Part 15 – Linda & Franco

Linda and Franco have been together quite some time now and their relationship is going well. Franco is so loving and attentive but he also needs his bro time. Linda is starting to think perhaps he’s spending a bit too much time with his “bro’s” though….


Linda got a promotion to advice columnist…she can’t wait to tell Franco her good news…

01-22-16_10-10-19 PM


But Franco isn’t at home when she walks inside. He is at the pub in Windenberg with his bro’s. He’s playing a game of don’t wake the lama with Dwayne, Tyler and Marcel as Joel looks on. It’s a very tense game..

01-22-16_10-50-51 PM


Hmmmm…thinks Marco, which one should I pull out next? His mind is so fixated on the game that he doesn’t realize Linda will already be home from work waiting for him.

01-22-16_10-51-44 PM


Sure enough, Linda has had a shower, made some hot dogs for dinner, and got sick of waiting so she ate dinner by herself.
“He can get his own when he comes home” she says to herself.03-01-16_8-46-33 PM


Marco got home before midnight and quietly snuck into bed. Linda was already on her way to work by the time he woke up the next morning. Since he had another day off he decided to see what the boys were up to. He needed to work out a bit before work anyway. He arranged to meet the boys at the pub in Oasis Springs, and they all decided to do a bit of a workout before they had a drink. Joel and Marcel went for a jog and the others did sit up’s and push-ups in the middle of the footpath.

03-01-16_9-09-03 PM


David and Marco decided they’d also go and jog down the street and back. David was a bit slower than Marco though, and since he was much more fit Marco raced on ahead.

03-01-16_9-10-44 PM


A good workout needs to be followed by a drink, so they head inside where the boys had a good chat over a few drinks. Marco has a plan and he decided to ask Joel (the only married man in the group) what he thought of his plan.
“Hmmm, I dunno man” Joel said “I don’t know if it will work….do you think she’ll go for it?”
“I don’t know now” says Marco with his hand on his heart and a glum look on his face. He thought it was such a good idea. He’s having second thoughts now….03-01-16_9-14-14 PM


Linda came home from work to AGAIN find Marco not at home. A little bit annoyed she decided she’d invite Janne over to keep her company instead.

03-01-16_9-17-28 PM


Linda started cooking them some dinner and in her anger she shook the pepper pot too hard. She accidentally dropped the pepper in the pan. Pepper flew everywhere making the girls sneeze. Janne laughed….”well this is gonna be interesting to taste. Maybe i should have cooked”

03-01-16_9-36-53 PM


“So what do you think?” asked Linda.

“About the food?” Janne asked “It’s well…peppery”

03-01-16_9-38-14 PM


“No silly, about Marco and the boys spending so much time together lately.” said Linda.
“Oh that, well I figure let them have their fun while they can, cos you know when we’re married with kids, my Marcel won’t be going out anywhere near as much”
The girls laugh and agree…and besides it means they can spend time together too….without the boys around.

03-01-16_9-39-11 PM


Janne heads home and Linda has a cup of tea in front of the fire while watching a movie, again waiting for Franco to come home.

03-01-16_9-53-48 PM


When he gets home he strips off his clothes that smell of beer and then tells Linda all about his night with the boys. She listens to his tales, all the while thinking, it would have been nice if he’d been home with her instead.

03-01-16_9-56-04 PM


The next day after work Karen rings to see if Linda wants to meet up with the group at the local library.

“Sure,” says Linda. “I need to finish writing my latest book anyway, so we can all catch up and work at the same time”

03-01-16_10-15-55 PM


Dwayne stops by the library too and Linda can’t help but say “Not out with the boys tonight Dwayne?”
He shoots Linda a look as he can hear the sarcasm in her voice “No, I’m spending time with my lovely wife tonight” he says.

“Under protest” says Jacqui with a laugh.

03-01-16_10-18-13 PM


Later that night, Franco tries some left overs from Linda’s cooking the night before and wonders why he keeps on sneezing.
“Oh, I forgot to tell you that I dropped the pepper pot in the pan” laughs Linda.
“Oh dear” laughs Marco “you are so cute when you try new things”.

03-01-16_10-21-54 PM


Linda heads off to bed and falls straight to sleep. Just as Marco is about to get into bed his mobile phone rings. Linda stirs but rolls over and goes straight back to sleep.

“Yes, yes, that’s right. Tomorrow at 10am. Yes we’ll be there. No I haven’t told her yet, it’s going to be a surprise” whispers Marco into the phone…..

03-01-16_10-24-10 PM


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