Part 23 – Precious & Karim

A few weeks pass and with the girls on school holidays the days fly by very fast.

One day Karim comes home from work and Precious greets him at the door. “Hi honey, how was your day?” she asks him.

“Good, we had a really busy day, lots of patients to see and we managed to send some home fully cured” Karim tells her.

“That’s good” says Precious only partly hearing what Karim had to say. She has something else on her mind. “Hey hunnnnn,” she begins “ummmm I have some news to tell you. It’s kind of exciting and scary at the same time.”

“Oh?” questions Karim. “What is it?”

“I’m pregnant”

03-14-16_11-52-35 PM


“Whaaaaat?” says Karim taken off guard. “Why that’s great news hunny. How exciting. How far along are you?” asks Karim giving his wife a hug.

“Only about 6 weeks, so we won’t tell anyone else yet but we will need to tell the girls” Precious responds

“Of course” he agrees excitedly then he laughs and points at Precious “YOU can have that job!”

Precious laughs “I so knew you were going to say that! You’re such a typical man sometimes” she laughs.

03-14-16_11-52-48 PM



A few days later Karim gets a call from Joel asking if he’d like to meet with the guys at the Shrieking Llama.

“Ahh I don’t know” Karim says unsure “I have the girls today. Do you think I could bring them?”

“Why not” Joel responds “they can sit and watch TV and play some games.

“Ok, we’ll be right there”

When Karim arrives they order drinks and sit down to chat and catch up. Karim accidentally lets it slip that he and Precious are expecting another baby. The guys congratulate him and have a toast to the health of the new baby. Karim begs them not to tell anyone else or to let Precious know he let it slip…not until the 12 week mark of the pregnancy.

03-20-16_2-18-30 PM


Unfortunately little ears also heard the conversation.

“Daddy, why are those men saying congratulations and  saying you are having a baby?” Nastassya asks.

“Well mummy and I were going to tell you both when the time was right but I guess now is the time. We’ll wait for your sister to get back from the bathroom though” Karim gulps, now it’s up to him to explain to the girls about the baby.

03-20-16_3-10-03 PM


When Jallyssa returns Karim tells them both to sit down and he begins to explain

“Your mummy and I are going to have another baby girls. You will have a little brother or sister to play with soon. Won’t that be great?”

“I want a brother” says Nastassya

Karim laughs “It doesn’t happen like that sweetie. You don’t get to choose. It is a surprise when the baby is born.”

“How does a baby be born” Jallyssa asks. Karim goes bright red and ponders how to tell the girls about the birds and the bees. This is a discussion for Precious to have with them he thinks.

Just then a young lady who overheard the conversation comes and sits down and asks Karim if he’d like a hand explaining this.

“No I got it thanks” says Karim as he carefully tells the girls “when a man and a lady love each other very much, they can make a baby and that baby lives in mummy’s tummy until it is born. Mummy will go to the hospital and the Dr will take the baby out of mummy’s tummy”. He fumbles to explain in a way as to not scare the girls or go into too much detail.

“Ohhhhh” the girls both reply

03-20-16_3-11-14 PM


When they get back home Karim tells the girls to get ready for bed. The girls put on their pyjamas and they sit on Nastassya’s bed.

“Did you see daddy’s face when he tried to explain where babies come from?” Nasta asks Jallyssa.

“Yes wasn’t it funny. He was all embarrassed and didn’t know what to say” Jallyssa laughs.

“Yeah, I didn’t have the heart to tell him we learnt all about that in sex education class last year” says Nasta and the girls burst out laughing.

03-20-16_3-28-35 PM



Today is Nastassya’s birthday. There is so much excitement as Nasta will become a teenager, but Karim and Precious are dreading the raging teenage hormones, boyfriends and partying that are ahead of them.

There is much excitement about the baby too as Precious is really starting to show now and the baby is growing so quickly.

03-20-16_3-31-29 PM


It’s a busy day with lots of prep work to do before the party. Precious has a cake to bake and decorate and Karim is in charge of wrapping the presents and the decorations.

Everyone has a wonderful afternoon, lots of eating, drinking, talking and laughing and then the time comes to cut the cake.

“Make a wish sweetie” says Karim as he lights the candles on the cake.

Nastassya thinks long and hard about what she will wish for and as everyone throws streamers and confetti she blows out the candles.

