Part 34 – Karen & Joel

Since her computer was broken, Karen headed down to the library to use the computers there to finish her novel. Linda, Jacqui and Janne were also there…typical of Janne and Linda to be at the library…it’s like their second home!

“Hey we should all go out to dinner together tonight” Linda suggests to Jacqui.

“That sounds like a great idea. There’s a new restaurant here in Windenburg called the Sunnyside Up, or something like that” says Jacqui “do you want to see what it’s like?”

“I’ll be in that” says Janne and Karen agrees too.

The girls spend the next couple of hours reading and writing and Linda gives the others in the group a call to arrange to meet at the restaurant at 6pm.

06-08-16_9-21-07 PM


In the meatime, Joel is at the Newcrest park playing chess with Damian.

“Check” says Joel as he moves his piece
“Check? It can’t be” questions Damian looking anxiously at the board.

Franco arrives and watches the boys play a few more moves.

06-09-16_11-02-53 PM


“Checkmate” says Joel this time.

Tyler cheers on “good move mate”  and Marcel just laughs at the boys “lost again Damo?” he teases.

Damian sighs. Joel has won fair and square. “I’ll get ya next time” he says to Joel.

06-09-16_11-03-51 PM


Damian asks Joel to do some cloud watching. It’s something he likes to do since Ashley got sick. It gives him quiet time to think.

“Look that one looks like a bunny” Damian says pointing to the cloud above him.

Joel is busy looking at another cloud but he turns his head to see where Damian is pointing “yeah it does too” he agrees “how cute”.

06-09-16_11-08-19 PM


“Who’s for a drink?” Franco asks the boys and they all agree so they head off to Willow Creek to the local bar. Dwayne and Karim are there too, so the boys all have a chit chat around the bar over a drink or two.

Franco and Tyler are debating the latest football match.

“It was a great game” says Franco

“Noooo, the Simbob’s played like rubbish. They didn’t deserve to win” argues Tyler.

Dwayne was like “I didn’t even watch the match. Jacqui wouldn’t let me”. The boys all laugh and tease Dwayne, who doesn’t really like the footy anyway. He just won’t admit it to the boys.

06-08-16_10-14-23 PM


Joel finishes his drink and heads upstairs where he joins Marcel, David and Karim in some space invader games.

“Come on boys…keep shooting. Let’s blow this mother ship to smithereens” says David, showing his slightly competitive side.

06-08-16_10-17-13 PM


After the space invaders Joel heads back downstairs and orders another drink. Just then his phone rings. It’s Karen…”The gang and I are going to head out to a restaurant for dinner tonight honey. Is that ok?” she asks him.

“Yeah no probs” he tells her. “I’m with the boys now in Willow Creek so we might go and grab some dinner somewhere too. I’ll meet you back at home afterwards hey?”

“Cool” says Karen “Have fun. I’ll see you later” and she hangs up the phone.

Joel tells the boys about the girls plans and so they decide to go to the Villa Bovine restaurant for dinner.

06-08-16_10-20-42 PM


The girls and Damian arrive at the Sunnyside Up Diner in Windenburg. They book a table and the host shows them to their largest table, which is outside. Lucky it’s a warm night. The waiter gives them some menu’s and waits to take their order.

But wait…where’s Karen?

06-08-16_9-27-41 PM


There weren’t enough seats so Karen sat inside at a table all by herself 😦

“This is ridiculous” she said to herself

06-08-16_9-27-50 PM


So she got up and went to join the others outside.

“What sort of restaurant is this that they don’t have enough seats for everyone?” Precious questions.

“A stupid one that we won’t come back to” replies Linda.

The group laugh but agree with Linda.

06-08-16_9-28-51 PM


The waiter brings out their food

“Your’s is inside at your table Ma’am” he says to Karen.

“Go grab your dinner and chair and bring it out here” says Damian to Karen. “I can’t believe they haven’t even offered that to you” he says disgusted at the lack of service.

06-08-16_9-29-51 PM


Joel on the other hand is not having that problem. His table is plenty big enough for all the boys…although it’s outside on the patio as well.

The conversation flows freely and is very happy chatter.

06-09-16_11-14-56 PM


Dwayne returns from the bar with drinks for everyone.

“Thanks Dwayne” the boys all say as he passes them out.

06-09-16_11-16-26 PM


They order and eat their main meal and then David orders dessert for everyone.

“We’ll all have a serve of this chocolate roll please” he tells the waiter.

“Thank you sir. I will bring that out in just a moment” the waiter tells David.

06-09-16_11-18-17 PM


The waiter returns a short time later with their dessert.

“Here you go boys. On me” says David “enjoy”.

There are various cheers, especially from Franco who seems super excited about his dessert. Marcel rubs his hands together in glee “Oh this looks delicious” he says and he takes a big sniff of the chocolate roll.

06-09-16_11-21-19 PM


The boys all dig in

“this is delicious” says Karim “I’ll have to see if Precious knows how to make this”

Joel enjoyed his so much he polished it off in just a couple of mouthfuls. “If Precious can make this I’m moving in with you guys” he kids Karim.

06-09-16_11-22-27 PM


After dessert is finished the boys start to say their goodbyes and one by one they all head home.

Joel arrives home at the same time as Karen and he greets her with a big hug. He’s had a couple of drinks by this stage so he’s feeling a tad “happy”.

“Hey baby” he says as he greets Karen “How was your day?”

“Great” Karen replies “But I’m guessing not as good as yours” she laughs as she gives him a kiss.

06-09-16_11-25-11 PM


“Wanna come join me in the spa?” Joel says with a wink of his eye.

“Sure” says Karen, knowing full well that the drinks have made Joel a little bit frisky.

06-09-16_10-58-45 PM


A few weeks later Karen and Joel were eating breakfast.

“Ohhh I don’t feel so good” says Karen rubbing her tummy.

“You do look a bit pale” says Joel with concern “Maybe you should go back to bed and rest”

06-09-16_11-33-04 PM


Oooops too late….Karen runs to the bathroom.

She wipes her mouth and grabs a drink of water before returning to the kitchen to Joel.

“I think I might just head back to bed sweetie” she says. “Will you give my boss a ring and tell him that I won’t be in today please?”

“Sure. No worries” Joel says as he clears away the breakfast plates. He wonders if Karen ate something a bit dodgy last night for dinner?

06-09-16_11-34-32 PM


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