Part 28 – Damian & Ashley

It’s Damian’s birthday today. Alijah is the first one to wish him a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday Daddy” he says as he gives Damian a hug.

“Thanks Alijah”. Damian gives his son a big squeeze. “I have to go to work unfortunately, but I’ll see you when I get home this afternoon, ok?”

“Ok, Dad. I can’t wait for the part tonight” Alijah says all excited.

04-03-16_10-05-47 AM



Damian heads off to work and Alijah sits down to eat his breakfast. Damian had made them some French Toast, but didn’t feel like eating his after he’d made it, so  he left it. One of the kids will eat it he told himself. He doesn’t seem to have much of an appetite these days.

04-03-16_10-04-50 AM


At work Damian was surprised to see Jacqui come in.

“I’ve got a headache, fever and sneezes” she tells Damian.

“Well it’s probably just a case of Llama flu” Damian tells her “but let’s check a few things just to be sure”.

“You ears look ok” he says as he shines a light in them. He goes on to check her eyes and temperature as well.

03-30-16_10-27-16 PM


“I’m pretty sure it’s just the llama flu” he tells her. “I’ll give you an injection that should make you feel better and your symptoms should ease within the next 24 hours. If not come back and see me.” Damian tells her.

“This won’t hurt a bit” Damian assures her as he gets the needle ready. Jacqui turns her head. She doesn’t like needles and can’t stand to watch. She tenses up as Damian gives her the injection.


03-30-16_10-32-20 PM


“There you go all done” Damian says confidently.

“Oh really? I didn’t feel a thing” Jacqui says as she looks at her arm.

Damian smiles “well then I’m doing my job right” he tells her. He puts a band aid on the spot just in case it bleeds on her clothes and then dismisses her from the hospital.

03-30-16_10-32-23 PM


Another hour, another patient. This time the patient needs a stress test, so Damian hooks her up to the treadmill and tells the patient to start jogging lightly. He checks her stats on the monitor to see how her heart is handling the physical exercise.

He wonders if he should bring Ashley in for some tests, but then quickly dismisses it. She’d never agree to that and anyway, there’s probably  nothing wrong. He puts the thought to rest and gets on with his job.

03-30-16_10-46-02 PM


After work Damian heads home and gets showered and changed ready for the birthday party. Ashley is at work but his youngest daughter Adelaide greets him with a big hug.

“Happy birthday Daddy” she says as she hugs him.

Tyler is one of the first guests to arrive and he waits until Damian has finished his hug with Adelaide before shaking Damian’s hand “Happy birthday mate” he says.

“Thanks Tyler, and thanks for coming” he thanks his friend. “Where’s Casey?” he asks

“She’s out the back with the girls already” Tyler laughs. “Shall we head out there?”

03-30-16_11-18-22 PM


The boys head out back, where the DJ that Damian hired is pumping out some dance music. Everyone is dancing away and having a great time. Damian joins in  with his friends.

03-30-16_11-21-02 PM


Everyone gathers around as Precious brings out the black and white cake she has made for her friend. She managed to keep all the candles alight and gently places the cake on the table in front of Damian. Everyone sings happy birthday.

“Make a wish” she tells him.

Damian leans over and thinks for a minute before blowing out all the candles in one go.

His friends cheer, clap and throw confetti.

03-30-16_11-26-30 PM


Damian cuts the cake and everyone grabs a slice.

The night continues with everyone changing into their swimmers and jumping in the pool. They have a great time chatting, swimming, and splashing each other but soon people are leaving to go home to bed, and some are hungry again so they each grab another plate of the delicious cake that Precious baked. They sit by the pool and devour it.

“Precious, you should open up a bakery or a restaurant” Linda tells her friend. “This cake is to die for!!”

“Thanks” Precious says thoughtfully “Maybe one day, but I still have lots to learn yet”. It has always been a dream of hers though.

03-30-16_11-28-13 PM


The following morning Ashley complained to Damian about the mess that was left from the party. He had been going for a jog to clear his head and was then going to clean up. He hates mess, so Ashley should know that he wouldn’t stand it for long.

I hope you don’t think I’m going to clean up the mess from YOUR friends last night” she yells at him.

“No. I don’t expect that at all!” he angrily retorts. “I was going to clean it up after my jog if you’d wait just a minute. And besides, they’re your friends too, and at least they were here to celebrate my birthday” he accuses her.

“What birthday?” she questions “It’s not your birthday”

“It was….yesterday…I guess you forgot” he says sadly.

“oh my….I did forget” Ashley says, now calm and feeling bad. She’s so forgetful these days.

03-30-16_9-40-08 PM***************************


A short while later it is Ashley’s birthday. Damian decides to make an effort for her to try and patch things up a bit. Their relationship is really rocky and Damian is not sure how much longer they can stay together. They barely even talk these days and Ashley’s memory is getting worse.

David comes over in the morning while Damian is sorting things out for the party. Ashley is at work and the kids at school, so it’s a good opportunity to see each other. He knows Damian needs his support at the moment.

They hug on the back porch and Damian thinks how completely wonderful it feels to be loved and cared for, and being in David’s arms just makes him feel so happy. The tension just melts from within him. They hold each other tight for a while….

04-03-16_11-06-11 AM


….and then they share a tender loving kiss.

“I love you so much” Damian whispers in David’s ear. It’s the first time he’s said those three words to him and he means it from the bottom of his heart.

“ohhh I love you too” David replies with a big smile on his face. “It is so good to hear those words. I’ve been waiting a long time to hear you say that”.

The pair share another more passionate, lustful kiss before heading inside for a private moment of passion.

04-03-16_11-06-18 AM


Later that day Ashley comes home from work. Damian gives her a hug and wishes her a happy birthday. The love he feels for David isn’t there with Ashley, it’s more like two friends hugging. Still Damian is trying to make a go of it for the kids sake. They are still young and would never understand if Daddy left and he’d die inside if Ashley kept him from his kids.

04-03-16_11-08-34 AM


The DJ Damian hired played some soft gentle music in the background. Damian wasn’t sure why he hired her as there was no party this time, just a private family affair but he still wanted to make her day special.

“Ummm, I got  you a little gift for your birthday” Damian tells Ashley. “I hope you will like it.

“Oh thank you” Ashley says taking the small blue package. “I didn’t expect anything”. She begins to carefully unwrap the box.

04-03-16_11-09-47 AM


She places the silver bangle from Damian on her wrist and admires it. “I love it Damian, thank you” she says “it was very thoughtful of you”.

The girls come running down from the house “Mummy, light your candles and blow them out” they squeal with delight and excitement.

04-03-16_11-23-09 AM

“Ok, ok” laughs Ashley. “It’s a beautiful cake. Did you girls make it for me?” she asks them.

“Noooo silly” replies Bridgette “Daddy had aunty Precious make it for you. We can’t wait to try it. See it has pink icing on and sprinkles” she says excitedly.

“Cut your cake Mummy” urges Adelaide.

Ashley cuts her cake and the family sit down to nice quiet evening together of cake and movies.



One thought on “Part 28 – Damian & Ashley

  1. HAHAHAHAH! Llama flu! I love you! XDD I loved this part of the story – even if I felt sorry for Damian when Ashley forgot his birthday. And then she yells at him? Awwwwww……


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