Part 30 – Damian & Ashley

Bridgette came home from school and got to work on her homework straight away. She was a grade A student in primary school and wants to keep up those good grades in high school.

Ashley walks in “hey Sis, what you doing homework for? Let’s go down town and hang out at the mall with the kids from school” she says to Bridgette.

Ashley stands, her homework still in her hand.

“Mum, it’s me…Bridgette…your daughter” she says, confused as to why her Mum would call her sis and want hang out with “school friends”.

06-05-16_10-54-11 PM


“Bridgette?” Ashley looks momentarily confused herself. “Oh of course you are sweetheart. Are you doing your homework? You’re a good girl. She says as she gives Bridgette a hug.

“Oh Mum, I love you” Bridgette says as she hugs her Mum tight fighting back tears.

06-05-16_10-53-46 PM


A short time later Alijah comes downstairs and Bridgette whispers to him what Ashley had said.

“Mum just called me her sister and asked me to hang out at the mall with her school friends” she whispers.

“What?” says Alijah shaking his head.

06-05-16_10-55-44 PM


“Something is very wrong with her” Alijah tells Bridgette. “I’m getting really worried”.

“Me too” admits Bridgette. “Do you think it might be Alzheimers?”

“Isn’t that for old people though?” Alijah questions

“I don’t know. We should talk to Dad” says Bridgette.

06-05-16_10-55-52 PM


The next morning Bridgette is up early with Damian and everyone else is still in bed.

“Dad I’m really worried about Mum”. Bridgette tells him. “Yesterday she thought I was her sister.  What’s happening to her? Is it Alzheimers?”

“Im not sure” admits Damian “without proper assessment I can only guess but I’m sure she’ll be ok kiddo. Don’t worry” Damian tries to assure his daughter. Deep down inside he knows something is very very wrong with his wife.

06-05-16_10-51-08 PM


“I hope so Dad. I hope you’re right. How about a picture of both of us, so that Mum we can hang it on the wall for Mum to always see us?” she says, hoping it will mean her mum won’t mistake her again.

“Ok sweetie” says Damian “How’s this?”

06-05-16_10-51-23 PM


“That’s great Dad” laughs Bridgette. “Hey it’s a good photo of us. I love it! I’ll get it framed and will hang it on the wall”.

06-05-16_10-52-26 PM


“Ok sweetie” says Damian

“And one of me too” says Bridgette as she pulls a pouty face and takes a selfie.

06-05-16_10-51-37 PM



After breakfast Adelaide goes out to play on her spaceship gym, but she quickly gets bored of playing on her own. Ashley watches her daughter for a bit and then goes out to talk to her.

“My poor Adelaide. Let’s go for a walk to the local park to play with some other kids hey?” she suggests.

“Oh yes! Can we please Mummy?” Adelaide pleads.

“Of course. Come on” Ashley replies as she leads Adelaide towards the park.

06-05-16_10-57-31 PM


Along the way they meet up with Nastassya.

“Hi Nasta” greets Adelaide excitedly “we’re going to the park”.

“Oh are you. That will be great. There’s heaps of kids there right now. You’ll have fun” Nasta tells her. “Hi Ashley”…she greets Ashley but gets no response. Before she can even think about it Adelaide interrupts.

“Guess what…I got a new high score in Blic Bloc…look” Adelaide says as she pulls out her phone to show Nastassya the score.

“Hey well done! That’s incredible” Nasta says encouraging her young friend.

06-05-16_10-58-41 PM


“Come on sweetie we best get going to the park” Ashley says hurrying her daughter along.

“Ok Mummy. I’ll see you later” Adelaide says to Nastassya

“Hey where’s my hug?” Nastassya asks as she bends down to give Adelaide a hug. “Bye Ashley” she says and gets a hasty “bye” in reply.

As they walk away Ashley asks Adelaide “Who was that?”

“Silly Mummy. It’s Nasta” says Adelaide, thinking that her Mum is pretending to not remember her friend.

