Part 7 – Damian & Ashley

Damian continues to work hard towards becoming a Dr. He is so career driven but loves spending time with the kids too. Sadly his career doesn’t leave a lot of time for family though, so he makes the most of it when he can. Things with Ashley are still a bit rocky…their relationship doesn’t seem to be handling the stress of both of them working. Damian still loves Ashley but something is troubling him deep down inside….something just isn’t right.

08-18-15_12-04 PM
Another day of work for Damian. He hates seeing so many sick kids in the hospital, it saddens him…especially when one of the kids is his friends little girl…Jallyssa. He gives her a needle to make her better


08-18-15_12-32 PM
Lately all the girls seem to be flirting with Damian. He wonders if it’s his new title in the hospital or perhaps his new cologne. Either way, their flirting is nice, but he certainly doesn’t feel the same way and doesn’t flirt back with the girls. Is it because he’s married…or is he just not interested? Something deep down inside him is nagging him.


08-18-15_12-43 PM
Promoted again…this time to Medical Technologist. Damian is thrilled with how quickly he is working his way up the ranks. Medical Technologist is something he could get comfortable with, but he doesn’t want to settle for this. He’s driven and is determined to become a Dr…a bit more hard work and he’ll get there.


08-19-15_3-40 PM
Finally some time off work and so Damian takes the kids to the park while Mummy, Ashley is working. The kids go an adventure on the high seas as mean pirates. Look out for sea monsters Alijah tells Adelaide. Aye Aye Captain! she yells back.


08-19-15_3-42 PM
RAR!!!! yells Damian as he jumps up in front of the ship. The kids squeal with fright and laugh…Daddy looks so funny! “Sea Monster ahead…fire the canons” yells Adelaide.


08-19-15_3-44 PM
After that exhausting adventure the boys head off to play chess and the girls hang out with Jallyssa on the monkey bars.


08-19-15_7-19 PM
Time for dinner. Not often you can get all 3 kids to sit together and I just love this picture of the 3 of them. Awww…they grow up so fast!


08-19-15_9-42 PM
Ashley is ready for work but since the kids have friends over, she decides to try out this new ice cream maker thingy before she goes. Let’s see, put the milk and stuff in, press this button and lets see what happens….


08-19-15_9-48 PM
Yummy ice cream with sprinkles for the kids and their friends.


08-19-15_10-04 PM
Ashley got promoted tonight. She’s now a C-Lister…which means she gets to do her own show…but only as a pre-show to the back-up to the star…but hey it’s a start.


08-19-15_10-24 PM
Damian has to make some house calls the next day at work. The Caliente sisters are both sick and both try to flirt with him. Again he thinks, what is it with all these girls. don’t they know I”m not interested!


08-19-15_10-47 PM
Promoted again to a registered nurse. Now we’re talking!! Now we can start to really help the patients and can tell pregnant mum’s what sex their baby will be. Long days but mostly one day on one day off….this could work out better for spending time with the kids.


08-19-15_10-49 PM
Ashley greets Damian outside with a big passionate kiss. “Congratulations on your promotion” she says to him and Damian can’t help but wonder what brought this on. He hasn’t had a kiss like that from her in ages. Perhaps she’s heard about all the women in town flirting with him and is getting jealous.


08-19-15_11-38 PM
After a quick chat she tells Damian she’s going to go for a jog around the block. Damian thinks that’s strange as she’s never gone jogging before. Why is she starting now…is this something to do with her new look as well? She’s acting rather strange!


08-19-15_11-40 PM-2
She still knows how to make Damian go weak at the knees though. She knows his weak spot…


08-20-15_9-54 PM
Damian has the day off and wants to go out for a bit. He’s feeling all confused with things at the moment and wants some quiet time. He asks Linda if she’d mind watching the kids while Ashley is at work and he ducks out to clear his head. Of course Aunty Linda doesn’t mind at all. She loves the kids.


08-20-15_9-55 PM
Now make sure they have a bath please and they all have homework to do. “Don’t worry” chuckles Linda “I’ll take care of them…I’ve done it before”. “Thanks Linda, you’re the best” says Damian as he heads out the door. What is Damian going to do…he still loves Ashley but he’s not “in love” with her anymore. Their lives are going in different directions. They never seem to see much of each other anymore as they are both working different shifts and their “adult time” is non existent. Damian doesn’t feel attracted to her anymore….he doesn’t feel attracted to any of the girls in town. He thinks he knows what he needs…but can it be true????


08-20-15_10-25 PM
The next day at work a young man by the name of David comes in. He’s not feeling well and so Damian examines him. David keeps on watching Damian and looking into his eyes. They strike up a conversation and among the usual questions Damian discovers that David is single and new in town. Damian mentions to look out for some of the girls in town…but David says he’s not interested in the girls. Damian is a little surprised as David is a very attractive man. He gives David some medication to make him feel better and David gives him a flirtatious smile and thanks Damian for his wonderful care. He shakes Damian’s hand and then leaves. Damian feels something in his hand…it’s a note. It has David’s phone number on it and his address with a message…call me sometime. I’d love to get to know you better wink emoticon Damian is curious…he feels attracted to David….could it be???? He’s kind of thought it for a while…but could he really be….attracted to men??? He has some serious thinking to do…


08-20-15_10-48 PM
Yet another promotion….now Damian is a GP. He’s beginning to earn some serious money now and is loving his job. Soon he’ll be able to do operations….his dream is coming true.

3 thoughts on “Part 7 – Damian & Ashley

  1. Congrats with the promotions to the cutest sea-monster I have ever seen! Also congrats to Ashley. I hope you will have your marriage sorted out soon. Auntie Linda will be happy to babysit so Mom and Dad can have some time to themselves ^^

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