Part 20 – Linda & Franco

It seems Franco and Linda had a little bit too much fun celebrating their marriage. There are certain consequences that come from this activity and yes, they paid the price….happily though!


After Franco and Linda smoothed things out Linda thought it might be time to have a chat with Janne about it. She had said some things to Janne when she was very angry and she wanted to clear the air.
She invited Janne over and they played a game of chess. Janne wasn’t too happy when she arrived.
Linda thought carefully how to approach the subject…

03-03-16_11-11-06 PM


She explained to Janne about the misunderstanding…how she had thought Janne was flirting with Franco, and she felt silly for getting so angry about it.
Janne told her dear friend “you should know me better than that. I would NEVER do anything like that to you. No stupid man will ever come between us…I’d die before I let that happen”.

“I know” replies Linda “I’m so sorry. It was stupid of me”

“Yes it was” Janne says sternly. She can’t stay angry at Linda for long though, and the two girls have a good chuckle over the whole incident.03-03-16_11-12-48 PM


“So we’re all good?” asks Linda
“Of course” says Janne. “No harm done. “Now tell me all about your wedding night. Was it everything you dreamed of and more?”

“Of course” Linda says “but I’m not telling you all the intimate details”.

“Ewww…I don’t want to know EVERYTHING” teases Janne.

03-03-16_11-13-24 PM


Franco heads off to work and Linda gives him a kiss goodbye and wishes him a good day. He’s hoping to get a promotion today but he’s not sure if he’ll get it…with the wedding and everything he got a bit slack with his working out routine…the boss might notice.

03-03-16_11-20-37 PM


Janne also heads off to work and so Linda decides to go to the museum in Oasis Springs. She runs into Casey there and is excited to see her.
“Casey my friend…how are you?” Linda squeals excitedly.
“Oh I’m ok, I have a bit of a headache” says Casey.

“oh you poor thing” Linda says sympathetically. “Have you got something to take for it?”

03-05-16_10-38-23 PM


Linda had not been feeling well either and she had a sneaky suspicion she knew why. She stopped at the chemist while she was out and got a pregnancy test. Sure  enough it came up positive – she’s going to have a baby.

She went outside to greet Franco when he got in from work. He got his promotion but what a day he’d had. He had a shocking headache and wasn’t in a good mood.

Linda wondered if she should tell him straight away…it might make him in a worse mood. She’s not sure how he will take the news.

03-05-16_10-55-28 PM


“Hey Franco, hunny. I have something to tell you and I hope it will make your day”.

“Oh, what is it?” Franco asks curiously

Linda gulps nervously and then tells him “I’m PREGNANT”

03-05-16_10-56-06 PM


“What? …How? ….When? ….I mean are you sure?” responds Franco
“Of course I’m sure” says Linda “and I’m guessing from our wedding night and I think you KNOW how” she laughs.
“Oh hunny this is great news, I’m so happy” beams Franco as he gives Linda a big hug.

03-05-16_10-56-09 PM


He takes Linda’s hand and leads her inside where he starts to prepare dinner. “So when is baby due?” he asks Linda.

“In about 7 months…give or take” replies Linda. “I’ll have to go to the Dr and confirm everything but I’m reasonably sure of the dates”

Franco is so happy he can’t help but grab Linda and give her another great big hug as the realization sets in…”I can’t believe this wonderful news” he says “I’m going to be a daddy!!!”

03-05-16_11-05-36 PM


Linda is excited too, but not when it comes to the morning sickness that comes with the pregnancy. She seems to spend half her day in the bathroom now.

03-05-16_11-16-59 PM

Some months later…..

Oh please stay down breakfast Linda thinks as she rushes to the bathroom yet again. The morning sickness has not left her and she’s been sick through the whole pregnancy. She’s really starting to show now. It won’t be long and the baby will be here. The couple decided not to find out what they were having but Linda hopes to give Franco a little boy to play football and cricket with.

03-05-16_11-17-51 PM


Franco finishes work and rings Linda “do you mind if I go out for a bit with the boys to celebrate? The baby will be here soon and I may not get another chance for a while”.

