Part 10 – Casey & Tyler

So Tyler quit his old job and had a few days before he started his new job as a water boy. How embarrassing starting right at the bottom when he knows he can do better but he has to prove himself to his new boss. It shouldn’t take him long to work his way up the ladder…he hopes! In the meantime Casey and Tyler spend some time just chillin’ with their friends….



Casey made some diet ice cream (she’s been putting on a few pounds since joining the Upper Crusts club and eating all that yummy food). Some diet ice cream might be the way to go. She finally reached her goal of Level 10 in cooking too. Yay Casey!

01-02-16_1-00-13 PM

The upper crusts met at Precious’s house and everyone got to meet the newest member. He seemed ok and Casey liked him. Nastassya wasn’t so sure though…she didn’t like strangers in her house.

01-02-16_1-11-02 PM

The new guy started getting very friendly with the girls and even began to flirt with Casey. Precious and Nastassya felt a bit uneasy about this….after all there are children around and Casey has a boyfriend Mr!!!

01-02-16_1-11-59 PM

Casey tried to reassure Nastassya that he was only mucking around and he’s really a nice guy.

01-02-16_1-12-00 PM

But next thing we know Casey and the new guy are sneaking off to woohoo in the sauna. Precious’s face says it all…”uh uh Casey…I don’t think so!” I’m going to spoil your party Mr!! None of that in my house. Thankfully Casey snaps out of it and tells Precious…it was almost like he had me in a trance. I had no control of myself….

01-02-16_1-13-21 PM

There was a bit of an awkward silence in the room until Nastassya innocently started telling jokes to lighten the mood. Mr new guy (I can’t remember his name) was not happy with Precious, and Casey just hid in her glass of beer and tried to ignore him.

01-02-16_1-15-14 PM

Jalyssa came and joined the group and wanted to ask daddy for some help with her homework. I’ll help you little one says Casey, thinking it would be a good way to avoid Mr new guy.

01-02-16_1-16-28 PM

The boys in the meantime had gone to The Bluff for a swim. It’s such a beautiful spot and so quiet.

01-02-16_2-07-51 PM

Casey and Precious get a call from Linda who asks if they would like to meet up at the Bluffs for a swim. Not realizing that the boys were there, they all headed over there. The boys didn’t mind the girls crashing their swim but they all went for cover when Casey decided to bomb dive into the pool LOL

01-02-16_2-24-29 PM

The girls all decide to have a bit of a skinny dip and they dare Linda and Casey to go and swim closer to the boys. They watch on as the girls swim across the pool…

01-02-16_2-46-39 PM

The boys just watch on thinking that the girls are crazy…Karim even hides in the bushes, embarrassed by his wife’s behaviour.

01-02-16_2-47-52 PM

After their swim Casey and Tyler invite everyone back to their place for something to eat. Precious is going to play a game of Sims on the computer and I think Karim is trying to smell his armpit to see if he needs a shower

01-02-16_3-01-32 PM

“I do not smell Linda Hoffman ,thank you very much” says Karim indignantly. Linda cracks up laughing…she was of course joking when she told Karim he smells.

01-02-16_3-01-41 PM

The girls all get their boogie on dancing the music while the boys play Foosball

01-02-16_3-03-44 PM

Casey decides to try out some new moves on the dance floor and well, let’s just say it didn’t quite go to plan. How’s your head Casey?

01-02-16_3-05-44 PM

Everyone jumps in the pool for a midnight swim before some of the group start to head home for some sleep.

01-02-16_3-08-34 PM

Except for Jacqui…who decides to sleep in a bush. Let’s hope there’s not thorns or bugs in there!!!

01-02-16_3-10-43 PM


One thought on “Part 10 – Casey & Tyler

  1. Hahahahaa! I love this episode. Soooo, I managed to tease Karim, did I? *Singsong voice* I agree with sis though – flirting does not happen when there are children present. And CERTAINLY not woohoo!


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