Part 47 – Dwayne & Jacqui

Jacqui has gone as far as she can go in her art career and is getting a little bored with her job. She gets paid well  but she feels she wants more of a challenge again. She’s discussed this with Dwayne and he agreed that as long as she got another job then why not go for it.

So after a particularly boring day at work, she walked into her bosses office and handed in her resignation. He was stunned and didn’t want to lose such a good worker, so he offered her a new position within the company as an ‘Art Critic’. It would be her job to write reviews and critique all types of art. It sounded interesting, and completely different to what she was doing before, so she figured she’d give it a go.

Her first job was to set up an online account, so that she can send her reviews to her boss when she works from home or out on the streets doing her reviews. She did this at home and then brushed up on her writing skills a bit.



Dwayne came home and announced that there was a romance festival on in San Myshuno that evening, and asked Jacqui if she’d like to go. She thought it sounded interesting and had never been to one before so “why not” she told him. Dwayne is not normally the romantic type so it’s nice that he is showing her some attention.

“Look at all these rose petals” Dwayne says as he tosses them in the air over Jacqui’s head.

“They smell gorgeous” she responds taking a deep breath and enjoying the aroma.



He reads her poetry from a book, “I fell deep in love the first time I saw you. Your love my darling made me feel so beautiful and new” he read.

“What’s wrong?  Are you dying or something?” Jacqui asks laughing at him “You are NOT this romantic…EVER!”

“Well, I’m trying to be” he says feeling a little rejected.

“Stop, you don’t have to be. Just be your usual self” Jacqui assures him “that’s what I love about you” she says as she plants a kiss on his cheek.



They head on over to a drink fountain, which contains some delicious looking pink refreshment. They fill a glass each and take a sip.



It has a wonderful taste and an affect on Jacqui that’s so potent. She takes Dwayne in her arms, swings him around, lays him backwards and plants a big old passionate kiss on his lips.

“Whoa! ” he says, coming up for air. “Where did THAT come from?”

“I dunno.” Jacqui giggles “Must’ve been that drink”



In the meantime

Love is definitely not in the air for their son Jayden. He and his girlfriend Jasmin are breaking up.

“I know you have been cheating on me Jasmin” he yells angrily at her “You can’t deny it. I saw you both”

“I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me. He’s just a friend” protested Jasmin through her tears.

“He looked like more than a friend to me” Jayden spits at her.



“It will never happen again” Jasmin sniffles.

“Damn straight it won’t! We’re through!” Jayden tells her. “We’re done Jasmin. Goodbye”

Nearby, Annalise just happened to be walking by when she heard all of this. She stops and sends a text to her friend

“Guess what, Jayden and Jasmin just broke up. This might be my chance…he may need a friend, a shoulder to cry on”



The next day

Dwayne had a day off work, so he spent some time playing games to amuse himself while Jacqui was working.

“YES!” he yelled pumping his fist in the air as he beat the monster. “I wonder where Jayden is, he is usually online by now so we can play together” he says to himself.



He has a quick shower and gets dressed then picks up his mobile phone. “Hey dude, what you doing? I just levelled up. Do you want to jump online and play with me?”

“What? No way? She did what!!! Are you ok son? Want me to come over?” he blurted out all at once.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come over? Alright, well if you need anything you know where I am ok”

Dwayne hangs up the phone feeling quite upset for his son. He turns and sees all the beautiful Christmas baking that Jacqui had done that morning. “Hmm, I wonder if she will miss just one cookie?” he asks himself as he takes one to try.



When Jacqui gets home from work Dwayne breaks the news to her about Jayden and Jasmin.

“Oh my. Is he ok? I should go and see him and give him a hug” she says feeling very sad.

“No no, he’s ok. He’s a big boy and he can take care of himself. Besides, those two were never really good together. I say good riddance to her if she’s going to cheat on him.” Dwayne assures her.

“But it’s so close to Christmas and….” she begins to tear up

“Come here you big softie” Dwayne says as he pulls her in close and gives her a hug. “He’ll be fine.”



You know what you need?” he says “A good old flogging at darts. That’ll cheer you up”

“I’ve been practicing I’ll have you know” she says poking her tongue out at him.

Dwayne laughs “Oh yeah. Well we’ll see”



Dwayne is definitely better at darts than Jacqui and when he scores a perfect bullseye the board lights up.

“Woohoo. Go hun” Jacqui says excitedly pumping her fist in the air.



“My turn to get a bullseye now” Jacqui says with a laugh, knowing she’s not that good of a shot. She holds the dart and carefully lines it up and let’s it go at just the right moment.

“Oh my gosh!” Jacqui jumps in the air and yells “I did it! I got a bullseye”

“That was a fluke if ever I saw it” Dwayne teases her “but well done” he laughs.



The next morning

Jacqui goes to see Annalise, her massage therapist. “What would you like today Mrs Callon?” she asks as she shows her into the massage room.

“Ohhh, my feet please, they are aching so much, and my back” Jacqui replies as sounding weary.

Annalise shows Jacqui to the massage chair and pulls up a stool in front of her. As she begins to massage  her feet,the girls start to chat.

“So what’s new?” Annalise asks.

“Oh not much. Although my son Jayden broke up with his girlfriend yesterday, which is a bit sad. Have you met him? He’s about your age” Jacqui says, all the while thinking to herself what a lovely couple they would make.

“Yes I have actually” Annalise replies trying to sound really casual. “He seems really lovely.”



“He is, he’s such a sweetie” Jacqui says “He deserves so much more than to be cheated on”.

“Oh. Is that why they broke up?” Anna questions

“Yes, she cheated on him with another guy. Jayden won’t give her a second chance and he shouldn’t either. They weren’t right for each other”.

Anna finishes the foot massage and gestures to Jacqui to hop up on the massage table. Jacqui slips into a towel and climbs onto the table. Anna begins to massage her back.

“Ohhhhh that feels sooo good” Jacqui says as she feels her whole body begin to relax. “You are so gentle and yet firm when you need to be. Hey maybe you’d make a good girlfriend for Jayden” Jacqui chuckles.

“If only…..” Anna mutters to herself.



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