Part 12 – Janne & Marcel

Janne and Marcel are settling into a busy life of full time work and trying to fit in some play time as well…hanging out with their friends in Windenburg.

Janne is working her way through her writing career on her way to becoming a famous author. She has written countless books and has had quite a few published. She’s starting to make some good money out of them now.

Marcel is working on his painting career and is starting to create some excellent paintings. His last few pieces he’s even kept instead of selling because he really likes them.



Janne and Casey at Christmas time. A right pair of posers LOL

12-31-15_3-48-48 PM


Monday was a great way to start the week for Marcel, who got a promotion from his boss because he was impressed with his work.

Janne on the other hand had a really bad day at work and was none too impressed with her client who refused to pay her. It seems she is not too happy about Marcel being promoted either LOL Ooooh if looks could kill!

01-05-16_11-21-29 PM


After a good nights sleep Janne felt better and she made eggs on toast for breakfast. While she was making the eggs though she accidentally dropped the pepper pot in. She didn’t think it would be that noticeable…she was wrong!!

01-10-16_11-10-01 PM


Marcel took one bite and nearly choked on his breakfast. He tried to hide the fact that his mouth was on fire from Janne.
“oh what a great breakfast you cooked dear” he says to Janne with his face all red and steam coming out of his ears.

01-10-16_11-11-53 PM


“Thank you darling…you’re a great liar” laughs Janne as she kisses Marcel goodbye before he heads off to work.

01-10-16_11-13-25 PM


Janne gets busy writing another book while Marcel is at work. The view of the park from her front window is inspiring…plus she can spy on the neighbours and see if anything exciting is happening….

The day drifts by in a world of mystery and  mayhem. Janne is so engrossed in writing her book that the day is gone before she knows it.

01-10-16_11-17-04 PM


The next day Janne got a promotion to an Advice Columnist. I wonder how long this job will last….Janne’s first piece of advice to someone complaining about his job…”go suck a lemon and and toughen up”. Oh dear!! Let’s hope she gets promoted again real soon LOL

01-11-16_10-28-36 PM


Marcel also got promoted again…to a hungry artist. I’m not sure if that means he’s hungry to be famous or hungry because he can’t afford to eat! The pay isn’t great but he is enjoying the job.

No daggers in the back from Janne this time since she’s in a good mood about her promotion too.01-11-16_10-29-03 PM


Ooooh in fact Janne is so happy about the promotion she wants to celebrate…in the closet! Perhaps she has a surprise hidden in there for Marcel.

01-11-16_10-30-41 PM


Later that night they get a call to attend a dance party at the Von Haunt Estate. Still in the mood to celebrate they decide to meet some friends there.

It was a great night but it got a bit crowded…01-11-16_10-42-50 PM


Awwww Janne and Linda just became best friends.

01-11-16_10-44-56 PM


I’m not sure if Linda is giving Janne a kiss or telling her that nobody messes with her bestie and if anyone does then they will have Linda to deal with. She’s very protective of her friends!

01-11-16_10-45-11 PM


Marcel’s new work outfit after his promotion…interesting!

01-11-16_10-54-53 PM


Marcel and his art club (including Jacqui) go to the museum in Willow Creek to look at the art and study it. All together now…..”oooooohhhhhhh pretty”.

01-11-16_11-09-58 PM


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