Part 18 – Linda & Franco

It’s time for the Hen’s and Buck’s night…but rather than the traditional  boys together, girls together night out, Linda and Franco decided to have a combined night out with all of their friends. They held this big party 2 days before the wedding, so that there would be no hangovers at the wedding.


Everyone met at the Windenberg nightclub for a night of dancing, drinking and fun.

03-02-16_11-17-18 PM


Linda told the DJ what type of music they wanted him to play. Something upbeat and happy, something they could all dance to.

03-02-16_11-17-34 PM


She headed off to the bathroom and who should she find but Damian looking so sad  “What’s wrong my friend?” Linda asked. “It can’t be that bad whatever it is”

03-02-16_11-18-32 PM


“I’m confused” says Damian. “David says he wants to be with me and that he cares about me, but he won’t show any signs of affection in public. My wife won’t even come out with me…she would rather stay at home than be with me, so how is she going to see anything?”.

03-02-16_11-18-46 PM


“Well perhaps David just doesn’t want your wife to find out right now. Perhaps he feels it best if you sat down and told her, rather than her find out by accident” encourages Linda. “He’s probably just trying to protect you”.
“You’re probably right” sighs Damian
“Of course I am” laughs Linda….”now come on – let’s go and have some fun” she says as she drags him back upstairs to the dance floor.

03-02-16_11-18-52 PM


Linda shows off her dance moves to everyone – hoping she doesn’t fall flat on her face and embarrass herself.03-02-16_11-22-06 PM


The crowd are all hyped up “Go Linda, Go Linda” they all cheer

03-02-16_11-22-08 PM


Linda challenges Karen to a dance battle. Karen giggles at the thought – she knows this will be an easy win. She’s a pretty good dancer.

03-02-16_11-23-43 PM


Linda shows off her moves first – spinning and twirling all over the dance floor. Karen thinks it’s hilarious and she holds her stomach as she laughs so hard tears are in her eyes.

03-02-16_11-23-46 PM


She pulls out the light sticks and twirls them around like a pro. Her baton twirling in cheerleader camp paid off well and the crowd were super impressed.
Karen wins easily and Linda heads off to buy the winner a drink. The two girls laugh at themselves. “I never stood a chance” laughs Linda as she hands Karen her drink. 

03-02-16_11-24-45 PM


Damian is trying to be happy and tries a bit of dancing but it seems he ate something with nuts in it and it brought out an allergy rash.

03-02-16_11-26-11 PM


David tries to play it cool and watches Damian with a look of admiration. Look at that crazy guy he says to himself…he’s so cute!

03-02-16_11-26-37 PM


The next afternoon Linda runs into Karen in the street and she asks how she feels after their big night out. Karen starts to tell Linda how she woke up this morning with a bit of a sore head and her arms were aching from the light twirling she did. Linda appears bored and looks at her invisible watch – “Franco will be home soon and we were going to watch a movie…wanna come over for a bit?” she asks Karen.

03-03-16_9-40-04 PM


Karen had nothing else to do at the time since Joel was at work, so she agreed.

Just as they arrived at the door Janne was there to greet them. She’d come to see how the couple were doing. “I’m fine” says Linda…”I didn’t drink much, so no hangover for me”.
“I wish I could say the same” said Franco. “I had to work today and my head has been pounding all day”.
The girls laugh…”serves you right for sitting at the bar all night with your mates” says Janne.

03-03-16_9-45-08 PM


Franco cleans up the dinner dishes while the girls sit down to watch a movie. It’s a horror movie about zombies and the girls get a bit scared.

03-03-16_9-47-38 PM


Franco joins them and laughs at the girls who jump and try to cover their faces at the scary parts.
Linda puts on a brave face in front of Franco “I’m not scared at all” she says….with her eyes closed so she can’t see the scary part.

03-03-16_9-49-53 PM


When the movie finished Karen and Janne take a selfie together before heading home. Tomorrow is a big day!

03-03-16_9-50-44 PM


The wedding isn’t until the afternoon so Franco heads to the gym in the morning to calm his nerves. Precious and Damian are there too. Linda and Janne -her maid of honour are getting their hair and make up done, and their nails painted.

03-03-16_10-06-21 PM


Franco goes to talk to Damian and Precious and Damian loses concentration and falls off the treadmill *ouch!*

03-03-16_10-07-59 PM


He gets up and is seeing stars. Franco goes to give him a hand to stand up.
“Are you ok?” he asks
Slightly embarrassed Damian assures them he’s fine.

03-03-16_10-08-05 PM


Just to prove a point he joins Franco in a match of play fighting. Precious watches on as the boys muck around. “Boys!” she mutters to herself.

03-03-16_10-08-29 PM


Poor Damian is seeing stars again….

03-03-16_10-08-40 PM


The boys laugh “that was fun” says Franco “thanks. I feel less stressed now”.
Precious just looks at them both and again thinks to herself “BOYS!!!!!!”03-03-16_10-08-45 PM


Fanco heads home and runs into Linda…one last cuddle before they tie the knot.
“It’s bad luck” says Linda
“Oh mumbo jumbo” says Franco “see you in a few hours at the chapel” and with that he runs off to get showered and changed…

03-03-16_10-14-23 PM


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