Part 48 – Jacqui & Dwayne

Jacqui has been playing match maker recently and was able to get Jayden and Anna together and what a surprise “they hit it off straight away”. A match made in heaven is what Jacqui told Dwayne. They had been dating for just a couple of weeks but already Anna feels like part of the family, so when Christmas day came around it was only fair that Anna came too.

It was a boiling hot day (it always is here in Australia) so the family spent the morning in and out of the pool. Jacqui’s Mum also came to spend the day with them after having recently lost her husband.

“So Jayden, tell me about your new girlfriend” Patricia says with her hands on her hips.

“Well you’ll get to meet her soon enough” he replies “she’ll be here soon. But she’s really lovely. She’s caring and kind and polite.”

“Oh, so nothing like Jasmin then” his grandmother says with a laugh.



When Anna arrives Jacqui serves up lunch.

“Come and get it everyone” she yells as she uncovers all the food on the table.

“Oh this looks wonderful Mrs Callon” Anna says as she helps herself to some grilled fruit.

“Please, call me Jacqui. There’s no need to be formal here” Jacqui tells her.12-30-16_10-33-48-am


“So where is Josh, Krystal?” Patricia asks her granddaughter.

“Unfortunately, he got called to an emergency job this morning” Krystal explains. “He’s on call this week.”

Dwayne and Jayden are talking about work again over the dinner table. Anna mocks them both “can’t you forget about work for one day? It’s Christmas!”



After everyone has eaten Jacqui clears the table and brings out all the presents for everyone.

“Ooooh I hope that big pile over there is for me” Patricia jokes.

“No, actually it’s for Dwayne” Jacqui says grinning at her husband.



Dwayne gets up and goes over to the pile.

“OH YES!” he cheers as he pumps his fists in the air. He begins to open the presents and finds that they all go together to make one big present.



He puts it all together while everyone watches him and chats amongst themselves.

“A drink bar! How cool is that” Dwayne muses “thanks everyone. Now where did I put my bottles of whiskey and rum?” he ponders, rubbing his chin.



Jacqui opens her presents next.

“Ooooh a FabergĂ© egg. Thanks Dwayne” she says as she unwraps the rest of the presents “Thanks kids. Some lovely perfumes. Just what I needed.”



Anna opens her presents.

“Talc and body wash, thanks guys, and Dwayne did you make this horse statue yourself?”

“I did indeed” he replies proudly.

“It’s beautiful! Jayden told me you were good at carving. I love it. Thank you.”



Jacqui brought out Krystal’s present next.
“It was a bit hard to wrap” Jacqui laughs as she hands it to her daughter.

“Oh gosh, thanks guys” Krystal says so excited. She loves fish. “I think I’ll name him Samson” she says.



Jayden is also too impatient to wait so he’s opened his presents too.

“A basketball. Awesome guys, thanks and thank you Anna for the aftershave and stuff. Is that a subtle hint?” he jokes with her.



Finally it’s Patricia’s turn.

“Some lovely lotions from you all. They smell divine. Are they from your spa, Anna?” she asks.

“They sure are” Anna replies “If they’re not to your liking I can exchange them for you”

“Oh no, they are gorgeous” Patricia assures her “And a Zen sand garden. That will be fun. Thanks everyone” she says.



Just then everyone jumps as Dwayne pulls apart his Christmas cracker. It goes off with a big bang and sparks fly out.

“Jeepers Dad” Jayden says as he turns his head and screws up his face “scared the living daylights out of me!” he laughs.



Jacqui decides to give it a go but is struggling to pull hers apart. Patricia turns her head away preparing herself for the bang.



All of a sudden it pulls apart *BANG!* and even Jacqui jumps.



“Aww look what’s inside them” Jacqui shows everyone “aren’t they adorable”



With all the gift giving, food and frivolities over, everyone heads inside to relax on the lounge.

“It’s ok guys, I’ll do all the cleaning up. You just relax” Jacqui calls out sarcastically
“as always” she mutters to herself rolling her eyes back in her head.



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