Part 13 – Janne & Marcel

Janne and Marcel have been working hard at their jobs, and with the bonuses they have both been getting, they had enough money to buy a projector TV. With a small back yard and most of it taken up by the pool, they decide that’s as good a place as any to put it. Pool party and a movie anyone??

Things are going so well in their relationship and Marcel decides maybe it’s time to take it to the next step…



“This was a great idea” Janne says to Marcel in an excited voice. “What better way is there to spend the night, and can you imagine what it will be like with all our friends over for a pool party and movie night?”

“All we need now is a bar in the pool” says Marcel with a chuckle.

01-13-16_9-22-37 AM


After the movie Janne tries out the new popcorn machine that they also got. Well you can’t have movies without popcorn can you!! The smell of fresh hot popcorn is so delicious that Janne can’t wait to try it.

01-13-16_9-50-07 AM


Always the classy girl that she is….lol….Janne throws the popcorn in the air to catch it in her mouth. Poor Marcel doesn’t look impressed by this, but Janne is having fun

01-13-16_9-51-56 AM


After the popcorn they go into the lounge room, put the fire on and have some snuggle time in front of the TV. It’s the early hours of the morning so shortly after they head to bed….to sleep.

01-13-16_10-10-29 AM


Janne found it hard to sleep so she left Marcel in bed in the early hours of the morning, and headed out to the local markets. She found a gorgeous chair and table that she thought would be perfect for the pool area and some nick knacks to decorate it. This will be perfect to snuggle up and read a book by the pool she thinks to herself.

01-13-16_10-16-08 AM


Marcel got up a short time later and saw Casey walking past. He does NOT like Casey at the moment and he headed out to go and yell at her. Casey however, saw him coming and started walking even faster and managed to give him the slip. The look kind of says it all doesn’t it.

01-13-16_2-52-01 PM


Marcel decided to do a painting for Janne instead to calm himself down. So while she was at work he set about his work. He settled for mostly black and grey to match his mood but then softened it with some red. It turned out to be a masterpiece and would have brought in a good sum of money, but he wanted to surprise Janne with this one.

01-13-16_2-59-27 PM


When Janne came home from work he gave her the painting and when Janne found a spot for it they hung it up together. She loved the painting and thanked Marcel for being so thoughful. Afterwards they settled in the entertainment room, where Marcel had some pancakes and Janne read her book.

Marcel put a movie on and found it quite sad….it was a love story and the male character was locked in jail away from the love of his life. Marcel couldn’t help but shed a tear and wonder what his life would be like without Janne now. He dreaded the thought and knew that he had found the one he wanted to be with for the rest of his life.

01-13-16_10-35-23 PM


A few days later Marcel got promoted again. Hi boss gave him a nice bonus and a new easel….Marcel didn’t have the heart to tell him that he already had several. Still it would be a nice addition to the collection for when his club meets.

01-14-16_9-35-56 PM



Marcel decided to take Janne out to celebrate his promotion and he also had a surprise in store for her. He had been out shopping to spend his bonus….and a bit more that he’d saved up…nothing but the best!

They chatted while they waited for their dinner to arrive and Marcel flirted it up a bit..blowing Janne a kiss, which she caught and sent one right back to him. 

01-14-16_9-59-03 PM


After their dinner of lobster thermidor, he presented Janne with a single red rose. Janne was so surprised and happy. She just loves how Marcel can be so romantic and always makes her feel special.

01-14-16_10-01-22 PM


Next thing Janne knows he is professing his love for her and getting down on one knee. His nerves are killing him but he knows now is the time to ask. Janne is super excited, her heart is pounding in her chest…is this what she thinks it is? Are all her dreams about to come true….

01-14-16_10-02-21 PM


“Janne you are the love of my life, my one and only…I have loved you since day 1 and I always will. Would you do me the honour of being my wife?”

“oh yes, yes, I will Marcel” says Janne as she admires the ring he has placed on her finger.

01-14-16_10-02-32 PM


Janne leaps into his arms and gives him a big smoochy kiss on the lips. “I love you Marcel”. Taken by surprise Marcel does his best not to drop Janne and holds her tight against him before gently putting her down on her feet again.

01-14-16_10-02-55 PM


“And I love you too” says Marcel as he caresses Janne’s face with his soft gentle hands. Janne melts into him and almost purrs like a kitten.

01-14-16_10-03-57 PM


Then he grabs her, swoops her around, bends her down and kisses her passionately.

01-14-16_10-04-24 PM


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