Part 44 – Jacqui & Dwayne


After a couple of drinks everyone started heading home as most had to go to work the next day. Dwayne would never normally sing karaoke, it’s just not his thing, but with a couple of drinks under his belt he felt brave.

Unsure of how to operate the machine he just went with the next song that came up on the list. A country song that he’d never heard of.  He kept looking around nervously hoping nobody could hear him outside the four walls.



Jacqui on the other hand loves to sing along to songs but is not very good at it.

“Ooooh I love this song” she says out loud as she finds one in the list to sing.



They meet back up at the bar and order one more drink for the road, just as Dwayne’s phone rings. It’s a business call, something he has to deal with before work tomorrow. Slightly annoyed Jacqui grabs her phone and checks her Simsbook feed to see what has been happening.

“Hmmm, nothing too exciting” she mutters to herself as she shuts it down.




The next morning Janne gives Jacqui a call.
“Hey, there’s a Geekcon festival on in San Myshuno, wanna meet me there?”

“Sure. Why not” Jacqui replied. She has nothing else on for the day. “I’ll see you there in half an hour”.

When they arrived, Jacqui hopped on one of the computers and watched the space shuttle landing video. She found it amazing to watch, but couldn’t help remember the space shuttle that exploded shortly after take off many years ago. “Scarey stuff” she muttered to herself.



Janne jumped straight into building a rocket. She was making a lot of noise banging and clanging with the hammer. “This is really good for anger management” she yelled over her shoulder to Jacqui.

Jacqui laughed “Maybe I should give it a go then”.



Next Janne pulled out the welder and had a go with that. Sparks flew from the bright blue light as the welder did it’s magic and sealed the joins.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” Jacqui asked stirring Janne a bit.

“Not really” Janne giggled “But it’s fun anyway”.



Jacqui picked up a hammer and had a bit of a bash at the rocket, but her creative hands aren’t really good at this sort of physical activity. She hit her thumb several times before giving it up as a bad joke.

In the meantime, someone went for a ride in the finished rocket next to them. The thrusters lit up as the astronaut stepped inside.

“It looks hot in there” Janne laughs



The girls stood and watched in awe as the rocket took off up into the sky.

“I couldn’t do that” Jacqui said more to herself than anyone else.

“Why? I reckon it would be fun” Janne mused “I’d love to do that one day”

“Rather you than me” Jacqui laughed.



“Hey  I gotta get going. Time to go get ready for work”  says Janne as she screws up her face at the thought of going to work.

“No worries. I’ll catch up with you later” Jacqui says to her friend. “I might just go and have a drink before I go home. Have fun at work” she teases.

“Yeah great. Thanks FRIEND” Janne laughs.

Jacqui heads to the bar and orders a drink. While sipping it she hears a familiar sounding voice behind her.



Turning around and walking over to the stage her feeling was right, it was Karim. She watched while he finished his song.



“Hey Karim, that was pretty good” Jacqui tried to assure him when she saw the worried look on his face.

“Nah, it was a song I’ve never tried before and it wasn’t great. Listen to this chick, she’s pretty amazing” he said with a sigh.

Jacqui listened for a bit. “Yeah she’s really good isn’t she” she had to agree.

It turned out that she won the karaoke competition. “Oh well, keep practicing Karim” Jacqui tried to sound positive. “I’ll catch up with you later” she said waving goodbye as she walked out and headed home.



Before heading to bed Jacqui felt inspired to do some painting. Perhaps the Geekcon festival had put some ideas in her head. It sure was a strange painting!!!



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