Part 54 – Karen & Joel

Firstly sorry for all the toddler spam, but I just love these little guys. I think it is by far the best life stage and these little guys are soooo cute! I am so so  happy EA gave us toddlers!


With little Jack being at such an impressionable and important stage in his life, Karen does a lot of work from home these days. It suits her better because she can be home to take care of Jack and fit her work in around his nap times. Since most of the work is done on the Internet and with her super fast connection there is no reason to go into work really.

05-18-17_7-36-11 PM (2)


Jack has discovered his favourite food of all time…chicken nuggets! He wants them for breakfast lunch and dinner, but of course Karen doesn’t let him. He needs a balanced diet but he has them for a treat sometimes.

05-18-17_7-40-17 PM (2)


During the day Karen teaches Jack his words using flash cards. He’s getting so clever and knows most of them now. He can actually have a bit of a conversation too, instead of talking gibberish.

05-18-17_8-59-43 PM (2)


When Karen and Joel both have to go into work, Nanny B comes over to sit with Jack. He loves it when she reads him a book. She’s so good at telling stories.

05-18-17_9-15-23 PM (2)


She gives him lots of encouragement when he’s building his blocks too.

“Yay! Well done Jack” she says as she claps her hands.

Jack is very proud of himself.

05-18-17_9-18-36 PM (2)


One evening Karen comes home late from work. Joel was in bed but little Jack had another nightmare, so he got up to settle him. Karen had a shower and was in her dressing gown when they bumped into each other in the hall.

“Hey honey” she says “guess what”

“What?” Joel questions

“I had a call from the dr today. We’re pregnant again” she squeals with delight.

“What? Oh that’s wonderful news honey” Joel says and he gives his beautiful wife a hug.

05-18-17_9-35-02 PM (2)


In the morning Karen tells Jack the news.

“Mummy is going to have a baby Jack. You’re going to be a big brother” she tells him.

Jack is so excited he jumps up and down and gives his mummy a hug. “Can I have a brother?” he asks innocently.

Karen laughs “we’ll just have to wait and see. We won’t know until the baby is born” she tells him.

05-18-17_9-41-28 PM (2)


Jack plays with his dolls house and thinks how neat it would be to have someone to play with all the time. He plays with his friends sometimes, but a brother would be there all the time…he doesn’t realize the baby will be too small to play for quite some time.

05-18-17_9-47-47 PM (2)


Jack is trying new foods now that he’s growing up. This morning he is trying french toast.

“Ooooh” he says when he takes his first bite. “Yumm!”

05-19-17_8-41-04 PM (2)


Jack has had several birthdays, he’s growing so fast that Joel and Karen can’t keep up.

05-19-17_8-47-30 PM (2)



Before they know it their little boy is not  so little anymore. He’s a big boy and ready to start school in the next few months. He’s excited about going to school and making some new friends.

Karen’s pregnancy has progressed too and she’s not far off having the baby.

05-19-17_9-18-49 PM (2)


Jack is a very intelligent boy, but he still loves nothing better than sitting down and having a book read to him by Mummy or Daddy. He loves music too and hopes to learn to play an instrument when he starts school.

05-19-17_11-07-43 PM (2)


One day before school has started Karen wakes up feeling a bit uncomfortable.

“Oh dear, I think the baby is coming” she says to Joel as she hops out of bed.

05-19-17_11-19-52 PM (2)


Sure enough over the next few hours the pain worsens. The contractions are about 5 minutes apart and the baby will be here soon.

Karen cries out in pain as another contraction hits her. “I think it’s time to go to the hospital NOW!” she yells at Joel.

05-19-17_11-20-28 PM (2)

What will Karen have? A boy or a girl? Any guesses on the name too? All will be revealed in the next episode.


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