Part 11 – Casey & Tyler


Tyler asked Casey to throw a party for all their friends “Just because”. It didn’t take much to convince Casey as she felt it would be a great way to show off a new recipe she’d just learnt…roast chicken. It looked great when she took it out of the oven and apparently tasted good too as the guests ate all of it. Little did Casey know that Tyler had a surprise for her…


Someone told Karen it was a fancy dress party so she came in her bear outfit LOL “Payback is a bitch guys” she warns them all. 

01-02-16_3-56-46 PM


After the guests had all eaten they went outside to dance. Casey was very surprised when in front of all their friends Tyler got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. “Casey, I love you and I love that you always support me no matter what, you always make me smile, and you’ve made my life complete..and you’re cooking is pretty good too” he laughs “will you do me the honour of marrying me?”

01-02-16_4-02-26 PM


Casey is very surprised and touched by Tylers words

01-02-16_4-02-44 PM


Hmmmm, she says “let me check out this ring first. Is it a real diamond? It certainly sparkles” she jokes.

01-02-16_4-02-54 PM


“Oooh and it fits like a glove. It’s so pretty”

01-02-16_4-02-59 PM


Casey laughs and then squeals “yes…of course I will marry you Tyler. I love you with all my heart”

01-02-16_4-03-03 PM


The couple take their first selfie as an engaged couple, and Tyler brings out the surprise engagement cake that he had made. Phew! Thank goodness she said yes or the cake would have gone to waste!!

01-02-16_4-05-01 PM


The guests all congratulate Casey and Tyler (who looks like he’s getting a bit of a headache).

01-02-16_4-07-18 PM


The guys stay inside to chat and the happy couple go outside to dance with the girls. I think Jacqui must have a gag or something planned as she seems to have an extra hand hanging out from under her jacket….strange!!!

01-02-16_4-09-07 PM


The next evening the boys decide to get together at the Willow Creek gym. They now have matching jackets and caps. Now they’re looking cool…

01-02-16_10-38-27 AM


The boys worked out for a bit and then Tyler received a call to say there was a pop up party at the chalet. The boys all decided to go and see what was going on.

01-02-16_10-42-18 AM


They showed off all their dance moves…

01-02-16_10-52-31 AM


01-02-16_10-52-32 AM

01-02-16_10-52-36 AM

01-02-16_10-52-39 AM

01-02-16_10-52-44 AM

Nice moves boys!!


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