Part 22 – Precious & Karim

“Breakfast is ready guys” Precious calls out in the morning.

“Mmmm my favourite, Froot Loops” Jallyssa says as she begins to devour her breakfast. Karim settles to eat his bacon and eggs before heading off to work and Precious makes herself some scrambled eggs on toast.

“Don’t be late for school” she tells the girls as they grab their school bags and run out the door.

03-10-16_9-22-03 PM


After cleaning up the kitchen Precious gets a phone call from Karen asking if she’d like to meet up with the group somewhere.

“Oh, I don’t know. I have so much to do here today” Precious tells Karen. “But why don’t you all come here and I can do what I need to while we all catch up”.

“Sounds great” Karen replies. “We’ll see you soon”.

Everyone is hungry so they dive into the left overs in the fridge and Precious cleans up the bar area ready for tonight…Karim’s birthday.

03-10-16_9-29-21 PM


The girls decide to do a bit of massage practice on each other. Janne opts to have a back massage from Karen

03-10-16_9-32-12 PM

While Casey gets a foot massage from Precious.

03-10-16_9-33-11 PM


Afterwards they all go for a swim in the pool.

03-10-16_9-38-49 PM


Followed by a bbq lunch.

“Mmmm that smells good Precious” Karen says taking a big deep sniff of the  steaks that Precious had just finished cooking.

“Let’s eat everyone” calls Precious to the group.

03-10-16_9-51-31 PM


After lunch Janne and Karen help to clean up the dirty dishes and then they all jump back in the pool for another swim.

03-10-16_9-51-47 PM


When the girls get home from school everyone heads inside and still hungry some of the group – Linda, Karen & Karim – all help themselves to the chocolate cake the Precious had made for Karim’s surprise birthday party. What was Precious to do but laugh it off and start making another one…quickly!

03-10-16_9-52-57 PM


When the cake was finished she placed it on the counter and then went to round everyone up to come and sing happy birthday.

“Is it daddy’s birthday today?” Nasta asks her Mum.

“Yes darling it is. Now come and help us sing happy birthday to him” Precious tells her daughter.

03-10-16_9-54-36 PM


“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear daddy/Karim, happy birthday to you” everyone sings.

“Hmmm, what to wish for?” Karim asks out loud

03-10-16_9-55-25 PM


“Blow them all out daddy” Nasta says trying to help him blow out the candles from a distance. “What did you wish for?” she asks.

“I can’t tell you sweetie or it won’t come true.” he laughs.

03-10-16_9-55-45 PM



The next day is Friday, and it’s the last day of school and Nastassya’s last day at primary school. She will start high school next semester as a teenager.

“You girls are growing up way too fast” Karim tells them over breakfast. “I can’t believe you will be a teenager soon, and then you’ll be getting boyfriends and going out night clubbing”

“Ewwww I don’t like boys” jeers Jallyssa as she sips her orange juice “they have germs and they smell”

Karim laughs “you will one day my baby girl, but plenty of time yet for that. Now run along off to school you two, Daddy has to get to work”.

03-10-16_10-46-29 PM


Precious slept in after such a big day, and when she got up she was in the mood for cooking something special for the family. A roast chicken should do it she tells herself as she begins to baste it and stuff it. She checks on it after a little while and bastes it again
“mmmmm smells so good” she says to herself. She spends the day just pottering around the house, cleaning up, checking her emails and watching her favourite cooking show on TV.

03-10-16_10-56-00 PM


The girls return from school and Precious greets them at the front of the house.

“How was your last day of primary school?” she asks Nastassya.

“It was good mummy. I had a great day, I got another A in my test and played with my friends.”

“Me too” chimes in Jallyssa “we got a new jungle gym at school and it’s so much fun. I was swinging from the side of it and running around it”

“oooh that sounds like fun indeed” says Precious.

03-10-16_11-04-21 PM


“Mummy, do I have to go to high school?” Nasta asks “I like my primary school with all my friends there”.

“Yes sweetie, you do have to go to high school. You are getting far too big for primary school now, and far too smart as well. Don’t worry you will love high school” Precious tells her daughter and gives her a big squeezy hug.

03-10-16_11-04-39 PM

Just then Karim returns from work and he is filthy dirty and smelly.

“What on earth have you been up to?” Precious asks him.

“One of the machines broke down at work today and the maintenance man couldn’t fix it by himself so I had to lend a hand” Karim explains.  “I really need a shower”.

“Yes you do” says Precious as she gives him a kiss “go and wash up and I’ll get us both a drink.

03-10-16_11-06-33 PM

Precious makes them both a drink and waits on the patio for Karim to finish his shower. They discuss the days events and then they head inside where the family has dinner together.

03-10-16_11-09-57 PM


When Precious finishes getting the girls to bed Karim meets her at the foot of the stairs. “Hey Precious, seeing as it’s the weekend and we both have tomorrow off, how about we go for a dip in the spa?” Karim asks in his smooth seductive voice

03-10-16_11-13-10 PM


The pair enjoying some *cough cough* relaxation in the spa before calling it a night…

03-10-16_11-13-57 PM


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