“Sure” says Linda “you go and enjoy yourself” she says as she thinks to herself….damn straight you won’t get a chance when the baby is here…because you’ll be helping look after him/her.

03-05-16_11-21-00 PM


“Hey boys, this ones on me and my baby” says Franco as he orders everyone a drink.

“Cheers” they all say and they wish him good luck. They all know he will need it!

03-05-16_11-21-25 PM


The time is drawing near and in the study one day Linda can feel the baby dancing a jig in her belly. “come and feel your baby Franco” she calls, laughing.
He places his hands gently on Linda’s tummy and he can feel the baby kicking madly.
“He’s going to be a footballer this one” he laughs

“Oh,he?” Linda questions “And what if it’s a girl?”

“Then she’ll be a footballer” Franco laughs.

03-08-16_9-58-42 PM


The pair return from work at the same time and Franco is exhausted. “What a day!” he exclaims. Linda is exhausted too and her back is aching really badly. “You should try lugging this baby around when you’re exhausted” she tells him.

“Let’s go inside and I’ll give you a nice back massage” offers Franco.

03-08-16_10-07-38 PM


The next morning the pain in Linda’s back is no better and it’s moved around to her belly too. “Oh no” she says “I think my waters just broke”
She rings Franco at work “Meet me at the hospital”

03-08-16_10-23-30 PM


Just as she hangs up the pain intensifies and Linda lets out a loud painful groan “oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh”
“Where is the damn ambulance??”

03-08-16_10-23-36 PM


The ambulance drops Linda off at the front of the hospital where she is greeted by Dr Jasmin. Franco arrives shortly after in a fit of panic. Linda just shakes her head at him “stop panicking” she tells him “and get inside”.

03-08-16_10-24-40 PM


Inside the hospital Linda checks in at the front desk and gives the receptionist her details.
“Please take a seat while they get a you a wheelchair, Dr Jasmin will be with you in just a minute”.

03-08-16_10-26-28 PM


Nurse Damian meets Franco at the door and tries to calm him down. “It will be ok” he tells Franco…”just follow Dr Jasmin through that door over there. And good luck”

03-08-16_10-27-27 PM


“Ok Linda. Let’s have a look at what’s going on here” says Dr Jasmin looking at her screen. “oh yes, you’re fully dilated and ready to have this baby. Ok, let’s try giving a nice big push when the next contraction comes”

03-08-16_10-29-18 PM


After a few pushes Linda and Franco have a baby. Dr Jasmin carefully places the baby in the crib. Franco can’t believe this, it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever experienced. He has tears in his eyes as he watches his baby being born.

Linda can’t wait to meet her baby and find out if it’s a boy or a girl.

03-08-16_10-30-40 PM


Congratulations. It’s a boy!
The happy couple name their baby boy Ørjan. It is Norwegian, meaning George.

03-08-16_10-30-43 PM


Linda immediately goes to give her little boy a big cuddle. She counts all his fingers and toes and he has 10 of each and a perfect little button nose. He’s perfect in every way!

03-08-16_10-31-25 PM


She gives his head a kiss and then she puts him back in the crib ready to take him home.

03-08-16_10-31-29 PM


Franco gives Linda a big hug. “I’m so proud of you hunny. our little boy is perfect and you did such a good job”.
“Thank you” says Linda “not like you, you big panicker” she laughs.

03-08-16_10-32-01 PM


At home Franco gives his little boy lots of hugs and sings him to sleep. He can’t believe how much love he feels for Ørjan and he just wants to hold him all the time and never let him go.

03-08-16_10-34-53 PM


Now that they have their little boy, Franco decides it’s time to paint the room. He picks a lovely shade of baby blue and he picks out some pictures and a rug to match. Then he takes Ørjan back into the room to show him what he’s done. Little Ørjan smiles at his daddy and makes lots of cooing noises. “I think he likes his room” Franco tells Linda. She laughs at him “I’m sure he does”.

03-08-16_10-44-39 PM


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