Part 24 – Precious & Karim

“Oh my sims my back is aching” Precious says one morning. “This pain won’t go away, I must have slept funny last night”

03-22-16_11-21-36 PM


“Oh my gosh Mum, you are HUGE, look at you…and feel that baby moving around and kicking. Oh it’s amazing!” Nasta says in wonder.

“Yes it’s amazing, but getting very uncomfortable. I’m well and truly ready to have this baby”Precious tells her daughter.

03-22-16_11-24-45 PM


It’s the weekend so no school for the girls. Nasta sits down and ponders some moves on the chess board in her pyjamas while Jallyssa eats some left over cheesy eyeballs.

“These are yummy Mummy” she calls to Precious who is busy baking something else. Suddenly Precious feels a sharp pain and she knows what it is.

“Oh dear, I think it’s time” she says to the girls. Nasta can you please go and get my bags from my room while I call your dad?”

“Sure Mum” says Nasta as she runs passed her Mum and up the stairs.

Precious calls for an ambulance to take her to the hospital, since Karim is already there working. She may as well just meet him there. “Now Jallyssa be a good girl for Nasta please. She’s in charge and you do as she says, you hear?”

“Yes Mummy” says Jallyssa upset that she can’t go to the hospital with  her Mum.

03-22-16_11-27-24 PM


Precious meets the Dr and Karim outside the hospital. Karim is in a panic

“You would think he’d be  used to this by now” Precious says to Dr Scutt.

Jasmin laughs in agreement “I know right” she says.

03-22-16_11-31-58 PM


Precious goes to the front desk and checks in and then Dr Scutt takes her straight through to the delivery room.

03-22-16_11-32-42 PM


“Ok Precious. Pop this gown on and hop up onto the table and I’ll be with you in two seconds” says Jasmin.

Precious gingerly sits down and then lies on the bed. It’s a quick labour this time around and it’s all over very quickly.

03-22-16_11-33-52 PM


“Well done hunny” says Karim kissing his wife’s cheek. “You did so well, but what a surprise. How did we not know we were having TWINS!!!!”

“Well one baby was hiding behind the other and it was never picked up. It happens sometimes” she chuckled. “No wonder I was so big and uncomfortable. Now you have 2 girls and 2 boys”.

“Ohhh I love you so” Karim says hugging his wife tightly.

03-22-16_11-45-34 PM


Back at home Nasta takes the babies into what used to be her and Jallyssa’s room. The girls have moved to a bigger room and this will be the babies room now.

“I guess we’re going to have to re-decorate aren’t we” she laughs as she holds one of the baby boys.

03-22-16_11-47-21 PM


Karim quickly set about stripping the wallpaper off the walls and then he put up some nice white wallpaper with elephant and rabbit designs around the top in blue. He put down a new blue carpet as well.

After a few days when the fumes had gone, he and Precious settled the boys in their new room.

“Here you go Aloysius, welcome to your new room” he says as he carefully places the infant in his crib.

03-23-16_11-38-43 AM


“And here you go Alejandro” says Precious as she places him in  his crib next to his brother.

03-23-16_12-16-03 PM


The boys would sleep soundly near the kitchen during the day when Precious pottered around the house and back to their rooms at night-time. They got used to the many different sounds that way and would sleep through anything.

03-23-16_3-13-49 PM


When Precious went to work Nasta would take her turn to look after them…or at least that was the plan. The first day she was left alone with them and Aloysius started to cry she didn’t know what to do.

“Oh uh, umm, there there little one. Don’t cry. Ssssshhhh” she said looking around worried. “Oh what do I do, why won’t you stop crying?”

03-23-16_3-41-26 PM


“I know, I’ll pick you up and rock you. Oh please stop crying” she rocked the baby in her arms but he still kept crying and squirming in her arms.

“Waaaahhh waaahhhh”

03-23-16_3-42-01 PM


Just then Karim came home, which Nasta was grateful for because Alejandro also woke up and started to cry.

“I don’t know what is wrong with them Dad” she pleaded for his help

“haha they’re hungry is all” said Karim as he warmed up their bottles. “If you put your finger near their mouths and they start sucking on it that generally means they are hungry or failing that check their nappies.”

The pair stood and fed the babies who guzzled their milk.

“Oh this is cool. I can do this” Nasta told her Dad.

“Of course you can sweetie. You just have to learn to work out what they want is all” Karim told her.

03-23-16_3-42-41 PM


“I’m exhausted” said Nasta after taking care of the babies, so she headed up to bed and went straight to sleep. She didn’t hear a thing…

03-23-16_4-13-31 PM


Not even the babies screaming because they needed their diapers changing. Both of them at the same time was enough to wake up the whole neighbourhood.

03-23-16_4-13-56 PM


Karim heard them though and changed both their diapers and gave them both a cuddle and put them back to bed.

“There there little one, off you go back to sleep. Your Mummy will be home soon”.

03-23-16_4-15-44 PM


Sure enough Precious came home just as Karim got back into bed. She got a promotion tonight to pastry chef and needed to tell someone the good news.

“Guess what Alejandro mummy got a promotion today, to a pastry chef, isn’t that great!! I”m so excited. I can’t wait to tell Daddy. How was your night my little man. Were you a good boy for your big sister? I bet you were. Now go back to sleep so you don’t wake Aloysius up. Mummy will see you in the morning”.

03-23-16_4-27-23 PM


4 thoughts on “Part 24 – Precious & Karim

  1. Yay – congrats with the twin boys! Auntie loves them already and promise to spoil them rotten just the same way she does to the girls ^^ When they grow up a bit we are going to pull pranks and cause lots of mischief!


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