Part 36 – Anna & Christoph

The story of Anna & Christoph is dedicated to Anna Loved who some may know from The Sims4 Family on Facebook. Sadly, Anna was taken from us all too soon, and yet she lives on in our hearts and in our gameplay. Christoph is from Linda Hoffman’s Von Habsburg Family (


Anna and Christoph settled in Newcrest after running away from the restraints of the Von Habsburg family. Anna was nearly forced into an arranged marriage with crown prince Caspar…a man she did not love. She was however  in love with his brother, Prince Cristoph…of course he renounced his title when they ran away, so is no longer a prince. Nobody knows who they really are here in Newcrest, and hopefully nobody will ever find out.


On her day off Anna headed down to the local coffee shop in the hopes of meeting up with some of the friends she has made. She sat down to read a book in one of the booths when she was interrupted

“May I sit down?” the kindly gentleman asked “My name is David and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you hanging out with some mutual friends”.

“Not at all” Anna extends her arm and beckons David to sit “Anna” she introduces herseslf. “I’m fairly new in town.” she tells him as she shakes his hand.

The pair sit and chat and get to know each other a bit before David excuses himself to go to work.

06-16-16_10-39-51 PM


Anna orders a coffee from the barista to go and is just about to leave when she hears a familiar voice behind her


06-16-16_10-40-51 PM


“Oh hi Karim, how are you?” Anna asks as she turns around to see her good friends husband.

“I’m good thanks” he replies “I was just getting a coffee to take to work with me”

“Oh I see. I was hoping to catch up with the girls here, but nobody seems to be around today” Anna questions him.

“No, they’re at the Narwhal Arms having a drink and dance. You should go and meet up with them” he tells her.

06-16-16_10-41-33 PM


So Anna pops on her club jacket and travels to Windenburg to the Narwhal Arms, hoping the girls are still there. They are and the girls have a great time dancing to the music the DJ is playing so Anna joins them.

Christoph phones her after work to see where she is, and she suggests he joins them, so he does. He could do with having some fun after the day he’s had at work.

They both catch up over a dance and Anna introduces him to Linda.

“Nice to meet you” says Linda “I’ve heard so much about you”

“If only you knew” Christoph mumbles to himself under his breath as he gives Linda a sideways glance.

06-16-16_11-06-06 PM


Karen is almost full term now and she waddles over to the dance floor.

“Oh my gosh look at you” says Anna excitedly “You’re getting huge”

“Yes and uncomfortable too” replies Karen rubbing her belly. “This baby won’t sit still and keeps kicking me” she laughs.

“Ooooh really? Can I feel” asks Anna

“Sure. Put your hands here” Karen says as she places Anna’s hands on her belly “just wait”

“Oh my gosh!” squeals Anna excitedly “I felt it. I felt the baby kick! How amazing is that”

06-16-16_11-10-10 PM


Next she has a chat with Franco, Linda’s husband. She finds out that he’s very smart like herself and also loves to work out. They are in the same career as well so have a lot in common. They hit it off really well and chat for ages about exercise and working out.

06-19-16_10-41-41 PM


Christoph gets himself a bowl of chips and sits at the bar.

“Who was that?” he questions Anna with an accusing tone “You seemed to be getting awfully friendly with him”.

“It’s Franco, Linda’s husband and we have a lot in common” she responds angrily “don’t you get all jealous possessive with me. I can talk to whoever I want!”

06-19-16_10-49-36 PM


The pair go back home and Anna decides to go for a walk to cool off, and also to let Christoph think about his actions.

He puts the TV on but isn’t really listening to it. He’s thinking about the way he spoke to Anna and realizes that he was just taking out his bad mood on her, but he was in fact feeling jealous. Perhaps left over feelings from the situation at the Von Habsburg estate, feelings of jealousy from his brothers fighting over Anna. He thought he was over that but apparently it seems he wasn’t.

06-19-16_10-52-03 PM


Anna meanwhile, met Alijah Pashley in the local park and stopped to talk to him about school and stuff.

“High school is so much harder than primary school” he complains

Anna chuckles “Yeah welcome to the real world kiddo”

06-19-16_11-02-43 PM


Christoph looks for Anna outside to apologize but he can’t find her.

Feeling sad, he heads back indoors resigned to the fact that he’ll have to wait until she comes back. IF she comes back he thinks to himself.

06-19-16_11-05-08 PM


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