Part 51 – Karen & Joel


Time flew by so quickly and young Jack was soon a toddler…no longer a baby. He was learning fast and had already learnt to wrap his mummy and daddy around his little finger. How could you not love that little face though….sooo cute!

01-13-17_4-59-01 PM


All Jack had to do was give Mummy those puppy dog eyes  and that little pout on his lips and he’d get whatever he wanted.

“oh dear poor Jack. What’s wrong?”

01-13-17_5-38-31 PM


“Do you need your diaper changed? No. Do you need a bath? No. Hmmm….do you want Mummy to play with you?

“Yes yes yes” said Jack as he jumped up and down excitedly.

01-13-17_5-39-49 PM


Out on the landing Karen tossed Jack up into the air, twirling around in circles as she did. Jack squealed with delight.

01-13-17_5-40-11 PM


Next they played airplanes “Here we go we’re coming in to land. Hold on tight” Karen said as the plane dipped down lower and gently swayed from side to side.

01-13-17_5-40-56 PM


And finally she threw Jack around and upside down to which he squealed even louder. He loved playing rough. The rougher the better. Mummy was so much fun!

01-13-17_5-42-18 PM


Soon though Karen’s maternity leave came to an end and she had to return to work. She sat down and tried to explain to young Jack that “Mummy needs to go back to work to earn some money for your new toys. I will be back soon and while I’m gone Nanny will come and look after you”

Jack stood listening but not really comprehending what Karen was saying. She left to go to work and left Jack with the lovely elderly Nanny who would be taking care of him.

01-13-17_5-46-08 PM


But the nanny wasn’t quick enough and took her eyes off Jack for a split second. He was out the door and down the footpath chasing after Mummy. Or so he thought! He got to the bottom of the stairs when Nanny came running out the door after him. She picked him up and took him quickly back inside.

“Where do you think you’re going little man?” she questioned him with a chuckle. “Your father would shoot me if I lost you”. She promptly locked the front door so that Jack couldn’t go out again and then went to lock the back door too.

01-13-17_5-48-46 PM


Poor little Jack was heartbroken. Mummy and Daddy had gone and left him with this strange old lady. He was sad. He wanted Mummy and Daddy to come back.

01-13-17_5-50-20 PM


He stood near the door and cried and cried and cried. It was heartbreaking to watch 😦

01-13-17_5-50-45 PM


But Nanny knew how to cheer him up. “Come on little one, let’s get you some food” she said as she picked him up and sat him in the high chair. Little Jack did love his food, but unfortunately the high chair wore more than he ate when he was left to his own devices.

01-13-17_5-57-29 PM


“Weeeeeee” he shouted as he flung his arms wide…yogurt going everywhere.

“Oh dear!” said Nanny as she wiped down the high chair, walls, floor and anything else that was in the surrounding area of the high chair. “You’re going to be a fun one” she chuckled to herself.

01-13-17_5-57-56 PM


“Come one let’s go play with your nesting blocks” said Nanny carrying Jack into the lounge room. There he sat for ages trying to sit one block on top of another and talking in absolute gibberish to himself.

01-13-17_6-05-35 PM


“Blah blah mweio woeh moudi une” he gibbered away looking at the pictures on the blocks and trying to stack them.

01-13-17_6-06-32 PM


All this playing was hard work and Jack grew weary, so when Nanny left him to go and cook some dinner he climbed up onto the nearby couch.

01-13-17_6-07-41 PM


And there he fell asleep. He looked so peaceful that Nanny left him there and put some cushions on the floor, just in case he rolled off.

01-13-17_6-08-54 PM


Next thing Jack knew Daddy was home and he was so so happy.

“Come here little man. I’ve missed you” said Joel as he gave Jack a big squeezy hug. “Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?”

01-13-17_6-13-22 PM


Joel sat Jack in his high chair and gave him some dinner while he ate his own dinner. He gave Jack a drink and after cleaning up he noticed Jack needed a diaper change. That done they had a little play….

01-13-17_6-19-16 PM


…and then Joel read Jack a bedtime story as he drifted off to sleep for the night. Happy again now that Daddy was home.

01-13-17_6-21-33 PM


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