Part 25 – Precious & Karim

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. The kids grew up way too fast and before Precious and Karim knew what had hit them their twin boys were heading off to school.

Alejandro is very smart like his sister Jallyssa and a bit of a geek. He loves playing on the computer.

03-23-16_10-47-52 PM

Aloysius is more playful and loves to play outside on the jungle gym like his sister Nastassya. He also needs a good haircut in this photo.

03-23-16_10-50-25 PM



“I’m going to beat your score on keyboard commander” teases Alejandro to Jallyssa.

“I’d like to see you try” she taunts back “I have the highest score ever!”

Precious gives Aloysius a hug. He’s such a cuddle bug and always feels less smart than his siblings. “You’ll show them one day” she assures him.

03-23-16_10-51-27 PM


Karim and Precious both have to work at the same time some days, so when the kids come home from school “Aunty” Janne looks after them. She gives them snacks and makes sure their homework is done

“Come on kids, time for homework” calls Janne. The kids all sit around the table together and study hard. Nastassya helps the young ones when they get stuck.

03-27-16_11-24-16 AM


So does Janne when she can. Schoolwork these days is harder than when Janne was at school.

“I’m hungry Janne” says Jallyssa after her homework.

“Would you like a hamburger sweetie?” Janne asks and goes to heat one up in the microwave. “They are left overs from last nights dinner but they are still good to eat.”

Precious and Karim arrive home from work and stop in together to pick the kids up.

“Thanks Marcel for looking after them for us” Karim thanks his good friend.

“No worries mate, any time” Marcel replies as he gives his mate a hug.

“They’re as good as gold” Janne tells Precious. “We’ll have them any time”.

03-27-16_11-28-08 AM


Back at home the kids have their baths and get ready for bed. Karim works out a little bit while they are bathing, and then he takes them all into the study to read them a book before bed.  Tonight it’s The last unicorn. The kids stand listening to every word…

03-27-16_12-24-25 PM


“And then all of a sudden he flew away into the sunset” reads Karim extending his arm to highlight the fact that the unicorn flew away.

“You’re the best story teller daddy” Jallyssa tells him.

Karim laughs and then tells the children “that’s enough for tonight kids. Off you go to bed. Sleep tight” He kisses each of the children and gives them a hug one by one and the kids go scampering off to bed.

03-27-16_12-28-03 PM


Nastassya is too old for story time these days, so instead she amuses herself with a lump of clay. “Not quite the unicorn I was trying to make” she laughs to herself as she puts the funny shaped animal down and she too goes to get ready for bed.

03-27-16_12-25-30 PM




The next morning is Saturday and Karim has the day off work. Precious is at work and Nastassya has gone to the local mall with some friends from school. Karim is left to look after the little ones who beg and plead for another story. Again Karim acts out the parts, puts on funny voices and accentuates the story with his arms. The kids love it and there are lots of squeals and giggles.

03-27-16_12-30-27 PM


In the afternoon the kids go next door to the Pashley house to play with Bridgette, Adelaide and Alijah. They all meet at the front of the house and discuss what they want to do. It’s decided by the older girls Bridgette and Jallyssa that they will play on the jungle gym and monkey bars.

03-27-16_12-38-11 PM


They head into the back yard and Damian keeps an eye on them all. Bridgette and Alejandro play on the jungle gym as space pirates, and Adelaide and Jallyssa hang out on the monkey bars, while Aloysius and Alijah hang off them. Damian stands close by just in case Alijah falls off head first.

03-27-16_12-44-42 PM


Bridgette joins the girls on the monkey bars where they all sit and chat. Bridgette and Jallyssa are slightly older and nearly teens so they are both quite excited about upcoming birthdays.

“What do you want for your birthday?” Jallyssa asks Bridgette, who pokes her fingers on her knees as she ponders the question.

“I dunno…maybe a simpad tablet or a computer” she replies.

03-27-16_12-45-20 PM


It starts to get late and Damian tells the kids “It’s time to head home now kids. It’s nearly bed time”.

Jallyssa screws her face up at Damian “I don’t want to go home yet, it’s not late, it’s the weekend we can stay up if we want”

Damian screws his face up too “well I said it’s time to go so it’s time to go. My kids need to get ready for bed. Do you want me to call your mother?” Jallyssa knows that will not end well…

03-27-16_12-51-43 PM


She heads home with Aloysius and Alejandro in tow. She tells her Mum, who’s just returned from work, how Damian told them it was time to go home but she didn’t want to.

“He’s mean, he told me to go home when I wasn’t ready” Jallyssa tells her Mum with her hands on her hips indignantly.

Precious gets angry with her daughter and tells her off for being rude “Well Damian is well within his rights to send you home and you were very rude young lady! You don’t speak to adults like that especially when you are in their home” she says in her angry mother’s voice.

03-27-16_12-55-34 PM


“Well Alejandro didn’t want to come home either” Jallyssa says pointing at him and trying to get her brother in trouble too.

“Yes, but I bet he didn’t argue with Damian did he?” Precious questions.

Alejandro shakes his head from side to side “Nope” he says.

“Now you go and get ready for bed young lady and think about what you have done. You can go and apologize to Damian first thing tomorrow” Precious scolds her daughter.

Jallyssa sulks off to her bedroom and Precious picks up the phone to ring Damian and apologize for her daughters behaviour. Damian assures her it’s all good, “she’s just being a kid” he says. Precious assures him though, that Jallyssa will be around first thing tomorrow to apologize or else.

03-27-16_12-55-38 PM


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