Part 52 – Karen & Joel


As a toddler Jack was an angelic child but he could also be quite demanding when he wanted something. He was learning to talk and could say certain words. For example early one morning after breakfast little Jack wanted to have a bath. His demands were simple “Bath Mummy”.

“you want a bath Jack?” Karen repeated.

01-13-17_11-28-47 PM


Jack would get so excited he’d jump up and down and clap his hands when Karen understood what he wanted. Then he’d stand there with his arms up for Karen to pick him up.

“Oh you’re getting such a big boy” Karen says as she picks him up.

01-13-17_11-29-23 PM


Bath times were so much fun. Jack loved playing with the bubbles

01-13-17_11-33-26 PM


And his rubber duckie….

01-13-17_11-33-40 PM


And he would splash the water making Karen soaking wet. But it was ok, it was lovely mummy and son bonding time.

01-13-17_11-33-50 PM


Jack eventually grew to love Nanny B as well. He knew now that Mummy and Daddy had to go to work, but they would come back. While they were gone Nanny B looked after him.

01-13-17_11-38-00 PM


She taught him to say his words, and to recognize pictures and say what they were. It was frustrating sometimes when he couldn’t say the word but Nanny B made it fun. This one was tricky “brocci” was all he could manage at the moment.

01-13-17_11-44-46 PM


She taught him to use the potty too, which was much better than running around in a wet diaper.

01-13-17_11-47-38 PM


Then when mummy and daddy came home they had dinner together (except when Mummy worked late) and then daddy would put Jack to bed and read him a story.

01-14-17_8-20-28 PM


“Goodnight my little man” Joel would say as he tucked Jack in.

“Night night daddy” Jack would say as he yawned and drifted off to sleep.

01-14-17_8-23-30 PM


Soon Jack worked out how to climb stairs properly and he tackled the main staircase. At first Karen and Joel were horrified and watched in fright. But Jack was pretty agile and he never fell.

01-14-17_9-45-35 PM


When he got to the bottom and found Daddy dancing in the kitchen, he would demand “Daddy food”. Joel put him in his highchair and gave him some breakfast.

01-14-17_9-46-21 PM


It was lovely to come home from a tough day at work and be greeted with open arms from his little man. Jack would come running over, “Daddyyyyyyy” he would squeal and put his arms up in the air.

01-14-17_10-41-06 PM


He loved his hugs from Daddy and Joel loved it too.

01-14-17_10-41-24 PM


The boys would have some play time before dinner, playing airplanes,

01-14-17_10-42-23 PM


and then they’d sit down to eat together. Sometimes they sat outside if it was a nice night and Joel would cook something on the bbq for them.

01-14-17_10-48-40 PM


Little Jack was still a bit of a messy eater so it is lucky this couch is washable.

01-14-17_10-49-02 PM


After such a big day and with a full tummy, little Jack would get sleepy. Joel would be talking to him one minute, and the next his little eyes are closed and he’s nodding off.

01-14-17_10-50-16 PM


He looks so cute curled up on the couch that Joel hates to disturb him, but he can’t sleep here all night, so he picks him up and carries him to bed.

01-14-17_10-50-36 PM


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