Part 45 – Jacqui & Dwayne

The next morning Dwayne wakes up and heads straight to the bathroom as usual. He hasn’t woken up in the best of moods, and when he goes to wash his hands he finds a filthy dirty sink. Agitated he grabs a sponge and gives the sink a scrub, grumbling the whole time, until it’s sparkling clean again.



In the meantime Jacqui has woken up and prepared him some pancakes for breakfast.

“Thanks” he snaps as he sits down to eat.

“What’s up your nose this morning?” Jacqui asks him, picking up on his grumpy mood.

“I hate waking up to a dirty bathroom” he snaps back.

Jacqui clears away the dirty dishes and heads towards the kitchen “oh don’t get your knickers in a twist” she says “it’s one dirty sink…probably from when you had a shave last night.”

Dwayne mumbles under his breath, knowing that she’s probably right.



After Dwayne has gone to work Jacqui decides she needs to get out of the “dirty” house, so she calls Marcel and asks if he and the rest of the painters club want to go to the new art gallery in San Myshuno. She’d heard good reports about it.

They arrive about an hour later and it sure is an impressive building from the outside.



Inside is just as nice and the way the sun shines through the symmetrical shape windows is beautiful. It inspires Jacqui and Marcel to do some painting.

“I think I’ll do some pop art” Jacqui tells Marcel.

“Good idea, me too. Let’s see who can do the better one” Marcel challenges her.



“What’s that? A self portrait?” Jacqui laughs after having a look at Marcel’s painting.

Yeah of  YOU” teases Marcel, laughing at his own joke.

I asked for that one, didn’t I?” laughs Jacqui



Next the group heads outside to try their hand at a bit of street art.

“I’ve never done anything like this before” Jacqui tells the group as she begins spraying with a green spray can. “It feels kind of naughty.”

“Yeah like you’re just waiting for a cop to come and tap you on the shoulder and say “what are you doing sonny?” ” agrees Marcel.



The group spend quite a bit of time painting their mural on the ground. Before they know it the sun is starting to go down.

“Hey guys, I’m gonna have to head home” Jacqui tells them as she puts away her spray can. “I’ll leave you to finish her off, but she looks amazing.”

“Not bad for first timers hey” Marcel winks at her and they say their goodbyes.




It’s the weekend so Jacqui and Dwayne decided to hold a yard sale to sell some of the items they have made.

Jacqui has some of her paintings to sell and Dwayne has some of his woodwork.

They had a reasonable amount of interest from passers by. Jacqui tried to put the hard sell on some of the locals who came to look at her paintings. “All original, hand painted. You won’t find another one like it and they’re pretty cheap too.”



“Hey, did you guys know there’s a flea market on in the Spice District?”asked one of the neighbours. “You should take your stuff there to sell”

“What about it? Do you want to?” Dwayne asked Jacqui

“Why not. What have we got to lose?” she replied as she started packing up her stand and paintings.

It didn’t take long for the paintings to be sold.



Dwayne had to work hard at selling his woodwork. When Linda came along he tried especially hard and she ended up buying the knife block.

“You won’t find better workmanship” he assured her.



After selling all their wares, the couple decided they had earned a meal out. They headed over to the local food vendors.

“Fancy some Indian?” Dwayne asked

“Ummm, I don’t know. I don’t really like anything too spicy” Jacqui says looking through menu.”

“Can I order a mild curry, please?” Jacqui asks placing emphasis on the ‘mild’.

“I’ll have the Bhel Puri please” Dwayne places his order “may as well try something new” he chuckles.



“Huhuhu” Jacqui fans her mouth with her hand “this is pretty hot for a mild curry” she says, her mouth feels like it’s on fire.

Dwayne laughs at her “toughen up. It’s not that bad”.




The next morning Jacqui wakes up the next morning and sends Dwayne off to work as usual. She’s in a bit of a “can’t be bothered” mood and doesn’t know what to do. She picks up a book to read and heads outside to the patio. After a few minutes of reading she’s bored with the book and puts it away.



Maybe I should have a go at some woodcarving she says to herself. She heads into the shed and starts hacking at the timber block. While it feels good to get some aggression out of her system, she finds that she doesn’t seem to be making anything recognizable.



Covered in timber shavings she decides its time for a shower and change of clothes.

“Hmmm, what to do next?” she questions. “Darts! I’ll do some practice so that I can give Dwayne a bit of competition” she says to herself.

She has a couple of throws and then “Uh oh where did that go? Uggghhh I’m terrible at this too” she says getting annoyed.



“Maybe I’ll just do what I’m good at, get changed and make a nice dinner for Dwayne” she sighs. “I know I’ll make him a nice curry…a MILD curry” she says as she starts chopping the meat up.



“I thought you said it was a mild curry” Dwayne says as his mouth sets on fire.

“oh dear. I guess I’m no good at this either” Jacqui says with a huge sigh

“It’s ok” Dwayne assures her with a gentle touch of her hand “you just need to practice the recipe some more and put less curry powder in” he laughs gently and Jacqui laughs with him.

“I guess so” she says feeling a bit better.



“I tell ya what” Dwayne says “there’s a humor and hijinks festival on in the arts quarter let’s go there and we’ll get something to eat and drink.”

So the pair head on over there and have something nice to eat and they wash it down with a drink from the fountain. Just then they hear a loud bang and everyone looked up



The fireworks were beautiful and were definitely the highlight of Jacqui’s day. “Thanks Dwayne. This was really lovely”.



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