Part 40 – Anna & Christoph

After all the drama, Christoph thought a night out was in order, so when the weekend rolled around he took Anna to Rattlesnake Juice, a bar in Oasis Springs. Most of their friends were there too, much to Anna’s surprise…Christoph had planned it that way. Sadly Precious was working and Karim had to stay home to look after the kids. Precious was not impressed that her boss would not give her the night off.

They started the night with some food and a couple of drinks. Anna caught up with Damian at the bar, while Karen and Casey had a good catch up at the other end of the bar.



Casey suggested they all go for a dance “Come on guys, let’s dance. The jukebox is playing some really good tunes”she said, feeling the rhythm take over her body. Some of the group joined her in front of the jukebox.

Christoph chatted with Marcel and someone wearing a knights suit of armour. “So what’s with the armour?” Marcel asks curious as to why someone would turn up at a bar dressed like that.

“Well, I belong to the Knights of the Hedge club” explains the stranger. “We were supposed to be meeting tonight but the meeting was cancelled last minute. I figured I was already out so I may as well come and get a drink, and couldn’t be bothered to go home and change”.

“I can’t blame you there” says Christoph.



A slow romantic song comes on the radio and Christoph sees his opportunity. He heads on over to Anna “May I have this dance please?” he asks her taking her hands.

“Why of course you may” Anna replies, playing along with him. He pulls her in close and wraps his other arm around her waist. She rests her head on his shoulder and they move slowly to the music.

“Aww you two look so cute together” Casey says watching the lovebirds.



When the song has finished Christoph kisses Anna gently on the cheek. She feels his warmth breath on her face and she can feel his lips tremble a little. His palms are sweaty as he places his hand on her shoulder. It’s almost like he’s nervous she thinks to herself.



Suddenly he drops down onto one knee and pulls a ring out of his pocket. “Anna, will you marry me?” he asks, his voice trembling. He’s so nervous he kind of just blurted it out, and forgot all about the speech that he had planned.



“Oh Christoph!” Anna squeals as she tries the ring on for size “it’s beautiful”



“And yes, yes of course I will marry you” she responds as she kisses him softly on the lips.

Christoph breathes a sigh of relief. He’s so pleased that she said yes.



“This deserves a selfie” Anna says excitedly as she holds the camera up high and pulls Christoph beside her. She presses the button and the phone makes a shutter noise as it takes the photo of the two of them.



The next day at the coffee shop Anna starts looking for wedding venues and dresses on the Internet. “There are so many to choose from” she sighs “how am I supposed to choose one?”



Anna decides to leave it for now and goes to grab a coffee instead. She sits down near Janne and the girls begin to chat.

“I don’t know where to have the wedding, Janne” Anna tells her friend. “There’s the chapel in Willow Creek, the Von Haunt Estate in Windenburg, or we could have the wedding at home. I’m so confused”.



“Well only you and Christoph know the answer to that one” Janne tells her “What does Christoph want? If he was still in with his parents it would be a big flash, fancy affair so maybe he’d like something low key” she suggests.

“Speaking of his family, there’s that detective over here” Anna says gesturing towards the window. Damian has noticed her too. “It seems true to her word she’s not going to bother us anymore” Anna says relieved.

“She better!” Janne says defensively. “She promised, and if she doesn’t she will have me to answer to”. The girls laugh together, knowing Janne is very protective of her friends.



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