Part 50 – Karen & Joel

Heading towards the end of Karen’s pregnancy, Joel receives an email one day from his agent.

“Honey, I know the timing is awful but I need to go away for a bit for this movie role.”

“Really? Right now? We’re about to have a baby Joel” Karen responded less than happy.

“I know, but I HAVE to go. The director decided that they  are shooting the next scenes in San Myshuno for a more authentic look”. He explained apologetically.  “I promise if anything happens with the baby I will be on the first flight home I can get! I will be here” he promises.

06-10-16_9-43-12 PM


A couple of days later Karen was reading a book on the back deck when Joel came out to say goodbye. “Well my bags are packed and the plane leaves in 3 hours so I will get going” he said sadly. “I hate to leave you like this”.

“It’s ok” Karen reassured him “I will call IF anything happens before you return. I’m sure I’ll be fine”.

“Ok. Well you take care of both of you and I’ll see you soon”. Joel kissed his wife goodbye and jumped in the taxi to the airport.

06-10-16_9-50-53 PM


Karen went about her daily life while Joel was gone. Heading off to work each day and writing her books from home. Occasionally she’d shout herself a meal at The Precious Pearl when she felt she needed company or a night out. The meals there were so delicious and it was better than cooking for one at home and then eating left overs for the rest of the week.

06-10-16_9-34-24 PM


It also gave her a good chance to catch up with her friend Precious and sometimes her other friends too.

“How are you doing?” Precious asked her one night when she was out for a meal.

“I’m good except I’m getting as big as a house. Look at the size of my backside!! I thought my belly was supposed to get big not my backside!” Karen said quite annoyed.

Dwayne sat reading the menu and pretending not to hear the conversation. This was one conversation he did not want to be a part of!

06-10-16_9-32-49 PM


As the weeks went on, Karen’s belly did get bigger. It became increasingly harder to move around and dancing in her kitchen was all she would do as she was becoming less graceful. She left the dancing in the clubs for her friends.

06-10-16_9-55-03 PM


However, she would still go out from time to time. One particular night she joined them at the Narwhal arms. She was quite surprised to see Anna still in her swimwear in the night club. She looked a bit chilly!

“How are you Karen?” Anna asked “Look at you – you have absolutely popped out! Your belly is huge now!”

“Yeah I know and I feel uncomfortable. My back is aching so bad. I probably shouldn’t have come out tonight.” Karen replied.

“Ahh you’ll be right. You still have a couple of weeks to go yet don’t you?” Anna asked.

“Yes, still a few more weeks yet” Karen replied right before she experienced the most embarrassing and uncomfortable thing in her life. Her waters broke…right there in the bar. She was rushed off to the hospital to give birth to her baby.

“Ring Joel” was the last thing she said to Anna as she was whisked out the door.

06-19-16_10-28-03 PM


Anna rang Joel, but the labour was so quick and baby Jack was in a real hurry to come into the world. Sadly Joel missed the birth of his first born son.

With no complications and an easy birth Karen was allowed home that same night.

06-19-16_10-32-00 PM


“Now I’m sorry little Jack that your room isn’t quite ready yet but we weren’t sure if we were having a boy or a girl so we wanted to wait. Now that you are here we will paint your room blue for you” she spoke softly to the newborn infant, who just looked up at his mummy in wonder.

06-19-16_10-36-27 PM


“oh my little darling you are so precious. I can’t wait for daddy to get here to meet you”

06-19-16_10-37-19 PM


“Now you be a good little boy and go to sleep for mummy…Oh wait! That sounds like daddy now” Karen told the baby as she heard the front door shut and footsteps inside the house.

“We’re upstairs” she yelled down to Joel.

06-19-16_10-38-17 PM


“oh my gosh what a gorgeous little boy you are” said Joel so proud of his little boy. “I’m so sorry I didn’t get back in time. I got the first plane I could” he apologized to Karen.

“It’s ok. This little one didn’t want to mess around” she said with a chuckle.

06-19-16_10-39-15 PM


Joel felt a bit awkward at first having never really held a baby before but his heart filled with love in an instant when he looked into his sons eyes. Karen was pretty sure she saw a tear or two in Joel’s eyes at that moment.

06-19-16_10-39-38 PM


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