Part 37 – Anna & Christoph


Christoph knew that he had to get back into Anna’s good books. His own insecurities were affecting their relationship, and he had to fix it. He did NOT want to lose this girl.

First he greeted her with an early morning kiss and told her to go and do her morning workout while he fixed breakfast.


He’s not the best cook, but he can manage some scrambled eggs on toast. He whisks up the eggs, adds some salt and pepper and begins to cook them while the toast is in the toaster.



“Mmmm, not bad” says Anna when she tastes it. “maybe you should cook more often” she teases.

“I can try” Christoph replies not feeling terribly confident in his abilities.



After a long hard day at work Christoph doesn’t feel like trying out his cooking skills again so he decides to take Anna to The Precious Pearl for dinner instead.

“Booking for Loved” Christoph tells the host as they enter the restaurant.

“Ah yes sir, table for two. Please follow me”



She shows the couple to their table and shortly after the waiter comes to take their order. Christop orders for both of them and they both talk about their work day while they wait for their meal to arrive.

“How is the wine?” Christoph asks Anna

She swirls the wine in the glass, takes a sniff and then tastes a small mouthful. “Mmmm not bad at all” she replies placing her glass back on the table. “It’s sweet. Just the way I like it”.



After their meal is finished the waiter has cleared away the plates Christoph kisses Anna’s hands gently. “I’ve had a lovely evening tonight and you look beautiful as always my darling” he says to her.

Anna giggles like a school girl “Thank you. It’s been a fun night and I’ve enjoyed it. I’m exhausted though, we should get home to bed”.

Christoph pays the bill and they walk outside into the cool night air and make their way home.


The following night Christoph decides he will cook dinner since he’s home long before Anna. He stopped at the supermarket on the way home and bought some bread rolls, lettuce, tomatoes, meat patties and a couple of bottles of wine.

With dinner almost finished ready he pours a glass of Riverblossom Cranerlet Nuala for Anna, and a glass of Von Haunt Estate Meloire for himself.

He’s hoping for a very romantic night.



“Oh Christoph, I can’t believe how much trouble you have gone to tonight for me. This is lovely” Anna says as she sits down to eat her meal.

“Oh, it’s only a hamburger” he replies rather sheepishly “I’m afraid my cooking skills leave a bit to be desired”

“But it’s the thought behind it” Anna says as she blows Christoph a kiss across the table.



After their meal Christoph cleans up the dirty plates and does the dishes while Anna puts her feet up in front of the TV for a bit.



The two then head to bed and enjoy some intimate time alone.



Christoph wakes the next morning feeling much happier and more confident about their relationship. It’s taken a few days but he’s beginning to feel less insecure and the memories of his brothers are fading.

“Have a good day at work hunny” Anna calls out as he heads off to work.

“Enjoy your day off” he calls back “lucky girl. Wish I could spend the day at home with you”



Christoph has not been gone long when Anna’s phone rings.

“Oh hi, how’s things?

Oh really, well why don’t you guys come over here then?

Ok, cool. See you soon” she says and hangs up the phone.



Karen arrives shortly after and she’s not happy at all. Before Anna can even ask what is wrong Karen is looking in the mirror and cursing “Look at me, I still have baby fat…how can I go swimming in a bathing suit when I still have baby fat?” she spits out.

“you look great Karen” Anna assures her. “You can’t expect to lose it all straight away, but you’ve already lost so much, you’re almost back to normal. I only hope I lose my baby fat as quick as you when I have kids”.



The rest of the gang also come over in dribs and drabs and Anna takes them all out to the pool for a swim. Everyone looks so miserable though. Anna wonders what is going on “Who died?” she asks them “why the sad faces”



She doesn’t get an answer just lots of grumbles but they all cheer up a little bit when they hit the water. Anna splashes Damian, and Janne splashes Casey who’s sitting on the side of the pool. They all have a laugh and enjoy some time together but Anna never does get to the bottom of why everyone was so sad.



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