Part 21 – Precious & Karim

It’s birthday time! The girls are almost teens and Precious and Karim must let go of their youth and become adults. So there are parties a plenty with their beloved friends and family.

Today is Precious’s birthday, so she decided to throw a birthday party and invite all her friends. Most of the food preparation was done earlier, she just had to whip up some salad to go with it. She can’t help but show off her chef’s skills with the knives…not that anybody really noticed. They were all so engrossed in conversation and the delicious food she’d already prepared.

03-08-16_11-09-43 PM


Nastassya and Jallyssa sat outside with aunty Linda.

“So how is school going girls?” She asked them.

“I’m an A student” says Nasta excitedly “and I start high school soon”

“I’m a B student” says Jallyssa “but I’m studying hard to get A’s, so I can go to high school like Nasta”

Aunty Linda laughs at Jallyssa “You’ll go to high school when the time is right my little one” she says. “But aunty is very proud of you both, you’re such good girls and so smart too”

03-08-16_11-12-23 PM


Meanwhile indoors Janne and Marcel can’t keep their hands off each other.

“Will you two get a room” laughs Precious teasingly. She can’t help but think though, how lovely it is to see two people so in love. She remembers herself and Karim like that, before the kids came along and life got a lot more hectic. These days they don’t seem to have as much time alone together.

03-08-16_11-13-23 PM

Karim surprised Precious with a lovely black and white birthday cake that he ordered from the local bakery.

“Can’t have the birthday girl making her own cake now can we?” he says.

“Go Mummy” the girls and Linda yell as Precious makes a wish and blows out the candles.

03-08-16_11-17-39 PM


After the party Precious and Karim sit down for some quiet time and a little chat. Nasta starts to clean up all the dirty dishes.

“Oh Nasta, you’re such a good girl” says Precious as she puts down her glass to give her daughter a kiss. “Thank you baby for cleaning up”.

“You’re welcome Mummy” replies Nasta. “I hope you enjoyed your party?”

“Oh I did, thank you all so much” Precious says appreciatively.

03-08-16_11-24-20 PM


The next morning Precious is up before the girls to make them some breakfast. The girls come down in a rush as they always do and sit down to eat some bacon and eggs before school.

“Eat up girls it’s nearly time to go to school and you don’t want to be late” Precious says.

03-10-16_4-08-36 PM


The girls eat their breakfast whilst chatting about what they are going to do at school today.

“Ok girls come on, it’s time for school” says Precious “run along now and straight to school.Don’t forget your bags by the door and your lunches are already in them.”

“Bye mummy” the girls both chant as they hurriedly give Precious a hug and a kiss and run out the door. Precious is so happy that they both love school so much.

03-10-16_4-08-59 PM

Right, now they’re both gone I can get Karim’s birthday cake made, thinks Precious to herself. She sets about making the cake adding flour, eggs, sugar, milk and stirring with a wooden spoon. She doesn’t use a recipe as knows the quantities off the top of her head. She bakes the cake and leaves it to cool, coming back later to add some chocolate icing on the top. Once that is done she pops it in the fridge.

03-10-16_4-18-12 PM


When the girls finish school they are so full of energy. Precious decides to take them to the park to burn off some of that energy.

“Come on girls, let’s go to Newcrest park to play on the pirate ship” she says. The girls jump for joy yelling “yay yay yay” as they skip out the door.

“I’m the captain of the ship” says Nastassya “and Mummy you can be the sea monster and I’m gonna shoot you with my canon”. She makes lots of “boom” noises as she pretends to shoot the sea monster.

Jallyssa is the look out and she tells the captain “straight ahead captain. Sea Monster at the front. Get it!”

Their friend Bridgette Pashley joins in the fun with the girls and they all have so much fun.

03-10-16_4-52-21 PM


“Bridgette, would you like to walk home with us?” asks Precious. Bridgette lives next door, so she walked home with the girls and when they arrived at home Nasta asked if Bridgette could stay for a while.

Precious agreed and then sent Damian a text to let him know where Bridgette was. The girls played some chess after they had breezed through their homework. Jallyssa on the other hand took a bit longer to complete hers.

03-10-16_8-18-17 PM



The next morning Karim woke up and made his coffee. It was going to be a long day at work so something nice and strong was in order.

03-10-16_8-37-03 PM


There is a lot of sickness going around at the moment and the hospital was short staffed. As a medical assistant Karim had a lot of pressure on his shoulders to help the only Dr on staff today. It meant trying to make sense of the test results himself. Some results were easier to interpret than others.

03-10-16_8-46-13 PM


Jacqui came in today complaining of a headache and fever. Karim checked her symptoms. “Thankfully nothing more than Llama flu” Karim tells her. “I’ll give you a shot in the arm and you should be right as rain in a day or two”.

03-10-16_8-51-47 PM


There was a growing queue of patients in the lobby and nurse Damian was stuck trying to do check-ins at the front desk. Not really his job but the receptionist didn’t show up today. Karim couldn’t wait for this day to be over!

03-10-16_8-54-35 PM


He got home just as Precious was leaving for work. As is often the case they passed each other going through the front door. They make a great tag team but don’t seem to get much time together.

“Look daddy, I can do sit up’s like you” said Jallyssa showing Karim how clever she is.

“Well done sweetie” he said impressed by her 3 sit ups.

“Daddy, I got another A in maths today” Nasta told him trying to not be outdone by her sister.

“That’s great Nasta” Karim replies. “You girls are both so clever”

03-10-16_8-59-09 PM


Karim gets the girls ready for bed and then exhausted he heads there himself.

Precious finishes work and arrives back home around 2am. She’s a line cook now and is responsible for prepping the food for the chef. One day she hopes to be the chef in her own restaurant…one day! For now though she must keep putting in the long hours.

*Yawn* time for bed she tells herself as she heads up the stairs to her warm cozy bed.

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