Part 33 – Karen & Joel

Karen was busy trying to write her next novel when her computer got the  blue screen of death and died. Sparks came out the back of it and she thought it was the end of that computer. She couldn’t afford a new one, so she wondered what she was going to do.

“Damn it” she complained angrily.

06-07-16_10-53-31 PM


“Don’t worry we’ll get you a new one” Joel told her.

“But how will we afford that when we barely have enough money to pay the bills?” she questioned Joel.

“You let me worry about that” he assured her “but in the meantime you can use mine or the computers at the library”.

06-07-16_10-55-40 PM


“Come one let’s go out to dinner tonight” Joel said “there’s a new restaurant in town called Villa Bovine. Let’s go check it out”

The pair arrive at the restaurant and Karen goes in first.

“A table for two please” she says to the hostess

“No problem my dear. I have the perfect table for you. Would you follow me please?” the hostess says as she beckons them to follow her.

06-08-16_3-16-34 PM


“Here you are”. The hostess holds her arm out towards the table.

“Thank you” says Karen as the couple sit down

The hostess hands them a couple of menu’s to look at. “The waiter will come and take your order in a moment” she says as she leaves them to look over the menu.

06-08-16_3-17-45 PM


“What are you going to order?” Karen asks Joel.

“I think I might have a big juicy steak” he replies “What about you?”

“Hmmm, I’m thinking the lamb sounds nice” Karen says trying to decide what she feels like.

06-08-16_3-18-06 PM


“Good evening sir, madam. My name is Gordon and I’m your waiter for tonight. Would you like to order now?” the waiter asks.

“Yes, thank you.” Joel answers “I’ll have the steak please, cooked medium to well done with a pepper sauce and vegetables”

“Very well sir, and madam?”

Karen gives the waiter her order “I’ll have the lamb rack with vegetables thank you”

06-08-16_3-21-25 PM


The waiter thanks them for their order and assures them that the order will be out promptly. He heads back to the kitchen “one steak medium to well done with pepper sauce and vegetables and one lamb rack with vegetables” he tells the chef.

06-08-16_3-22-07 PM


Karen looks around the restaurant and notices that Dwayne and Jacqui are also dining out tonight with a young girl “they must be babysitting a friends child” she mentions to Joel.

“Oh and look, there’s Linda and Franco with Ørjan” Karen says noticing them as the waiter brings out their order.

06-08-16_3-23-13 PM


A few moments later the waiter approaches their table.”Here you are sir, madam. I have a steak medium to well done and a lamb rack. Please enjoy” says the waiter as he places down their meals.

06-08-16_3-24-56 PM


“Oooh it looks great” Karen says as she smells the food before her. The couple chat away while eating their meal and they wash it down with a drink from the bar.

06-08-16_3-25-20 PM

After dinner they order dessert. A chocolate pudding for both of them.

“The chef’s specialty. Enjoy” the waiter says as he places them in front of the couple.

“ohhh this looks so delicious” Karen says to Joel.

“Mmmm, it smells good too” Joel says.

06-08-16_3-29-56 PM


Just as they finish their dessert Precious and Karim come into the restaurant and are seated nearby.

“It must be date night” Karen muses.

06-08-16_3-30-58 PM


With their meal finished the couple decide it’s time to head home for bed. Karen stops to say hello to her friend on the way out.

“The food is delicious here, although the place looks a bit dated” Karen tells Precious.

“Yes it looks like it could do with a bit of sprucing up” Precious says with a little chuckle.

“Have a great night guys. I better go and catch up with Joel”. Karen says as she rushes out the door, assuming that he has paid for dinner.

06-08-16_3-32-15 PM


They arrive home to a phone call from the restaurant.

“You left without paying” the hostess tells Karen rather un-amused.

Totally embarrassed Karen fixes up the bill immediately on her credit card and apologizes profusely.


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