Part 53 – Karen & Joel


Little Jack is keeping Karen and Joel on their toes. He’s now so good at walking and he can even run. They have to be quick to catch him and he just wanders off. They have to keep an eye on where he goes or they can spend ages trying to find him.

01-15-17_11-14-49 PM


Most times he’s up in his bedroom playing with his toys though. It’s so much fun and he’s getting quite an imagination.

01-15-17_11-17-21 PM


He is fully toilet trained now and no longer needs to wear diapers.

01-15-17_11-33-36 PM


Daddy is so proud of his big boy.

“Well done Jack. You’re such a big boy now” Joel praised him.

01-15-17_11-35-46 PM


And EAT! Oh boy can he eat! He loves his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.

01-15-17_11-38-39 PM


When Jack is in bed Joel and Karen still find a little bit of time for “Mummy and Daddy time”. Not much with a busy toddler running around and half the time they are exhausted but from time to time they manage to keep that spark alive.

01-16-17_10-05-51 PM


Karen and Joel love to dance and little Jack has been watching them. He loves music too and tries to copy his daddy’s moves.

01-16-17_10-21-57 PM


“Hey Jack, can you do the robot? Look at daddy doing the robot” Joel said as he showed Jack his moves.

01-16-17_10-23-01 PM


“Me do robot” Jack said excited as he tried to copy Joel’s moves.

“Very good Jack” Joel encouraged his son.

01-16-17_10-23-06 PM


But there came a time when Jack started waking up in the middle of the night. He was having some nightmares and he would come into their room in the middle of the night.

01-16-17_10-40-46 PM


Night after night, after night it would happen…..

01-16-17_10-40-57 PM


He would stand at the end of their bed crying until they woke up. They took him back to bed and read him to sleep again but again he’d wake up. They ended up putting a radio in his room and playing some lullabies when he went to sleep, and that seemed to do the trick. They finally got a full nights sleep again.

01-16-17_10-41-28 PM


Then Jack discovered the kitchen cupboards. Child locks promptly went on the doors of the cupboards containing chemicals and dangerous items, and crockery and glassware were moved out of reach. He loved the pots and pans and would sit and bang them around for ages.

“Perhaps he will be a drummer or musician one day” Karen joked to Joel.

01-16-17_10-58-20 PM


When Mummy worked on her computer Jack would play on his computer. He loved to play SimShape and Draw with Llama or just watch videos. Karen was busy writing her books to try and make some extra money. She has quite a few bestsellers now.

01-16-17_10-59-39 PM


Since Karen and Joel don’t get out as much these days (the joys of having a toddler) their friends come over to visit. Jack doesn’t like “strangers” so when Precious tried to talk to him he covered his eyes.

“I can still seeeee you Jack” Precious teased.

“NO!” said Jack turning his head away thinking that Precious couldn’t see him if he can’t see her.

01-16-17_11-16-24 PM


Karen laughed at his antics.
“It’s ok Jack, Precious is my friend. She won’t hurt you. She has little children too. She has two little boys that you will be able to go and play with”

Jack looked up at his mummy, excited about the prospect of meeting some more little boys.

“Me play?” he asked Karen

“Yes darling but later. Mummy and Precious are going to talk now and I’ll take you over to her house later”

“Yay!” squealed Jack shaking his arms in excitement.

01-16-17_11-18-08 PM


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