Part 19 – Linda & Franco

It’s time for the wedding! Will the day go smoothly for Linda and Franco. Every wedding has it’s disaster, something has to happen, something always goes wrong. Linda was sure nothing would go wrong and it all seems to be going to plan until………


Everyone meets outside the chapel at 4 pm sharp. Even the bride is on time, which catches everyone off guard. They scurry inside so that she can make her grand entrance.

03-03-16_10-32-51 PM


The bride and groom take their place under the wedding arch. The guests remain standing so that they can all see the entire ceremony.

The bride looks stunning in her Victorian ivory lace dress, which was left to her by her grandmother. She married Linda’s grandfather in this dress and since Linda loves history so much, it seemed only fitting. Franco tried to match the era in his tails, but had to buy a brand new suit. Still he looks so handsome in it.

03-03-16_10-34-57 PM


“With this ring, I thee wed” says Franco placing the ring on Linda’s finger. It has been sized to perfection so there is no trouble sliding it on her finger.

03-03-16_10-35-39 PM


“I promise to love, honour, and keep you until death do us part”

03-03-16_10-36-03 PM


They seal their marriage with a kiss and the guests throw confetti in the air as they cheer to the newlyweds.

03-03-16_10-36-16 PM


You are now husband and wife

03-03-16_10-36-35 PM


“My darling wife” says Franco as he gently takes her hand and kisses it like a true gentleman. Linda’s knees go weak at such a gesture.

03-03-16_10-37-14 PM


She strokes his cheek and looks deep into his eyes and tells Franco “I love you”.

03-03-16_10-38-01 PM


“I can’t wait to get you home tonight” she tells him “we will have a night to remember”. Franco now goes all weak at the knees….Linda has this effect on him whenever he’s around her. His heart just melts and his legs turn to jelly.

03-03-16_10-38-06 PM


After the wedding the couple head upstairs and cut the cake. The guests cheer and throw confetti again. Linda grabs a slice of cake…

03-03-16_10-40-05 PM


…and the couple share the first piece of cake as man and wife. They laugh as they try to feed each other and pose for the wedding photographer.

03-03-16_10-40-37 PM


Linda thanks Janne for being her maid of honor and helping out with the wedding arrangements. “It all went so well” says Linda. “I knew nothing would go wrong”

“You look beautiful my friend” says Janne “what a beautiful day. I’m glad it all went so well”.

03-03-16_10-41-30 PM


The guests sit down to eat their cake and when that is finished they sit and talk and laugh. Everyone has had a few drinks.
“Hey Franco baby” waves Janne in a flirty manner “wanna get lucky tonight?” Linda hears her say.
What is this???? Janne is flirting with Franco….on their wedding day! What on earth! She can’t be serious. She’s supposed to be her friend….

03-03-16_10-42-42 PM


Linda gets up to dance but she is furious!
Her brain is working overtime and she is brewing on this…how dare Janne do this to her on her wedding day….how dare Franco….has she just made the worst mistake of her life marrying this man…trusting her so called “friend”.

03-03-16_10-48-51 PM


It’s the early hours of the morning when Linda and Franco go home. They’re hungry so they get some leftovers out of the fridge. Linda is still so angry.

03-03-16_10-55-16 PM


She glares at Franco as he sits opposite her. He is aware that she’s angry but he’s not yet sure why or what happened.

03-03-16_10-55-30 PM


Linda finishes eating in silence and then Franco asks her what is wrong. She throws her plate in the dishwasher and slams the door shut, then she goes to sit with Franco.

“Do you two think I’m stupid?” she spits at him. “I saw Janne and you flirting…I heard her ask if you wanted to get lucky. How long has this been going on behind my back?” she growls at him.

“No wait honey, you have it all wrong” Franco tries to explain…

03-03-16_10-57-08 PM


“Janne wasn’t flirting with me and asking if I “wanna” get lucky, she was saying I was “gonna” get lucky tonight. You must’ve misheard her silly. “She’d had a few drinks so her words were slurred which may have made it sound like she was saying “wanna”.

“Oh dear” laughs Linda….”Now that you say that I think I did hear wrong.”  Linda thinks about it a moment and realizes she may have not heard correctly.”It was so noisy that I obviously didn’t hear her right. I feel like such a goose.”

“As if Janne would ever do that to you” laughs Franco “she’s your best friend, and besides, you know I’m not into her….remember when we first met and I dated her for a little while….how long did it last???? She’s not my type at all” he assures her.

03-03-16_10-57-26 PM


“I remember” says Linda “how could I forget. Janne came to me to tell me all about how you yelled at her for no apparent reason and you were so angry with her. I think you two only lasted a couple of days”.

“Exactly” says Franco “and then I met you and life has been perfect ever since. I’d never cheat on on you silly”.

03-03-16_10-57-41 PM


With all that settled they both go and open all the wedding presents from their friends. A microwave, a knife set, a coffee machine and a stand with a lovely arrangement of flowers on it….oh and a vase with some flowers in.

03-03-16_11-02-01 PM


The pair are so excited….what a great coffee machine! It’s better than the old one we have and now we can have a decent cup of coffee in the mornings.

03-03-16_11-02-54 PM


“Yeah” says Franco as he pumps his fist into the air.

“hey” he says, nudging Linda….”wanna go and make this marriage official and then get some sleep?”

“yes” agrees Linda.

03-03-16_11-02-56 PM


With that they head upstairs to the bedroom and make passionate love before falling asleep and sleeping most of the day away.

03-03-16_11-03-55 PM


When they awake Franco gives Linda a big hug.
“Good morning my beautiful wife” he says as he gives her a passionate kiss.

“I can’t get used to being called your wife yet” says Linda. “It still all feels like a dream”

03-03-16_11-05-22 PM




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