly and Katie wasn’t a baby for very long. She started sitting up by herself and learnt to crawl at an early age and before they knew it she was pulling herself up on the furniture and taking her first steps.

“She’s going to be a strong independent girl” Karen said to Joel one day as she was watching Katie trying to walk.

“Just like her mother” Joel laughed.

05-20-17_10-06-38 PM (2)


On his days off Joel would spend time with Katie, teaching her flash cards, teaching her to walk, reading to her and of course teaching her to use the potty. She was definitely Daddy’s little girl.

05-20-17_10-14-04 PM (2)


Just as Jack was Mummy’s boy. Of course they tried not to play favourites but there is an undeniable bond between mother and son, and father and daughter.

Summer came and went, and in the autumn Jack was due to start school. He was excited about this, but also a little bit afraid. He had the academic side down pat as he was a bright child, but he was worried about making friends. He didn’t seem to make friends easily, but in the first few weeks he made several friends and seemed quite happy. Karen helped him with his homework when he got home from school and they would often talk about his school day…

05-20-17_10-19-45 PM (2)


…and then he was allowed some computer time before dinner. He loved to play arithmetic attack and also like to practice his typing. He thinks one day he might write like his mummy does, because she’s so clever.

Katie would sometimes join them playing on her little wabbit tablet too.

05-21-17_9-55-54 PM (2)


Some days instead of being on the computer Karen and Jack would play games on the Simstation Console. They played different games but one of their favourite was bowling.

05-21-17_9-57-45 PM (2)


Jack was really good and most times would beat Karen. She tried so hard but he was just too good at it.

05-21-17_9-58-31 PM (2)


Then suddenly one day Jack came home from school feeling very sad. He ran indoors and straight up to his bedroom. He hopped under the covers on his bed and sobbed his little heart out. Karen noticed that he didn’t come to say hello so went upstairs to see what was wrong.

“Jack honey, what’s wrong?” she asked him as she knocked on the bedroom door.

He got out of bed as Karen walked in and he told her “My best friend is having a birthday party but didn’t invite me. I heard about it from some other kids so I asked him about it. He said he didn’t want me to go and wasn’t my friend anymore” and with that he broke down in tears again.

05-21-17_9-48-47 PM (2)


“Oh honey, that is really mean of him” Karen told Jack. “You know what, he’s not a real friend if he treats you like that and you don’t need him” she assured him. “There are plenty more friends where he came from and you know what, I hope karma comes and spoils his party! Then when it’s your birthday we’ll have the best party ever and he will miss out!”

After a bit more of a pep talk Karen sends Jack off for a bath and she goes to give Katie a quick bath. They have dinner when Joel comes home and spend some quality family time together. Later, Karen goes to tuck Jack into bed and they sit down for a minute on the bed.

“Are you feeling better now honey?” she asks him.

Jack smiles at her “yes mummy”

05-20-17_10-59-23 PM (2)


“Good. I’m glad” Karen says and gives him a big hug. “Now you get a good nights sleep. School again tomorrow. I love you Jack”

“I love you too mummy”

05-20-17_10-59-31 PM (2)


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