Part 17 – Linda & Franco

The pair return home after their romantic getaway to find that strange things are happening…..

“Hey honey, I noticed while cooking that the sink tap was starting to leak. Do you think you could fix it for me please?” asks Linda.

“Sure” replies Franco “Strange though, it seemed ok before we left, but I’ll have a look at it”.03-01-16_11-21-58 PM


Franco had a look at the tap and that little leak suddenly turned into a big waterfall. Perhaps he should have turned the water off at the main supply before trying to fix it…now there is water everywhere. Luckily he got it fixed before the house flooded!

03-01-16_11-23-36 PM


While Linda was at work Franco went to the gym in Windenberg for a while. His boss said he needed to work out a bit more if he wants to make a professional athlete. Better do as the boss says as he is the one that hands out the promotions. Franco dreams of becoming a star football player one day.

03-02-16_9-26-31 PM


Franco dreamed of the money he would make as a pro athlete and thought to himself “I could buy a yacht like that one out there and we could sail off into the sunset – just Linda and I”. He runs on the treadmill while entranced in his dream.

03-02-16_9-34-15 PM


Linda returned from work exhausted and went to bed early. Franco was out on the patio having dinner when these strange lights caught his attention. What were they? They just seemed to float around…they were mesmerizing…

03-02-16_10-01-40 PM


The light beaming down shone through the bedroom window and Linda woke from her sleep. She came down to see what was going on. “Franco, where is that light coming from?” she asked as she looked up at the sky.

03-02-16_10-02-26 PM


“What on earth is that?” She asked part to herself and part to Franco. “Is it what I think it is?” she questioned.

03-02-16_10-02-34 PM


“WHOA! What the……” shrieked Linda as she started lifting from the ground and floating.
Franco gasped as he saw Linda floating up “what’s going on?” he yelled “LINDA!”

“WAIT!!” he yelled in panic but Linda was being lifted higher and higher. Franco didn’t know what to do, all he could do was watch. He turned to see if anyone else was around who could help.

03-02-16_10-02-47 PM


But it was too late. Linda was gone. Taken by the aliens. Franco was so distressed, he didn’t know if he would ever see Linda again. Where are they taking her? What would they do to her? What should he do?
He called the police who thought it was a joke. The officer on duty laughed at him, but said he’d send someone around. They came to look at the scene but there really wasn’t any evidence or anything they could do according to the officers. Franco got the feeling they were still laughing at him. They said they would look for her, but by the sounds of it there wasn’t much they could do but hope and pray the aliens brought her back. They suggested he wait until the morning and see if “the aliens brought her back”.

03-02-16_10-03-24 PM


Franco lay on the sofa all night waiting for Linda to come back. He cried himself to sleep, so distraught at not knowing if he would ever see his love again. He woke the next morning to see Linda on the patio eating breakfast.
He went out to see her “Thank God you’re back! What happened last night” he questioned her.
“What are you talking about Franco?” said Linda. “I went to bed and went to sleep and woke to find you on the sofa. What happened to you? Why didn’t you come to bed?”
“I was…..never mind” he said somewhat confused. Did he dream the whole thing????

03-02-16_10-37-21 PM


Franco headed off to work still confused and Linda had the day off. She received a phone call asking if she’d like to join the group at The Ruins.

“Sounds great” said Linda who arrived to find everyone already there. Janne and Jacqui had their heads buried deep in a book.

03-02-16_11-02-34 PM


They lit a fire and chatted around it…except for Jacqui who couldn’t get her head out of her latest book.
“Kaaaaareeeen” said Damian fanning the air in front of his nose. Karen walked away laughing to herself.

03-02-16_11-06-11 PM


Janne felt the call of nature and since there was nothing around she found the closest bush and just hoped nobody saw her.

03-02-16_11-07-08 PM


Dwayne, David and some other strange guy joined the group around the fire. Everyone was having a fun time…even Janne with her nose in her book over by the bush….always the introvert preferring the solitude.

03-02-16_11-07-45 PM


Damian took David away to have a quiet chat. Nobody heard what was said but Damian walked away looking very sad indeed.

The group thinks Damian wanted a sneaky kiss or a woohoo in the bush but David rejected him, telling him “not out here in public…what if someone saw and told your wife?”

03-02-16_11-08-36 PM


Poor Damian he was so upset. Not that Linda noticed…she was too busy playing with fire sticks. Watch you don’t burn yourself with them things Linda!

03-02-16_11-10-04 PM


Everyone headed home and on her way Linda met up with her two favourite nieces Nastassya and Jallyssa. She gave them both hugs and asked them about their school day. “I got a B in school today” said Jallyssa. “Well done” said Linda.

“Well I got an A” said Nata teasing her sister.

“Well that’s because you’ve been in school longer than your sister” said aunty Linda who gave them both a big hug and told them well done.

03-02-16_11-13-24 PM


“I’m gonna be an A student like Nasta soon” Jallyssa told her aunty.
“I know you will sweetie” said Linda tousling the girls hair.

03-02-16_11-13-41 PM


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