Part 42 – Anna & Christoph


“So Anna, are you all ready for tomorrow?” Linda asks as the group of friends sit around Anna’s outdoor table.

“Yes, I think so” Anna replies “I just hope nothing goes wrong”

“Ahh you’ll be fine” Janne assures her. “It will be a perfect day”.



Later that evening the group heads to the Von Haunt Estate to have one last party with Anna as a single girl.

Precious gives her friend a big hug “Don’t worry it will be a wonderful day tomorrow” she says as she squeezes Anna tight.



Anna finds a wedding arch on the Von Haunt Estate and she dreams of her wedding day tomorrow. This would have been a lovely venue she thinks, it’s a shame it was already booked. The waterfall in the background is just gorgeous, and the fountain behind me…just gorgeous!



She rejoins the party and grabs a plate of food. “Aren’t you nervous?” asks Jacqui

“No, not at all” Anna says confident as anything. “But tomorrow might be a different story” she laughs.



Sure enough Anna wakes up in the morning and heads to the bathroom. There is water on the floor and she can already feel the stress of the day on her shoulders. She complains bitterly and rolls her eyes back in her head before cleaning up the mess.



Christoph on the other hand is feeling very relaxed. He had a quiet night at Damian’s house and now the boys are at the spa chilling out before the 3pm wedding. Christoph jumps into a mudbath, has a face mask on to clear his pores and cucumbers to help hide the wrinkles around his eyes.



After that they both enjoy some relaxing time in the sauna. “Aaaahhhh this is great” Damian says as he leans back and completely relaxes. “I need this so bad” he says.

“Anyone would think it was you getting married today” Christoph laughs.



3pm comes around and Anna arrives at the church. Since her parents are no longer on the scene, she walks up the aisle by herself.

David is running a few minutes late and sneaks in behind her hoping nobody notices.



The pair exchange their vows.

“I Christoph, take you Anna to be my wedded wife”



“I promise to love, honour and cherish you until death do us part”



“with this ring, I thee wed” Christoph continues. Joel, the best man and Precious the maid of honour, watch on.



All their friends cheer as the couple kiss as husband and wife for the first time and then share a hug.

“Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you for the first time, Mr & Mrs Loved”. (The couple took Anna’s name as there is less chance of them being found that way).



There is so much romance in the air and everyone is feeling the love. Damian turns and kisses David and Janne hugs her bestie Linda.



Upstairs the party begins but not necessarily in a good way. Jacqui gives Damian a light slap around the face. “What was that for?” he yells at her in surprise.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, kissing your boyfriend in public while your wife is at home with a brain tumour, dying”. She hisses at him.



Damian grabs a drink from the bar and slinks downstairs. He’s embarrassed and wants to hide from the world after that altercation.

Anna seeks him out and has a talk to him. “Jacqui was out of line. I’ll go and have a talk to her” Anna says.

“No she’s right” Damian says sadly. “I should be ashamed. That was so disrespectful to Ashley. I don’t know what came over me”.

“Hey don’t sweat it” Anna says. “You can’t help your feelings. Weddings make everyone feel that way. Come on let’s go party”. She leads Damian upstairs.



Back upstairs Precious gives her friend a big hug. “What a wonderful wedding” she tells her friend.

“Thank you for being my maid of honour” Anna says “You did a wonderful job of keeping me sane today”.



The group all sit down to wedding cake, and then the night goes on with everyone chatting and getting along perfectly. It’s such a close knit group of friends.



Then it’s time for the speeches. Christoph gets up and takes hold of the mic

“I’d just like to thank everyone for coming and Precious, and  Joel, thank you both for your support today. You both made it such a fun and stress free day. To my beautiful wife – I love saying that – wife – *chuckles* you looked absolutely stunning today and I love you so much.”



With the formalities over, everyone can relax and just enjoy the rest of the night. Wait a minute Precious….you did NOT just flirt with Joel did you???



Oh dear, by the look on Karen’s face I would say so. Karen is heartbroken that her friend flirted with her man 😦



Janne sits with Karen, and tells her friend “Hey don’t worry about it. Precious is pretty drunk, and you know she doesn’t normally drink. It’s probably just the alcohol or she would never do something like that to you”.

“Yeah I guess you’re right” Karen replies “and at least Joel didn’t flirt back right?”

“Exactly!” Janne agrees with her.



The night comes to an end and they announce that it is time to go home. Anna and Christoph are dancing romantically, holding each other close as they rock from side to side.

“I don’t want this night to end” Anna whispers to Christoph

“Me either” he replies.



All good things must come to an end though and the couple head back home.

“Shall we go and make this marriage official?” Christoph asks Anna

“YES!” says Anna excitedly….



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