03-20-16_3-40-29 PM


Nasta is a stunning teenager, with her beautiful long dreadlocks pulled down and off to the side, and the hat that she was given for her birthday from Karen. She finally gets to wear her new outfit that she bought a few weeks ago for the party (a bit short for mummy and daddy’s liking) and she’s allowed to wear make-up now 🙂 She feels so grown up now she’s a teenager.

03-20-16_4-37-52 PM


The party moves downstairs to the basement where some of the guests join Nasta, Jallyssa and Karim in a game of Don’t Wake the Llama.

“Your turn Nasta” says Jallyssa in an excited little voice “Be careful, don’t let it all fall down”

Nasta carefully pulls a stick out and the whole stack comes tumbling down.

“oh noooooo” she grumbles as she loses the game.

03-22-16_10-50-49 PM


“Daddy come play darts with me” Jallyssa demands as she stands by the line and throws the dart as hard as she can.

Karim stands well back as he sees the dart slip from her hand and land behind her narrowly missing her toes.

“I think we need more practice sweetie” he laughs “let’s go and watch Nasta open her presents up” he says trying to distract the youngster before he ends up with a dart in his foot.

03-22-16_10-55-01 PM


Nasta thanks everyone for coming and they all stand around and watch her open up her presents. Another new outfit from the Pashley family (again rather short), a guitar from mummy and daddy , a My Sims statue from aunty Linda and Franco and an antique dresser from Janne and Marcel.

“Wow! Thanks everyone” she says with great appreciation and she goes around to give everyone a hug and a kiss.

03-22-16_10-57-05 PM


The adults go and sit down to have a few drinks and a chat and the girls play a game of chess together.

“Do you think I will be as pretty as you when I’m a teenager?” Jallyssa questions Nasta.

“Of course you will silly” Nasta replies “You will be even prettier” she says trying to give her little sister some confidence.

“I can’t wait to grow up like you” Jallyssa says “I wonder when my birthday is when I will be a teenager?” she muses

“Soon enough kiddo, soon enough” Nasta assures her.

03-22-16_11-01-22 PM


Once everyone has gone home and it’s almost time for bed, Nasta settles down to read a book while Jallyssa feels hungry and gets some left overs to eat.

Karim enters the room to find Nasta taking selfies on her phone. She uploads them to her Simstagram account with the hashtag #teenselfie #birthday

“Want a photo of your dear old Dad on there too?” He questions

Nasta just laughs “as if Dad!” she quips.

03-22-16_11-03-10 PM


“Actually Dad, I’m trying to do a bit of study because I want to get a job. Do you think you could help me for a sec please?”

“Sure sweetie” Karim says happy to help his daughter

03-22-16_11-04-37 PM


Karim puffs out his chest proud as punch. Dear old Dad can help the kids….come at me with your questions he thinks to himself.

“So I’m studying childcare because I want to do some babysitting. This question has me stumped though, it asks how babies are produced. How are they produced daddy?” Nasta winks at Jallyssa who is well aware they are stirring their Dad up.

“Oh well, um, ah, yeah well you see, umm….” he struggles

03-22-16_11-05-51 PM


The girls burst into laughter

“I’m teasing you Dad” Nasta says “I know how babies are made. We studied it at school”

“Oh? You do? I mean you did? Oh ok then” Karim replies awkwardly “you little scamps…are you having a go at your old Dad?”

“Yes daddy” the girls say in unison and they laugh.

Nastassya gets up and gives her Dad a hug. “I’m sorry Dad. I just couldn’t resist. I love you”

“I love you too baby” says Karim hugging Nasta back.

03-22-16_11-06-44 PM


They sit down and chat some more about high school, over cake and roast chicken left overs. Karim tells Nasta all about his school days and how he was captain of the football team and one of the jocks.

Nasta is more of a creative person, she’s extremely intelligent and loves music – hence the guitar for her birthday. She’s hoping to meet some friends who share her passion for music and maybe start a band one day.

03-22-16_11-08-35 PM


It’s time for bed. The girls meet on the landing and Nasta gives Jallyssa a hug goodnight.

“Sleep tight rug rat” she says as she tousles her hair. “See you in the morning”

“Night Nasta” says a sleepy Jallyssa.

03-22-16_11-20-21 PM


4 thoughts on “Part 23 – Precious & Karim

  1. Awwww, my beautiful niece has grown up! *Gets misty-eyed and wipes off tears with handkerchief the same size as the continent of Africa* Auntie is so proud. Now that you are a teenager Auntie can tell you about BOYS! 😉

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