Part 27 – Damian & Ashley

Damian had been out with his friends and had a lovely night, dancing, chatting, and drinking. There had been a dance party on at the Von Haunt Estate and the whole gang was there. Linda and Franco walked him home, just to be sure he got home safely.

When they arrived they stood outside saying their goodbyes when Ashley came out of the house ranting and raving. She was waving her arms in the air and yelling at Damian.

Damian looked embarrassed as he apologized for his wife’s behaviour “I’m so sorry guys that you had to see that. I just don’t know what has gotten into her these days”.

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“It’s ok” Linda assures him “do you want me to see if I can talk to her and calm her down”

“You can try” Damian replies “but good luck! Sometimes I swear she’s losing her mind”.

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“Hi Ashley, what’s wrong?” Linda asks in a very concerned voice while Damian slips inside the house.

“It’s Damian. He’s out all hours of the day and night leaving me home alone with the kids. I think he might be having an affair” Ashley tells Linda in a very sad voice.

Franco listens to the conversation, not sure how his wife is going to handle this one. Everyone but Ashley knows about David.

“Oh really?” Linda questions. “I don’t think so. What makes you think that? Just because he’s out a lot. You do know he was out with us tonight don’t you?”

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“No, I didn’t know that until just now” Ashley says. “I didn’t know where he was. He never tells me where he’s going”.

“But he did Ashley”. Linda assures her. “I was there when he called you on his mobile phone and he told you that he was going to the Von Haunt Estate with us”.

“Ohhhhh that’s right” Ashley says trying to convince Linda that she remembers the phone call. Truth be told she doesn’t remember at all. What is going on?

01-12-16_10-13-18 PM


Damian has the day off work the following day so while the kids are at school and Ashley is at work, he meets up with the gang in Windenburg. He needs to find out what Linda said to Ashley last night.

“She thinks you’re having an affair Damian” Linda tells him. “I didn’t say anything I played it down and reminded her that you called her. I honestly don’t think she remembers the phone call. It seems a bit strange”.

“See I told you she’s losing her mind” Damian retorts.

“Maybe she’s just stressed and worried” Linda assures him. “You  need to be careful though, she’s suspicous” she warns.

01-12-16_10-41-20 PM


Inside the club Damian sits down and grabs some chips at the bar while he talks to Linda some more. Jacqui, Janne and Karen hit the dancefloor….literally in Karen’s case. She was showing off a dance move she learnt when she fell face first on the floor.

“What are you doing Karen?” Jacqui questions.

“I lost an earring” Karen replies hoping they will believe her. The girls help her look on the dance floor and then Janne notices that Karen is wearing both earrings.

“Someone else is losing the plot” she mumbles to Jacqui and they both laugh. Karen appears embarrassed when she realizes that the girls have worked out she just fell over.

01-12-16_10-42-31 PM


They all have a good laugh and then everyone hits the dance floor as the DJ pumps out some dance tunes.

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“Hey Damian I”m falling for you” Linda jokes as she stumbles and falls onto Damian’s shoulder.

Damian laughs at his friend “You’re a goose” he says as he pushes her back to her feet.

01-12-16_10-45-51 PM


In need of some refreshment Damian heads over to the bar to get a drink. Suddenly the locker room door opens and Damian finds himself pulled inside and kissed passionately. It doesn’t take a second to work out it’s David.

“What are you doing?” Damian says in a mildly panicked state. “Someone will see us”

“I don’t care” says David as he pulls the door shut behind them “It feels so good to be with you” he says as he again kisses Damian with such a strong, longing kiss. Damian is like putty in his hands and loves the feeling of being wanted. At that moment he doesn’t care who might see him…even his wife!

01-12-16_10-50-28 PM



Back at home after school Damian watches the kids as they play outside. They are growing up so fast and the twins will be teenagers soon. Where have the years gone he wonders to himself. It’s his own birthday soon and he’ll be turning 30!! He wonders what the future will have in store for himself and his family.

01-12-16_10-56-32 PM


Damian heads indoors to fix some dinner for the kids. Alijah is first to grab some and he takes it outside where the girls are sitting talking. Adelaide is doing her homework.

Alijah sits down and tells the girls that dinner is ready.
“Dad said you better get some before he eats it all” he tells the girls.

Bridgette laughs “he can’t eat ALLLLL of it”

“Wanna bet” says Alijah matter of factly. Bridgette chuckles. She knows her brother is kidding.

01-12-16_11-01-14 PM


Still no sense in waiting to find out. She’s hungry so she heads indoors to get something to eat. “Coming Ad’s?” she calls to her sister Adelaide.

01-12-16_11-01-24 PM


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