Part 39 – Anna & Christoph

Christoph received a phone call from someone he barely knew…Johnny Zest.

“Hi Johnny, what’s up?” asked Christoph when he answered the phone and Johnny introduced himself. He couldn’t help wonder why Johnny would ring him.

“I have something to tell you. Can you come to my place?” he asked Christoph.

“Ummmm, ok. Sure” replied Christoph somewhat confused and curious. “What’s it about?”

“I’d rather not talk about it on the phone. My place is the trailer next to Hogan’s diner in Oasis Springs. Do you know it?”

“Yeah I know the one. I’ll be there soon” replied Christoph.


A half hour later, Christoph found Johnny’s home easily and knocked on the door.



“So what’s this all about Johnny?” Christoph asked after they had greeted each other and exchanged pleasantries.

“I heard about the run in you guys had with that detective, and I was going to the coffee shop later that night. She was outside looking at her simpad, and I overheard her talking to herself. She is looking for you guys and she saw a photo of you. I’m pretty sure I heard her say something about King Berold and she sent off an email. She said “I’ve found them” ” Johnny blurted out everything he had heard and seen, while barely taking a breath.



“Oh, so she’s working for my father is she?” Christoph says more to himself than anything.

“I hope I haven’t stepped out of line or anything, but I thought you should know” Johnny says.

“No, not at all. I appreciate you telling me and thanks for keeping it quiet too. I wonder why my father wants to find me after all this time though? I didn’t think he cared about me anymore.” Christoph ponders. What if something is wrong? Is his dad sick? Even if he was his brother’s were next in line before him. If he even could still claim that title. No, it’s probably just his Dad trying to be controlling again.

Christoph thanks Johnny again for his help and the information. He thinks it’s time he organized a meeting with this detective.



“I’m very busy, you better make this quick!” the detective spat angrily at Christoph, when he met her near the little park in Willow Creek. He wanted to meet in a public area, but a quiet area where not many people knew him.

“This won’t take long” he told the detective “shall we go and sit down?”



“I know who you’re working for” Christoph started with “how much is he paying you to find me?”

The detective was startled and taken off guard. How could he possibly know who she’s working for.



“Do you have any idea what that man put me and my girlfriend through. Him and his old fashioned ways…a marriage to someone you don’t love just because he says so! Do you know what that would be like?” Christoph yells sternly at the detective pointing his finger at her.



“I don’t know anything about any marriage, all I know is that he asked me to try and track you and your girlfriend down. As for how much he’s paying me, that’s none of your business.” she yelled back shaking her finger back at Christoph.

Christoph was startled by her comeback. “Look, just think about it”, he says calmly, “would you want your daughter to marry a man she doesn’t love just because she was “promised” to him?” Christoph holds up his hands and makes quotation gestures with his fingers.



“No, but then I’m not royalty. That sort of thing doesn’t go on in the real world” she says.

“Exactly!” blurts out Christoph “That’s my point. Anna didn’t love my brother, she loved me. I couldn’t see her marry him, so we ran away together. Is that so bad?” he questions trying to seek some empathy from the woman/mother, rather than the detective.

She puts her hands to her head and rubs her temples. “I see your point and I feel for you but your father has employed me to find you.”

“And you did. Let me ask you this do you think he will welcome me back with open arms and Anna too. Do you think all will be forgotten now that I have brought shame to the family name? No, I can tell you he won’t.”



“I don’t have as much money as him, but if you can sympathize with us in any way, I can offer you a small amount of money on top of what he’s already paid, for you to tell him you didn’t find us.” Christoph offers.

Detective Caliente could certainly use the extra money but she can also see his point. If it were her daughter she’d be horrified if she was forced into a marriage like that. She’s hard on the outside but soft as jelly on the inside.



“Keep your money Christoph. I’m sure you need it to support yourself and your girlfriend. I won’t tell King Berold where you are. I’ll tell him I made a mistake.”

“Really?” asks Christoph full of surprise. “You will really do that for us?” he really didn’t expect to get the result he wanted from this hard detective.

“Yes. I will tell him I’m still looking”

“So you won’t come looking for us again? You won’t tell him where we are? You won’t keep following us?” Christoph questions, still finding it hard to believe.



“You have my word” detective Caliente says as she shakes Christoph’s hand “I promise I will leave you alone and will not tell your father where you are.”



Christoph is so relieved he feels a wave of emotion come over him, and he feels like hugging the detective. She quickly quells that feeling though by poking him in the arm and telling him “Now get the heck out of here before I change my mind.”



With that she quickly sends another email to King Berold. “Sorry” she writes “I was mistaken. It isn’t them. I will continue my investigations and will let you know of any further information when it comes to hand.” She clicks the send button and then screws up her face “best chance of earning 50,000 simoleons I ever had!” she snarls as she watches the email send. But deep down inside she knows she did the right thing.



4 thoughts on “Part 39 – Anna & Christoph

  1. Ooooh, this story is getting more and more exciting with the minute. Can’t wait to hear how King Berold will react if he finds out. I am certain Crown Prince Caspar can find someone else to love and leave his brother and Anna alone ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Let’s hope he never finds out and Crown Prince Caspar can find someone else to love. Anna and Christoph need to be able to live their lives in peace.


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