Part 31 – Damian & Ashley


Damian and Ashley arrived at the Willow Creek Medical Clinic 15 minutes before their appointment. Damian checked in at the reception desk.

“No problem Mr Pashley. Please just take a seat and the Dr will be with you shortly” the receptionist requests.

07-03-16_10-24-57 PM


Damian and Ashley take a seat.

“When will the Dr be here?” asks Ashley impatiently “it feels like we’ve been here forever”.

“We’ve only been here 10 minutes” laughs Damian. “I’m sure she’ll come get us soon”.

07-03-16_10-35-36 PM


“Ashley” the Dr calls as she walks through the door. Damian and Ashley rise and follow the Dr into her office.

“Hi Ashley. How are you doing?” asks Dr Stone

“I’m fine thanks” replies Ashley.

“That’s good to hear. So what brings you here today then?”

Damian steps in “actually Ashley is not fine Dr Stone. She’s been very forgetful lately and sometimes seems like she’s almost not with us”.

07-03-16_10-42-14 PM


Dr Stone takes a seat behind her desk

“Like she’s doing now, you mean?” she says to Damian as Ashley sits staring at the wall.

“Yes that’s exactly what I mean. She doesn’t remember people she knows and the other day she thought our daughter was her sister” Damian tells the Dr.

“Oh dear, well we better run some tests then to see if we can find out what is going on”.

07-03-16_10-42-53 PM


“So Ashley, firstly let me check your eyes. Can you read the middle line on the chart for me” requests Dr Stone. Ashley reads the line perfectly. “That’s great Ashley”.

She goes on to do more checks, and gives Ashley a general look over.

07-03-16_10-48-59 PM


“Well Ashley, health wise you seem fine. Your blood pressure is good, your eyes are ok, no temperature or anything” the Dr tells her.

“See I told you I’m fine…nothing wrong with me” Ashley interrupts before the Dr can say anything else.

“Hang on a minute” the Dr begins to say

07-03-16_10-43-44 PM



Dr Stone is taken aback by Ashley’s aggression. This is not like her at all and she should know, she’s been seeing Ashley for years….since before the kids were born.

“Ashley, why don’t you go and sit outside in the waiting room for a minute while I just have a quick chat with Damian and then you can both go home” the Dr suggests calmly.

07-03-16_10-44-11 PM


Once Ashley is out of the room the Dr takes a seat next to Damian. “Wow, I see what you mean. She is not herself is she. I’ve never seen her snap like that before and the way she was staring at the wall before. I am going to refer her to a specialist Damian. I think she needs more help than I can give her”.

“Are you thinking it’s what I’m thinking?” Damian questions the Dr

07-03-16_11-07-55 PM


Dr Stone stands up next to Damian and puts her hand on his shoulder for a moment “I’m afraid so, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We could be wrong. But I think you should prepare yourself. If you need anything I’m here for you both….any time” she gently assures him.

07-03-16_11-08-34 PM


Damian takes Ashley home and puts her straight to bed. The visit to the Dr’s seems to have worn her out. She goes straight to sleep. Damian sits on the edge of the bed contemplating what lies ahead.

07-03-16_11-18-37 PM


He goes to check on the children and puts them all to bed and then he goes and sits on his computer to do some more research. He hears Ashley get up and go to the bathroom, but thankfully she goes straight back to bed. When all is quiet and Damian finally feels tired he heads to bed himself.

He had just fallen asleep when he heard yelling coming from across the hall. He only half woke up thinking one of the kids must be having a bad dream.

Adelaide was startled in her sleep by a noise. It seemed to come from under the bed. She turned on the light and hopped out of bed, then got down on her hands and knees and looked under the bed. “AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!” She yells


07-04-16_12-07-51 AM


She jumps to her feet…”THERE’S A MONSTER UNDER MY BED” she yells as she waves her hands in the air and jumps up and down.

07-04-16_12-07-32 AM


She goes running in to her Mum and Dad’s room….”mummy, daddy, there’s a monster under my bed”

“Don’t be silly darling” says Ashley as she climbs out of bed. “You probably just had a bad dream. Come on let’s go back to bed” she takes Adelaide back to her room.

07-04-16_12-05-42 AM


However Adelaide can’t sleep. She knows the monster is still there so she goes back to mummy and daddy’s room. “Daddy can you please come and spray the monster away?” she begs.

Damian drags himself out of bed and gets the bug spray and sprays under her bed.

“There you go sweetie. The nasty monster is gone. Now you can go back to bed and back to sleep” he assures her.

“I’m still scared daddy. Can I come sleep in your bed?” she asks

“Ok kiddo. Come on then” Damian ushers her into his room and puts her in between himself and Ashley and they all drift back to sleep.

07-04-16_12-08-38 AM


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