Part 9 – Casey & Tyler

Tyler is looking at making some serious life changes. He and Casey are getting quite serious and have been together for a while now. Casey is happy at her job in the catering career, but Tyler isn’t so sure about his job. He’s thinking of the future…a wife and kids….being a police officer is a dangerous career…what if something should happen to him when he’s on the beat….who would look after his family? This is a decision he won’t make without careful consideration…



Tyler got a promotion to Corporal and he got some great bonuses (most of them useless to him) but he’s just not sure this is the job for him.

10-20-15_10-28 PM


Tyler meets his good friend Marco in a new town they discovered called Windenburg. It’s a quaint town and the boys really like it here. Tyler tells Marco how he’s not sure about his job and like a good friend Marco insists he think about it long and hard before making any rash decisions.

12-10-15_10-29-07 PM


Marco suggests that they go to the local gym to hang out for a bit and just “chill”. They meet up with Jacqui and Joel there and they have a fun time.

12-10-15_10-37-07 PM


Tyler decides to show off his muscles before performing a dive from the platform. Let’s hope he doesn’t do a belly flop when everyone is watching…

12-10-15_10-39-11 PM


Like a graceful bird Tyler flies through the air…a perfect dive!

12-10-15_10-39-23 PM


Back at home Tyler decides to try on a new outfit…does this look like the outfit that is going to make him fabulously wealthy??? Hmmm…don’t think so!

12-10-15_10-53-32 PM


Now that’s more like it….looking the part now Tyler!

12-10-15_10-54-01 PM


Casey certainly seems to like the new outfit

12-10-15_10-55-09 PM


Come here sexy boy……

12-10-15_10-55-21 PM


Casey is driven with passion like a wild animal, and Tyler is left completely breathless….hee hee

12-10-15_10-56-19 PM


Woops….stupid coathangers LOL

12-10-15_11-21-51 PM


Later that night Tyler gets together with the boys at the Windenburg gym and they decide to form a club…they decide to call it Gym Junkies and decide that it will be purely for people who love to work out. Don Lothario is quick to join the club and they all get to know each other.

12-10-15_11-44-52 PM


Casey in the meantime finds a group of people who like her love cooking…they call themselves the Upper Crusts and they meet at the house of the current leader…it’s a lovely house overlooking the ocean. Casey loves this place.

12-11-15_9-11-24 PM


Casey gets a call from her friend Linda who tells her that there is a dance party going on at the Bluffs. She leaves her club behind and heads on over to join the party. Tyler meets her there after work and they dance the night away with their friends.

12-11-15_9-23-28 PM


Casey chats with Linda “Don’t you think Tyler is hot?” she asks Linda….I love him so much. Tyler is oblivious to the conversation as he dances the night away. He’s still deep in thought about his job.

12-11-15_9-26-46 PM


Casey shows off some of her new moves that sh’es picked up. Don’t fall over now Casey….everyone is watching you…

12-11-15_9-28-03 PM


Linda joins in and shows off some of her moves too.

12-11-15_9-30-04 PM


Time to get the big guns out! Casey starts twirling her light sticks around and everyone is really impressed until she nearly knocks herself out with them LOL

12-11-15_9-30-38 PM


Casey invites the Upper Crusts to her house the next day as she has a day off work and she wants to get to know them all a bit better. They’re an interesting bunch of people.

12-11-15_9-52-42 PM


The boys spend a late night at the gym and Tyler again asks them all for their opinion on his job. He has had a great offer to join a team and possibly become a professional athlete one day. It is what he dreams of….sports and the chance to make LOTS Of money. The boys tell him he should go for it…after all….if you never try…you never know do you!

12-11-15_10-30-39 PM


Tyler discusses the job offer with Casey when she gets home from work and she tells him that he should do whatever makes him happy. They have a bit of money left over from the move to Newcrest and the sale of Casey’s old house…so they will be fine for a while, until he works his way up the ladder. Tyler is still hesitant but decides to ring the team manager and accept the job offer. Now to resign from his old does he tell his boss after he just got that promotion??

01-01-16_11-08-47 PM


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