Part 16 – Linda & Franco

What has Franco been planning? Will Linda like the surprise? Exciting things are afoot…..


When Linda and Franco woke in the morning, Linda sleepily asks “Did I hear you talking to someone last night?”
“Maybe” says Franco in a cheeky manner. “I have a surprise for you. Since we both have the day off today we’re going somewhere” he says.
“What? Where are we going?” asks Linda. Probably to the pub with his mates, she thinks to herself sarcastically.
“It’s a surprise” he says. “Let’s go. Pack just a few things for an overnight stay”.
They pack their overnight bags and then Franco calls a taxi to take them to their destination.

The Taxi ride seems to take forever and Linda gets more and more excited as they leave behind all the familiar sights of town. They head into the country side and finally pull up at Granite Falls National Park.
“We’re here” says Franco. “Let’s go and book in”. They head to the rangers station and ring the bell on the counter. The ranger comes along and Linda speaks to him about booking into their cabin. Franco seems to have disappeared….

03-01-16_10-26-57 PM


Oooh look ladybugs! Franco is so caught up with watching the ladybugs and trying to catch them that he doesn’t realize Linda has started talking to the ranger.

03-01-16_10-30-08 PM


They drop their bags in the cabin and since there is nowhere to cook in there, they head off to see if they can find somewhere to eat. They find a bbq area so they grab some supplies from the ranger station, and cook themselves a breakfast scramble. Linda takes a photo, which she quickly sends to Janne with the message “You’ll never guess where I am”.

03-01-16_10-31-46 PM


Franco begins to explain to Linda why he has been spending so much time with the boys lately. “You see they have been helping me to plan this little trip for you – for us…and since I am hopeless at lying to you and keeping secrets, it was easier for me to just be out with the boys so that I didn’t spoil the surprise”.
“But you don’t have to give me these surprises” says Linda “I’m happy just to spend time with you at home”.
“Oh but trust me this surprise is worth it” he assures Linda as he blows her a kiss.

03-01-16_10-32-21 PM


After breakfast the pair head back to their cabin and do a little cloud gazing together.
“That one looks like a cute bunny rabbit” points Linda.

03-01-16_10-35-21 PM


“And that one looks like a dolphin” says Franco.
“This is lovely Franco, thank you. I love this surprise” says Linda. “This place is so romantic”.

03-01-16_10-35-47 PM


They get up from the ground and embrace each other. “Come on” says Franco “I believe there is a great view over by the river. Let’s go and check it out”.

03-01-16_10-37-13 PM


“GIve me a kiss first you big hunk” says Linda as she pulls him to her.

03-01-16_10-37-35 PM


They find a log seat in front of the river and sit down to admire the view. The view is breathtaking and it’s such a romantic spot. The two share some tender kisses and enjoy the moment just being together.

03-01-16_10-40-36 PM


“It’s really beautiful here” Linda says as she snuggles into Franco.

03-01-16_10-41-41 PM


Franco suddenly hops up and heads closer to the river bank. Linda jumps up too “what’s wrong?” she asks thinking something had bitten him or something.
Franco bends down on one knee “I was going to wait until later, but I can’t wait any longer. Linda, I brought you out here to ask you a question.

“Ok” says Linda in a questioning voice.

“I love you so much and I would be honoured if you would agree to be my wife. Will you marry me?”03-01-16_10-42-54 PM


He pulls out a sparkling diamond ring and holds it up in front of Linda. She puts her hand on her heart, which is pounding out of her chest. She had not seen this coming….

03-01-16_10-43-03 PM


As excited as a kid in a candy shop she jumps for joy and says “YES! Yes I will marry you Franco”. With that he places the ring on her finger…it’s a perfect fit. Linda admires the ring…”oh it’s beautiful” she says. Franco clenches his fist and says to himself “yes”. He’s so happy that his plan worked and she said yes.

03-01-16_10-43-14 PM


Linda kisses Franco passionately. “I didn’t see this coming Franco, but I’m so happy. I love you so much”. 

03-01-16_10-43-55 PM


And then Linda jumps into his arms. He’s so surprised, Franco nearly drops her and they laugh before sharing another kiss.

03-01-16_10-44-02 PM


They spend the afternoon wandering around the park, finding bugs to collect, picking berries to eat and then they find a game of horseshoes.
“Let’s have a go” says Linda, who throws the first horseshoe and misses by a country mile. The horseshoe goes thud into the ground.

03-01-16_10-54-22 PM


“Let me try” says Franco, as he has his turn and throws it too hard. It hits the back wall and bounces back but falls to the ground away from the pole.
They continue to play for a while but neither of them are any good at this game, so they head off to find something else to do.

03-01-16_10-55-11 PM


They head on over to the forest and try a bit of fishing near the picturesque waterfall. Neither have much luck at this either, and the ranger suggests maybe they should get some bait and try again. The fish are pretty tricky here.

03-01-16_11-04-56 PM


No fish for dinner, but they did pick some fruit during the day, so they found a bbq and grilled that up for dinner. It was getting dark and there were lots of strange noises in the forest, so they ate quickly before something jumped out of the trees at them.

03-01-16_11-11-34 PM


Safe in the comfort of their cabin they head to bed and well – a picture is worth a thousand words as they say!

03-01-16_11-14-15 PM


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