Part 14 – Janne & Marcel

Busy days socializing are on the calendar for the newly engaged couple.


Marcel receives a lovely text message from Linda congratulating the couple on their engagement. I’m sure she sent one to her bestie Janne as well but it must have got lost in cyberspace.

01-14-16_10-14-41 PM


Janne received another promotion from her boss. She’s now a short story writer for the newspaper. She can’t wait to work on some of the bigger stuff like breaking news stories, but for now at least she will have her articles noticed, and if she can come up with some good stories she’s sure her boss will promote her again.

01-14-16_10-15-38 PM


She decides to do a little research for her new job and sits outside in the lovely warm fresh air. From her seat she can see Marcel and his club doing some painting in the back yard under the big oak tree.

01-14-16_10-50-59 PM


Marcel and the girls enjoy some free time painting. Marcel has learned quickly that if the girls paint and leave the paintings behind it’s a good way of making some money. It’s a little dishonest but the girls never seem to complain and never ask where their paintings go, so he puts all the money towards the wedding fund.

01-15-16_9-43-57 PM


Marcel just painted another great painting. It’s very modern “pop art”.Not quite the masterpiece he was hoping for but still very good all the same. This one will be hung in the house. One of the girls comes over to have a look at what he had done. “Wow! That’s amazing” she says honestly impressed.

01-15-16_9-52-37 PM


Later that night before heading to bed he admires the painting that he did for Janne. She has proudly hung it in the entertainment room. He feels pretty proud of himself.

01-15-16_10-22-40 PM


Janne published another book and hopes that when it’s published – assuming her publisher likes it – it will earn quite a bit of money. It might also go a long way towards getting her that next promotion.

01-15-16_10-24-54 PM


Later that night Janne and Marcel invite their friends over for dinner. Janne isn’t as good a cook as Precious and Casey but she tried her best, and the group all agreed it was edible. Linda and Karen look like they are talking secretly about something – perhaps a plan for the couples wedding. I’m pretty sure Damian is straining to hear what they are discussing.

01-15-16_10-57-31 PM


Oooh is Damian telling Janne what he overheard the girls talking about? No I’m sure he’s not but the group are all excited about the wedding and they all want to help Janne plan it. Linda is talking to Casey about the catering….perhaps her company could provide the food and wait staff for the big day?

01-15-16_10-58-54 PM


A new coffee shop has opened up in town, so the next day the couple decide to go and check it out…seeing as they both have a day off work. Jacqui had the same idea and orders a skinny chino before the couple places their order for a couple of latte’s.

01-18-16_10-13-49 PM


Janne finds them a table to sit at but Marcel excuses himself and heads off to the bathroom. Jacqui is in the next booth so she and Janne have a chat.

“Quite a nice place isn’t it?” Jacqui asks Janne.

“Yes, I like it. We’ll have to come here more often” says Janne. The girls continue to chat while they drink their coffees.

01-18-16_10-15-41 PM


Jacqui finishes her coffee and says goodbye as she has to go to work. Janne gets up and grabs a book to read. She’s already noticed that Marcel has found the chess tables at the back of the coffee shop, so she figures she may as well get comfortable. She could be here for a while.

A few of the other locals wander in and some of them jump on the computers to check their emails and surf the internet.

01-18-16_10-23-22 PM


Marcel is engrossed in a game with young Alijah Pashley and he’s enjoying his chess so much that it’s now night time. Janne has almost finished her book it’s been that long, so she’s in no hurry to go home just yet. It’s quite pleasant sitting outside in the warm night air underneath all the fairy lights wrapped around the tree.

01-18-16_11-00-17 PM


The couple both have work the next day and it’s a long day for Janne. It’s already getting dark when she walks up the front path to the house. It was worth all her hard work though, she got that promotion. Her boss was so impressed with her hard work and her last story, that she’s now promoted to novelist. This will mean a lot more writing, and a lot more recognition 🙂

01-21-16_10-12-31 PM


Karen and Janne work together, so when Karen invites Janne over the following day she goes over for coffee. The girls work together on their latest projects, and since Karen only just got married she gives Janne some tips for planning her wedding.

“So I lock in cars, reception, caterers and photographers first and then the flowers, dresses and suits later. Got it!” says Janne.

01-21-16_10-31-43 PM


They decide to head to the park for some lunch and Joel meets them there. They strike up a conversation and then some weird old lady comes over and starts talking to them about absolute nonsense. Joel gives her a strange look and thinks “what are you on, lady?” Janne just whistles to herself while mumbling under her breath “cuckoo cuckoo”.

01-21-16_11-07-05 PM


Linda walks by and Janne excuses herself to go and say hello. She tells Linda about the strange lady and some of the weird things she said. Linda laughs so hard her stomach starts to hurt. Janne laughs too when Linda says “I told you, you attract the weirdo’s”

01-21-16_11-09-02 PM


Meanwhile back at home Marcel has painted another piece of art work. This one is Surrealism – although it looks like something a 3 year old painted with their fingers.

This one will be sold to go into the wedding fund.

01-21-16_11-18-09 PM


Another night out with the gang. This time at the Old Quarter inn in Windenburg. Janne opts for a game of darts with Dwayne, while Marcel plays Don’t Wake the Llama with Karen, Jacqui, and David . It’s a tense game and the Llama is almost ready to fall…who will lose???

01-21-16_11-26-28 PM


Another day, another promotion for Janne. She just seems to have a talent for this writing business. She’s loving it and apparently so are the fans. She’s now a fan favourite! 😀

01-22-16_9-31-38 PM


To celebrate the couple head out to the Blue Velvet Bar in Willow Creek with their friends. “This rounds on me” says Janne. She’s so happy she even buys drinks for the strangers sitting at the bar. Joel strikes up a conversation with the guy in the hat…he keeps bumping into him around town so decided it was time to introduce himself. He seems like a nice old guy…not like the weird lady in the park.

01-22-16_9-36-46 PM


The gang are having a great time chatting and drinking when the bar tender shouts out “last drinks ladies and gents”. Everyone lets out a large groan as they realize that means it’s closing time and time to go home…

01-22-16_9-44-40 PM


4 thoughts on “Part 14 – Janne & Marcel

  1. Awwwww, so much to do before the wedding. But I am certain we all want the wedding to go off without any problems. I’ll keep a nutcracker in my nightstand table drawer in case the groom makes my bestie cry…..

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