Part 41 – Anna & Christoph

A few days later, after work, Anna and Christoph are on their computers looking again at wedding venues, cakes, flowers and all of those things that are needed to make a wedding special.

“Hey honey, I’ve found a wedding dress shop nearby in Magnolia Promenade, so I think I might ask Precious to help me choose a dress tomorrow”

“Sure that would be a great idea” Christoph replies. “I have to work anyway, so it will be good for you two to go out. Have you asked her about being your maid of honour yet?” he asks.

“No, but  I think I’ll ask her tomorrow” Anna says, wondering how she will ask and how her friend will react.



Anna phones Precious to organize the day, and the next morning the girls head on over to the bridal shop. They are both super excited about choosing a wedding dress.



The shop assistant asks if he can be of any help, so Anna explains that she’s looking for a wedding dress.

“What style of dress are you looking for?” he asks

“Oh, I have no idea” Anna replies, she really didn’t know what she wanted.

“What style should I have, Precious?” she asks her friend.

“Try them all on” Precious laughs. “You’ll know when you find the one”

The assistant goes off to find some dresses and brings a few back for Anna to try on.



“What about this one?” Anna asks, showing Precious the first dress.

“It looks like something from Ancient Rome” Precious tells her. “Not your style at all” she says throwing her arms out wide to exaggerate the fact that it’s all wrong.



“Ok, what about this one then?” Anna says showing her dress number 2.

Precious has taken a seat while waiting for Anna to change. “Hmmm, it’s ok but it looks more like something you would wear to a gala ball than a wedding”



“Dress number 3” Anna questions as she comes back from the change room again.

“Oh now I do like that one” Precious says. “It looks like a wedding dress, it’s not too over the top with diamonds and sequins and you look beautiful in it”

“oooh good, I like this one too” Anna says with a smile on her face.



“And dress number 4” Anna asks again having changed into another style of dress.

“Yeah, that’s nice too. It could be a contender as well” Precious tells her friend.



“Ooooh, isn’ this exciting! I never though this day would come, but here I am trying on all these gorgeous dresses. I’m so glad you’re helping me because I would want them all” Anna says excitedly to Precious.



“What about dress number 5?” Anna asks of her friend again.

Precious laughs out loud “are you getting married or going to walk down the red carpet for a movie awards night?”

“Yeah, I see what you mean” Anna replies. “It’s a bit over the top isn’t it. Nice though”

“Yes, but not for your wedding” Precious says. “Go try another one on”.



The shop assistant comes to check on the girls to see how they are going, and he brings Anna another dress. “I think this one would be right up your alley miss” he says to Anna.

She tries on the dress and goes over to Precious, who has seen her coming and can’t contain herself. She is laughing so hard she’s almost got tears in her eyes. “What on earth is that?” she asks as Anna approaches “It looks ridiculous”

“Oh, it’s not that bad. I think it looks lovely on the young lady” the assistant says in his defense.

“It looks like something my grandmother would wear” says Anna who is also now laughing.



Anna takes the dress off and tries on dress number 3 again. “I think I like this one” she says as she shows Precious and the assistant.

“Yes, that’s the one” Precious says “It’s perfect”



Just then Anna’s phone makes a popping noise. It’s a message from Christoph

“How are you girls going with your dress shopping?  Having fun?”

Anna types back

“Yes we’re having a ball. I think I’ve found my dress”


Her phone pops again

“That’s excellent honey. I’m sure you look stunning in it. Have you asked her yet?”

Anna messages back

“No. But will in a minute”



Anna changes out of the dress and puts her own clothes back on. She thanks the assistant for his help and tells him that she will take dress number 3. He heads off to gently fold and wrap the dress up.

“So Precious…firstly thank you for your help today, I do appreciate you helping me pick a dress” Anna says sincerely to her friend.

“That’s no problem” Precious replies

“and secondly I was wondering….would you be my maid of honour?”

“Are you KIDDING?” Precious jumps up and hugs her friend “I’d love to! Oh wow! What an honour! YES!”



“Yay!” squeals Anna and the two girls jump around like school girls.

“Come here” Anna gestures Precious, and she snaps a selfie of the two of them. I’ll post that on Simstagram later” she says “hashtag the bride to be and her maid of honour”. The girls laugh and head on out to lunch together.




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