06-05-16_10-58-54 PM


Meanwhile, Damian does some research on the computer about his wife’s condition. He’s pretty sure he knows what the answer is but without any tests it’s hard to tell for sure.  he makes an online booking to go and see Ashley’s local GP. Although he’s a GP himself, he knows she will need a referral to a specialist, and Dr Stone has been Ashley’s GP since before the couple even met.

06-05-16_11-10-26 PM


Nastassya heads on over the Pashley house to visit her friend Bridgette. It’s Saturday and so they girls just hang out chatting and watching a movie on TV. They gossip about some of the kids at school.

“Really? So Kaley is going out with Stuart? I never would have thought that” Bridgette discusses with Nastassya.

06-05-16_11-10-58 PM


All of a sudden Alijah comes over and sits himself in between the two girls making Nastassya move over. “Mind if I join you ladies?” he says in his smoothest voice.

“Alijah!” whines Bridgette “we were having a conversation!”

“Well don’t let me stop you. Carry on” says Alijah “Unless you were discussing me of course?” he questions.06-05-16_11-13-00 PM


Bridgette laughs “I can assure you we were NOT!” she tells him.

He turns to look at Nasta and their eyes meet for a second before Nasta looks away. Was there some kind of attraction there? She wonders….they’ve always been best friends…

06-05-16_11-13-20 PM


Bridgette carries on talking unaware of the glance the pair had shared.

“We were just talking about who’s going out with who and it has nothing to do with you” she says.

Alijah turns to listen to his sister, but he’s secretly looking out the corner of his eye at Nastassya and she’s looking at him too, thinking he can’t see her.

06-05-16_11-13-29 PM


“Ok well ladies it’s been fun, but I have to go to work now. Another day, another pay check” he says trying to impress Nastassya.

“Ok, yeah, whatever. See ya later” says Nastassya acting as if she doesn’t really care. She had moved seats as she felt a bit uncomfortable sitting next to Alijah all of a sudden. She’s seeing him in a different light right now.

06-05-16_11-17-21 PM


The girls get hungry and Damian is still deeply engrossed in his research, and Ashley is still at the park with Adelaide, so Bridgette decides to order a pizza for dinner.

Ashley and Bridgette returned just as the pizza was being delivered. “You must’ve smelt it coming” Bridgette laughs at her little sister as she runs inside to wash her hands.

Bridgette pays for the pizza and takes it into the kitchen.

06-05-16_11-18-42 PM


The family and Nastassya sit down to eat and Nastassya strikes up a conversation with Adelaide.

Ashley is not impressed with having this “stranger” in her house. She whispers to Bridgette “I’ve seen her twice today. Why is she here?”

06-05-16_11-19-56 PM


“Mum, it’s Nastassya, my friend…Precious and Karim’s daughter, you know her” Bridgette tries to explain.

Suddenly Ashley bursts into a rage “I don’t know who you’re talking about sis, all I know is I don’t know her and yet here she is acting like part of the family”.

“Muuuuum”, pleads Bridgette totally embarrassed by her Mum’s outburst. “Pleeeease, try to remember”.

Adelaide is shocked by her Mum’s outburst and looks at her Dad who assures her it’s ok. Nastassya feels a bit uncomfortable “Perhaps I should get going” she says to Damian.

“No please stay” Damian says apologetically “I’m so sorry. Ashley is not well at the moment” he says quietly to her.

06-05-16_11-20-22 PM


Nastassya stays and within minutes Ashley calms down and forgets about Nastassya. She looks at the chair beside her and nods her head “yes I know Mum” she says as if talking to her Mum…who passed away several years ago!

06-05-16_11-21-19 PM


5 thoughts on “Part 30 – Damian & Ashley

  1. Me either until i saw someone else do it. I will have to double check but i think it was under “order” on the computer.


  2. Awwww, poor Ashley. This definitely reminds me of when my grandma got Alzheimers. This is how it starts, they forget small details first, and then it spreads. They even forget their own relatives. My grandma thought I was her mother.


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