Part 29 – Damian & Ashley

It’s the twins birthday and there is a big party in the Pashley house to celebrate. Friends and family are all here to wish the twins well in their teen years.

So that she doesn’t feel left out, younger sister Adelaide is given the camera to go around and take photos of the night. She captures photos of her brother and sister and then the twins grab the camera and take a selfie of the two of them together.

“Smile” says Adelaide as she pushes the button to take the photo.



“Come on kids time to blow out the candles on your cake” calls Ashley.

Alijah is first as they want to take it in turns instead of blowing the candles out together. Everyone gathers around and sings “happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Alijah, happy birthday to you”. Franco throws confetti while the girls twirl their ratchets and make lots of noise.

Alijah makes a wish and blows hard, blowing out all the candles in one breath.

04-03-16_9-22-14 PM


“Now it’s Bridgette’s turn” Ashley says as she lights the candles again. Everyone sings “happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Bridgette, happy birthday to you” More confetti is thrown, more cheers and ratchet noise

04-03-16_9-25-37 PM

Bridgette takes a deep breath and blows hard. All but one candle goes out.

“One more” says Damian. Bridgette takes another deep breath and blows again. This time the last candle blows out and everyone cheers.

04-03-16_9-25-44 PM


Bridgette takes a photo of the cake and then the twins cut it together  and everyone grabs a slice.

Once the cake is eaten they have presents to open from family and friends and of course both twins were completely spoiled with brand new phones, clothes, money and gift cards to go and buy whatever they want.

04-03-16_9-28-29 PM


As it’s a school night, it can’t be too late so Ashley begins to clean up as soon as the presents are opened. Alijah gives his Mum a hand in the kitchen

“Hey Mum, how about a photo of the two of us” he asks

“Sure why not” she laughs. He holds the camera up in front of them  and says “Smile”. It’s a lovely photo of mother and son and something he will always treasure.

04-06-16_11-20-11 PM


“Ok, now one of me on my own” he says to himself and snaps away.

04-06-16_11-20-57 PM


“Dad, when is it my birthday so that I can have a party and get presents?” Adelaide asks Damian.

04-05-16_10-58-43 PM


Damian pretends to think hard “Hmm, I don’t know…how about never….because I don’t want you to grow up…you’re my baby girl” he laughs as he tickles Adelaide.

“Oh Dad, you’re so funny” she laughs.

“It will be your birthday soon enough sweetie” he says to her “way too soon”.

04-05-16_10-59-24 PM


With the festivities over and all the kids and Ashley tucked up in bed, Damian jumps on the computer. He starts a chat with David.

“I’m so glad you came tonight. It was good to see you” Damian types. “Thanks for the presents for the kids too”

“My pleasure” replies David. “I so wanted to just take you in my arms tonight though. I hate all this secret stuff. I wish we could be together properly”.

“I know” types back Damian. “Just be patient”.

04-06-16_10-28-22 PM


Adelaide ran into her friends Nastassya and Jallyssa after school the next day.

“Do you want to come and play on the jungle gym with me?” she asks them.

The girls both giggle and Jallyssa tells her “we don’t do stuff like that anymore…that’s for kids”. Adelaide looks terribly upset so Nasta jumps in and tells her in a sympathetic voice”We’d love to Ad’s but we’re not allowed on the jungle gym anymore. We would break it because we’re too big, sorry sweetie”.

04-06-16_11-03-06 PM


Just then Nasta gets a text message on her phone and she shows it to Jallyssa.

“oh look Bridgette is on her way over” she tells her.

“Cool. It will be good to hang out with her” Jallyssa says unaware of how she is hurting poor Adelaide’s feelings.

04-06-16_11-03-44 PM


Bridgette arrives and greets the girls.

“Wanna come in and grab something to eat” Nasta asks Bridgette.

“Sure I’d love to” says Bridgette and the girls turn to head inside. Bridgette turns her head back and says to Adelaide “better get back home Ad’s, Dad wants you to do your homework”.

