Part 8 – Damian & Ashley

So after some pretty heavy soul searching Damian thinks he knows what has been bothering him. How will he tell his family though…should he tell his family? What will everyone think? Will it affect his career? Hmmm…maybe for now it’s best if he keeps it to himself. Straight away though he slipped up big time. How will he explain to Ashley why he didn’t come home last night?


Damian received some new things from his last promotion that he has added to his office. He moved the computer from the desk to the bench as he finds it easier to work from here…..although he’s not exactly working right now LOL

08-20-15_10-59 PM


At work the next day Don Lothario came in as he was feeling unwell. Suddenly he collapsed to the ground and the nurse called for immediate assistance. Damian was in the middle of his lunch, but dropped everything to see what was going on. Poor Don…this doesn’t look good.

08-21-15_8-42 PM


It seems Don had a heart attack and needs surgery straight away. So let’s take this out….”no not my heart” says Don. I need my heart to romance all the ladies. Damian is feeling very flirty, this only means one thing!!

08-21-15_8-43 PM-2


Uh oh, quick put the heart back and glue it up before Don becomes heartless ha ha

08-21-15_8-44 PM


After a stressful day at work Damian takes a walk. He receives a phone call from David who says he isn’t feeling well and could Damian come and check him out to see if anything is wrong. Why not figures Damian, can’t be any harm in seeing what is wrong.
He checks David’s “hotness”…yeah you’re pretty hot – but you don’t seem to have a temperature. I can’t seem to find anything wrong with you – says Damian.

08-21-15_9-19 PM


Oh but there is says David…I’m lovesick! I need some loving and if i’m not mistaken you do too. A corny pick up line thinks Damian, but yeah he’s probably right. Damian isn’t sure though and he tells David that he’s never done anything like this before. Don’t worry says David, your secret is safe with me.  You’re just so darn attractive and I can’t hide how attracted I am to you.

08-21-15_9-20 PM


Aww thanks says Damian, that’s the nicest thing to hear. I don’t hear that from my wife anymore. “oh come here and give me a hug” says David.

08-21-15_9-21 PM


Damian feels the attraction, he closes his eyes and goes in for their first kiss. The chemistry is out of this world and Damian now knows this is right, this is mean to be. David was shocked by Damian’s sweet kiss at first but then he went all weak at the knees and felt a passion inside of him that he’d not felt for a long time.

08-21-15_9-21 PM-2


He offers Damian a rose. He smells it first and tells Damian it’s sweet smell pales in comparison to how good Damian smells….even if he has just finished a shift at the hospital.

08-21-15_9-22 PM


Damian can’t help himself, the passion he feels is something he hasn’t felt for a very long time. He doesn’t remember it ever being this strong with Ashley. He kisses David passionately.

08-21-15_9-22 PM-2


And then one thing leads to another…

08-21-15_9-24 PM

“Love is in the air”

08-21-15_9-24 PM-2


Damian and David drift off to sleep oblivious of the world around them…

08-21-15_9-24 PM-3


Damian wakes up startled…he forgot where he was for a second. He smells awful as he didn’t take a shower after work as he normally does. He was going to sneak off but David stirs and asks where he’s going. “I have to go home” says Damian. “How will I explain this to Ashley?” David gives him a goodbye kiss and they agree to keep this a secret for the time being.

08-21-15_9-26 PM


Damian arrives home and Ashley is waiting outside for him. “where have you been? I’ve been worried sick” she demands. “I’m sorry Ash, there was an emergency at the hospital so I had to stay back and perform heart surgery on Don Lothario. I was so tired I fell asleep at the hospital. I’m so sorry. I desperately need a shower” “yes, you do smell. I hope Don will be ok? Go and run a bath, I’ll take the kids to school”.

08-21-15_9-30 PM


“Next time though….call me will you. Is that too much to ask????” Says Ashley, a little ticked off still.

08-21-15_9-30 PM-2


Damian runs a bath and hops in to relax. He reminisces about his night and feels a sense of relief, a sense of joy and a sense of finally feeling loved and wanted. His heart fills with joy.

08-21-15_9-31 PM


Yes!!!! He says triumphantly…he now knows where he is headed and hopes that he will see David again real soon….

08-21-15_9-32 PM


4 thoughts on “Part 8 – Damian & Ashley

      1. Might have to try that….there is trouble brewing along these lines in your household at the moment 😦


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