Part 43 – Anna & Christoph

Anna and Christoph enjoyed the next few days with each other after the wedding. Deeply and blissfully happy, they were unaware of tensions outside of their house and within their little group of friends. When they invited everyone over, they were shocked. You could cut the tension in the air with a knife it was so thick.

“What is going on with everyone?” Anna asked curious to find out what had been going on.

“Why don’t you ask Precious what’s going on. Husband stealer!” Karen spat out.

Precious was taken aback by Karen’s anger “I said I was sorry Karen. I truly am. It was just the champagne”

Damian stepped in to the heated conversation “Come on Karen. You can’t really believe Precious would try to steal your husband can you?”




“All I know is I saw her flirting with him at the wedding” Karen replied angrily.

“Come on Karen. It was the champagne” Precious reiterated “You know me, I don’t drink normally and I love Karim so much, why would I risk my relationship with him, or try to break up yours. I am truly, truly sorry. The champagne went straight to my head and I didn’t know what I was doing”.

“She’s right Karen” Damian agreed “she was pretty drunk. I even had to help her home because she couldn’t walk straight”



Christoph and Janne came and joined the group, concerned by all the angry talk around the table.

Casey stepped into the conversation too “Karen. I know you’re upset but you know Precious better than that. Her family means everything to her and so do you”.

“I suppose you are right Casey” Karen said calming down a little bit. “I probably over reacted a bit didn’t I” she said with a sigh.

“A bit??” laughed Casey

“Yeah yeah, ok a lot”. Karen turned to Precious “I’m sorry Precious. I guess it’s just the green eyed monster in me”

“It’s ok Karen. I’d probably do the same in your shoes” Precious assured her.

“Why don’t we all go and work this off at the gym in San Myshuno?” suggested Casey “I hear they have a great basketball court there”.



The group all changed into their gym clothes and arrived at the gym, which looked quite impressive. High up above the landscape in Uptown, Skye Fitness lived up to it’s name. It felt like you were up in the sky. The view from up here was simply amazing.



“So who’s for a few hoops?” Casey asked as she ran off first. Everyone followed and they all took turns at throwing the ball through the hoop…or at least that was the plan. Most times it missed.

“Booooo! That was terrible!” Casey teased as Linda threw the ball and missed.



They found some more balls and all started throwing them at the hoop. Some were clearly better than others. Damian even tripped over his own feet a couple of times! Poor Damian.

Anna practiced her dribbling, showing off her athletic prowess.



“Hey look guys, can any of you do this?” Anna asked showing off her ball balancing skills.



She threw the ball around her back and caught it again at the front.



Impressed by Anna’s display this cute guy came out to see what was going on…in nothing but a towel!

Linda decided to show off her skills to impress Mr cute guy. She grabbed the ball, jumped high over Anna’s head and threw the ball at the hoop. The ball bounced out and she fell down twisting her ankle in the process. Mr cute guy didn’t seem very impressed.



Janne had a go too…dribbling the ball between her legs, around and through until she failed to bounce it and it fell to the floor and rolled away. “How embarrassing” she whispered to Linda.

In the meantime Mr cute guy couldn’t take his eyes off of Anna. He was entranced by her.



Feeling the need to show off like all males of any species he grabbed a ball and jumped up at the hoop, dropping the ball in and then hanging from the basket before dropping to the ground.

“Impressive” Anna said to herself, while wishing that his towel would fall off so that he’d embarrass himself and stop monkeying around.



Marcel was wishing the same as Anna “show off” he muttered under this breath.

Janne on the other hand was wishing his towel would fall off for other reasons “come on” she willed it, but alas it hung on tight.



After their workout the group headed to the Spice Market where the Spice Festival was being held. The smell in the air was amazing!

“Let’s go and check it out” Damian said excitedly.



They had a look around, tried a few dishes and then came across a busker. She was pretty good. Janne gave her some loose change that she had in her pocket and the group listened for a while.

“Hey look, she goes to the same hairdresser as me” Linda joked. The group all laughed when they noticed the similarity.



Someone announced over the loud speaker that it was happy hour at the Waterside Warble, so the group all headed over there. Precious decided to give it a miss though, she’d had enough alcohol for one month at the wedding. “I’ll catch up with you all later” she said as she headed for home.

It’s a sweet little bar. A bit run down and could use some updating but it’s cosy. “Hey, we should have a go at Karaoke” suggested Linda “May as well while we’re here”.



So Anna popped into one of the rooms and gave it a go.

“And IIIiiiiiIIIII will ALWAYS love YouuuuuUUUuuu” she sang.

“Oh dear that was awful” she laughed when she’d finished “Just a bit pitchy. I’m glad nobody was watching” she giggled to herself.



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