Part 49 – Jacqui & Dwayne

As a little treat before New Year’s, Dwayne decided to take Jacqui for a weekend away in the city. He’d rented a posh penthouse apartment high above the city. A very luxurious place. It was supposed to be a romantic weekend for two, but the kids Krystal and Jayden decided to stop by and say hi. Of course the pair are always happy to see their kids at any time, so they all enjoyed a drink around the bar and caught up.



“Ewww will you two get a room” Krystal joked as Dwayne gave Jacqui a kiss on the cheek.

“Jealous?” quipped Jacqui, laughing at her daughter.



After the kids had left and they had the place to themselves finally, they were once again interrupted by room service.

“I’ve come to clean the apartment sir” the neatly dressed man said to Dwayne.

“Ugh!! I don’t want the room cleaned, we just want some peace and quiet and privacy. You can clean it when we’ve left” Dwayne told him, feeling frustrated and angry.



Finally alone the pair settled in for a quiet romantic night…ALONE!

“Just look at that view” Jacqui admired looking out the windows from the bed. “It’s breathtaking”.

“Not as breathtaking as you my dear” Dwayne purred as he pulled Jacqui closer.
(I shall leave the rest to your imagination hee hee)



The next morning out on the deck Dwayne found a DJ booth and decided to have a go. “How hard can it be??” he muttered to himself as he began to play some dance music.



“What on earth are you up to” Jacqui asked him as she met him outside after her shower.

“Oh, I’m just mucking around” Dwayne replied “It’s actually quite fun”.



Jacqui laughed at her husband “You’re quite proud of yourself aren’t you?”

“Yep!” he replied puffing his chest out and smiling a cheeky grin. Jacqui laughed at him again. “I’m going to go to the local flea market to see what they have. Do you want to come along?”



“Nah.  You know i hate shopping. I’ll just hang out here until you get back” he replied.

He gave Jacqui a big smooch “Don’t be too long now” he said as she walked away “and don’t buy EVERYTHING” he yelled after her, knowing full well she was likely to.



After a little while Dwayne poured himself a drink from the “globe bar”, which he thought was just an ornamental piece at first until he noticed a small clip on the front. Inside were the contents to make himself a sweet little drink.



After quite some time Dwayne started to get bored so he sent Jacqui a text message to tell her he’d meet her at the market and they might go out somewhere for lunch.

He arrived at the market and immediately ran into John, Jacqui’s Dad. “Oh hi John, how are you?”

“Good mate, good. Just looking at these knife blocks for sale here. Hand carved, thought they’d make a good present for the misses”.

“Nice!” replied Dwayne. “I’m looking for Jac, have you seen her anywhere?”

“No mate, I haven’t sorry” John said and they said their goodbyes before Dwayne wandered on looking for Jacqui.



Still unable to find her and feeling rather famished he ordered something to eat from one of the local vendors and sat down to eat. His future son in law came and sat beside him.

“Hi Dwayne” said Josh “what ya up to?”

“I’m looking for Jacqui. She came here hours ago and I can’t seem to find her. Have you seen her?”

“No” Josh replied, “but I’ll keep an eye out for her and I’ll let you know if I find her”



With that Josh left but it was just a few minutes later that Jacqui came walking towards Dwayne.

“There you are!” he exclaimed. “I’ve been looking all round the market for you. Where have you been hiding?” he asked.

“Oh sorry, I was thirsty so I ducked over to the bar over the road there for a drink. I got chatting to the bar tender who was telling me these markets are on every weekend”.

“Lucky we live too far away to visit every weekend then” Dwayne said with a chuckle and he clapped his hands at his own joke.




The next morning they headed back home and it was New Year’s Eve already. Jacqui had to work through the day but when she came home she was greeted with a big kiss. The weekend away must’ve been good for him as he’s never been so romantic in all his life!



The kids were busy with their friends for New Year’s so it was just the two of them.

“I know it’s early but I’m beat and could do with an early night” Jacqui said to Dwayne. “I bought these fireworks at the markets though, we should light them so they don’t go to waste”.

“Ok, but you stand back and let me light them” Dwayne told her concerned she might hurt herself. Besides he loved playing with fire 🙂

He lit them one by one



and they flew up into the sky making a loud bang as they exploded into colour. “Happy New Year” they said to each other…even though it was technically still a bit early.



Dwayne went and changed into his suit jacket and a tie as he thought he’d take Jacqui out to dinner.

“Oh darling how lovely” she said “but I really am beat. Can we just have a quiet dinner at home tonight?” So together they made some hamburgers on the bbq and sat down to a nice quiet meal.

“Ahhh chooo” Dwayne sneezed

“Oh dear. I hope you aren’t coming down with a cold” Jacqui said to him.



Dwayne cleaned up the dishes and came back to find Jacqui curled up on the lounge napping. “Bless her she must be exhausted” he said to himself. He woke her up gently and suggested she go have a shower, which she did.



He also changed out of his suit and poured them both a glass of wine.

“Cheers and happy new year to us” Jacqui toasted…feeling much better after her nap and shower.



As the night went on she became more and more “happy”.

“Here’s to just the two of us, now that the kids have moved out. May we *hic* live happily ever after” she stammered.



A few minutes later Dwayne smelled burning and he got up to see what it was. Jacqui had lit another firework she’d found…but under the patio. Luckily it didn’t actually go off as she’d lit it wrong and it just caught on fire. Worried it would explode though Dwayne rushed to get the fire extinguisher.



The pair of them fought the flames with the fire extinguishers and luckily were able to get the fire under control before it did too much damage. One corner of the couch was burnt but that could be replaced and would be covered by insurance.



“I’m so sorry” Jacqui apologised as she looked at her soot covered husband.

“It’s ok” he assured her “but I think we both had better go and clean up a bit.



Jacqui jumped in the shower (again) and Dwayne in the bath and then they both headed to bed once they were all cleaned up.



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