Adelaide feels so rejected and can see the girls don’t want to play with her anymore as she’s just a kid and they’re “all grown up now”.

She hangs her head low and heads home.

04-06-16_11-05-19 PM


The girls grab some food from the fridge and sit down at the table.

“Hi Karim” waves Bridgette “How was work today?”

“Good thanks Bridgette” he replies. “What are you girls going to get up to this afternoon?” he asks, almost scared of the answer.

“Oh, probably just play some chess or listen to some music in my room” Jallyssa says.

“oh ok, that’s cool” Karim replies, relieved that they don’t have anything terrible, like hanging out with boys, planned.

04-06-16_11-10-58 PM


Meanwhile back in the Pashley house Adelaide grabs something to eat and Ashley helps Alijah with his homework.

“High school homework is so much harder than primary school” he complains.

Damian meantime is fixing the kitchen sink that Ashley clogged up when she forgot to scrape the plates into the bin first. “What is wrong with her?” he mutters to himself frustrated and annoyed. “I’m a Dr not a plumber! I fix people not sinks. I don’t know how to fix this stupid thing properly” he says angrily as his hand slips and he bangs his knuckles on the tap for the 4th time. Blood starts to ooze from the small cut.

“Should I call the plumber?” Ashley asks hearing that Damian is getting annoyed.

“Nope! I’ve got it” he calls back to her as he takes a deep breath and counts to 10.

04-06-16_11-17-27 PM

Alijah finishes his homework and then heads off to work. He got a job in a local diner washing dishes. Not glamorous but it gives him some spending money.

Adelaide finishes her homework and then decides to sit down and draw something.  She feels a bit lonely today and drawing always makes her feel better.

06-04-16_10-28-27 PM


Bridgette comes home and starts on her homework. She sits next to Adelaide.

“Sorry about earlier Ad’s” she says “but you will understand when you are a teenager. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you, just that the girls and I well, we don’t want to hang around with kids right now. We want to talk about boys and stuff and you’re too young for that” she tries to explain.

“It’s ok” Adelaide replies with a sigh. “Why do you wanna talk about boys for anyway? They smell. I don’t like boys.” Bridgette laughs and remembers when she was Adelaide’s age and didn’t like boys either.

06-04-16_10-29-50 PM


Damian sits down to eat a bowl of ice cream after fixing the sink and Ashley grabs a plate of fish and chips and sits down beside him.

“How was work today?” he asks her. She turns her nose in the air and gives him the cold shoulder. “What do you care?” she retorts.

“What?” asks Damian. “What’s your problem? What did I do wrong now?”

“Like you don’t know” she says “You forgot my birthday today” she says angrily.

“But your birthday was weeks ago and I bought you a bracelet and cake” Damian assures her.

“No you didn’t” she replies sharply and then glances at the still shiny and new looking bracelet on her wrist.

06-04-16_10-35-03 PM


Damian shakes his head in bewilderment. He is beginning to get really worried about his wife.

“I think I’ll make an appointment for you to see the Dr” he says to Ashley as he walks away.

Alijah had returned from work and just sat down as Damian got up. “Why are you taking Mum to the Dr’s?” he asks “What’s wrong?”

06-04-16_10-36-28 PM


“Your Dad forgot my birthday today” Ashley says sadly to her son.

“But Mum your birthday was weeks ago and we had cake and everything” he tells her. “Don’t you remember?”

“Noooo” Ashley says shaking her head as she fiddles with the bracelet on her arm. “What is wrong with me? Why can’t I remember things?” she sobs.

“I don’t know Mum, but I think Dad is right. You need to go and see a Dr” Alijah gently tells his Mum.

06-04-16_10-37-18 PM


4 thoughts on “Part 29 – Damian & Ashley

    1. Yes similar…my husband grandpa got it too. Such a cruel disease. It takes away a persons dignity 😦 and yes…poor Adelaide 😦 She will have some new friends soon though 🙂


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