Part 26 – Precious & Karim

The next day was Jallyssa’s birthday – she would finally be a teenager – offically! However, before any celebrations could take place, there was something she needed to take care of. There would be no cake or presents or anything before Jallyssa went next door to apologize to Damian for her rude behaviour.

Begrudgingly, she did as she was told and told Damian she was sorry for being rude. Of course, Damian forgave her and sent her running back home to enjoy her birthday.

She didn’t want a big fuss, so it was just a family affair. Precious had made her birthday cake, a vanilla sponge covered in pink and white icing with sprinkles on the top. Precious and Karim popped confetti into the air as they all sang “happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jallyssa, happy birthday to you”.

03-27-16_1-59-30 PM

Jallyssa looks absolutely stunning as a teenager. (Perhaps, dare we say even slightly more pretty than her sister). Precious and Karim could not be more proud of their girls. Nastassya wishes her sister a happy birthday then has to run off to work. She recently got a job as a baby sitter and the Villareal family  needed her desperately this afternoon.

“I promise I will make it up to you” she tells her sister as she runs out the door.

03-27-16_3-09-35 PM


The family sit down to eat cake and Jallyssa immediately begins to complain about having to share a room with her sister still.

“We should be able to have a room each” Jallyssa tells her Mum.

“Well it’s just not going to happen young lady” Precious replies “This house is not big enough and doesn’t have enough rooms to be able to do that. You’ll just have to share until you or your sister moves out”.

“But….” complains Jallyssa

“But nothing. Now stop your complaining and let’s just enjoy your birthday” Precious tells her. She wonders what on earth has come over her daughter lately. Talk about attitude…must be hormones she mumbles to herself.

03-27-16_3-23-59 PM


After the cake is finished, Alejandro gives his sister a big hug. “Happy birthday sis.” he says to her.

“Awwww thanks bro” she says as she hugs him back.

03-27-16_3-27-38 PM


Precious and Karim bring out a big pile of presents all wrapped in pink paper with black bows. “Happy birthday sweetie” they both say as they pop them on the table.

“oooh I wonder what they are?” Jallyssa questions.

“Open them up silly” says Karim laughing.

03-27-16_3-29-43 PM


Jallyssa opens her presents and is thrilled with her wonderful gifts. A slablet from Mum and Dad, a Slick Beats music player from her siblings  (really from Mum and Dad) and a lovely mosaic vase with flowers in from her Aunty Linda and Franco.

“Wow, thanks everyone” she says excited as she runs to her room with her gifts. She sets up the Slick Beats on her desk and then sits down to set up her slablet with her Simsbook account and emails.

03-27-16_8-16-40 PM


Nastassya comes home from work all excited. Everyone else has gone to bed but she’s too excited to go to bed yet. She needs to tell someone her good news. Precious had to run into work as one of the team went home sick and she needed to help out for a bit. She came home around midnight to find Nastassya still up.

“What are you still doing up at this hour Nasta?” she questions

“Oh Mum, I have the best news!” Nasta replies so excited

Precious fixes a drink and Nasta grabs a midnight snack from the fridge and they sit down together. “So what is your news” Precious asks her daughter.

“Well the Villareals are really nice people and their son was a dream to look after. He’s such a  cute kid. But anyway, they were so happy with my attitude and they I looked after him that they have got me a job interview at a daycare centre. They said I would make a great day care assistant and I pretty much just have to show up on Saturday and the job is mine. Isn’t that exciting” she squeals at her Mum.

“Oh that’s wonderful sweetie” Precious tells her daughter. “You would be a wonderful day care assistant. That’s right up your alley. Well done” Precious leans over and gives her daughter a massicve hug. “I’m so proud of you”.

“Thanks Mum” Nastassya replies. “Now I’m going to go to bed and see if I can get some sleep. I’m just so excited”

03-27-16_8-42-03 AM



The next morning the kids help themselves to left overs for breakfast while Karim and Precious have a bit of a sleep in.

Nastassya tells her sister her good news about her job interview.

“Rather you than me” Jallyssa tells her sister. “I couldn’t think of anything worse than working with snotty nosed little kids” she laughs “but I’m truly happy for you sis” she says as she gives Nasta a hug. “Good luck”.

03-27-16_9-58-18 PM




Note from the editor:

I just wanted to share these two pics with you all as well. I just love the way Jallyssa looks. I aged her up, changed her hair, clothes and added make up (that’s it) and I honestly think she is the most beautiful sim! I just love her!! She has good genes  🙂

03-27-16_2-48-06 PM (2) 03-27-16_2-47-33 PM


4 thoughts on “Part 26 – Precious & Karim

  1. Awwww, auntie’s little Jalyssa is a big girl! So beautiful. Happy birthday angel face! Nasta is also beautiful, and congrats with the job in the daycare center! Of course they have good genes, they are Precious’ daughters ^^

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