Part 6 – Damian & Ashley

Life in the Pashley household is very busy. Damian and Ashley are working very hard to bring the kids up the best they can. They spend every minute they can with the twins Bridgette and Alijah, and their younger sister Adelaide.

Damian is working his way up the medical career ladder and after having some time off to look after the kids, Ashley has just now got herself a job in the entertainment business. She fancies herself as a bit of a comedian.

Bridgette and Alijah are currently B students in school and Adelaide is still a C student, but she hasn’t been at school for very long. They are making some good friends with the neighbours kids.

So life is going pretty good right now…will it last???



Bridgette, Adelaide and Alijah

06-25-15_10-46 PM-horz


Damian helps the girls with their homework, while Ashley helps Alijah outside. Today was Adelaide’s first day at school, and she enjoyed it but she’s not too sure about this homework stuff. She doesn’t feel left out anymore though, now she feels like a big girl like her siblings.

08-17-15_11-12 PM


Damian and Bridgette talk about school over a meal of frank and beans. “Did you see that big kid push the little kid over today?” Bridge asks Alijah.

08-17-15_11-21 PM


Damian wanted somewhere quiet to relax and also to work, away from all the hustle and bustle of the kids running around and screaming all over the house. He decided to convert the basement from a store room to this room with a sauna and bathroom….

08-18-15_1-20 PM


complete with a toilet and shower hidden behind a wall (like a secret hideaway where nobody can see him)…

08-18-15_1-20 PM-2


…and also this little work space where he can study his medical research in peace. There is so much to learn to become a Doctor and some of the research is quite intense. At the moment he’s studying about broken bones and how to put in screws and plates for a really bad break. The X-rays show how to do it….or is that how NOT to do it?? Damian isn’t quite sure…yet!

08-18-15_1-21 PM-2


Another day of school and another day of homework. Alijah is helping Adelaide with her homework as he’s a couple of grades higher and he’s a very smart kid. Bridgette was hungry after school and her bath so she had some pancakes for dinner…Mummy Ashley cooks the BEST pancakes ever!!!

08-18-15_1-24 PM


Oh dear, the twins are fighting again. “Alijah, that’s not how you spell mystery” says Bridgette….

“is too” says Alijah.

Adelaide looks quite amused as they fight over their homework. Maybe I’ll just go and ask Daddy she thinks to herself. Might be easier Adelaide….the twins will never agree on this one!! Daddy will know the answer.

08-18-15_1-26 PM


Mummy Ashley comes out to see what the yelling is about. She helps solve the spelling argument and Bridgette can finally finish her homework. Bridgette and Alijah finally admit that they were both wrong and then they make fun of the situation. Ashley has a good belly chuckle at the kids…”oh you kids make me laugh” she says.

08-18-15_1-32 PM


Bridgette is making friends with all the neighbourhood kids. She’s a social butterfly and talks to everyone. This young man Riley is one of her best friends. He looks quite worried as Bridge tells him about the dinosaur that came to school today and ate one of the kids….”silly Riley” chuckles Bridge….”I’m playing with you! ” hahaha

08-18-15_1-35 PM


Damian has to go to work on Wednesday after a few days off. He’s learning to use the analyzer to find the patient’s illness. Meanwhile the orderly is fixing all the broken equipment. The analyzer is baffling and Damian often gets an unknown result….hopefully he’ll get the hang of it soon.

08-18-15_10-05 PM


These treadmill tests also prove to be confusing many times. Damian wonders if it’s the equipment or him…but he just can’t seem to make sense of the results. Perhaps the machine speaks jibberish!

08-18-15_10-07 PM


He asks the orderly Uriel but he says he doesn’t understand them either. He says he gets more sense out of playing games on the computer. Not much help Uriel but thanks anyway. Perhaps the doctor can show me how to understand what it says.

08-18-15_10-13 PM


Ummm I’m sorry but your results are a bit confusing sir, but I’m sure you ahve a case of Llama flu so I’m going to give you a needle and hope for the best…(hope he doesn’t drop down dead from the wrong diagnosis!!!)

08-18-15_10-16 PM


Ashley’s career in the entertainment business is off to a good start. She’s only been there a short time and already she got a promotion. It was a hectic day though and she didn’t have time to eat or visit the bathroom, so she sneaks into Damian’s basement for some quiet time away from the noisy energetic kids.

08-18-15_10-20 PM


Damian notices that Ashley has had a makeover since she got her new job. She has a new hairstyle and some new clothes. He tells her that he really loves her new look but she gives him the cold shoulder and turns away…”shame you didn’t notice it days ago when I actually had my hair styled” she mumbles. “I’m sorry” apologizes Damian “I’ve been busy with work”. Ashley feels a bit neglected….you’re always busy with work she thinks to herself…

08-18-15_10-45 PM


With that Damian heads off to work where there is a never ending line of patients to see and treat. The X-ray machine is a bit more Damian’s style and he gets some good results from the scans.

08-18-15_10-49 AM-2


I’ll just listen to your chest *quack quack* “oh dear. that doesn’t sound right. I think you’re quacking up!” ha ha ha

08-18-15_10-51 AM


Adelaide greets him when he arrives home. “Mummy is in a bad mood Daddy. You might not want to go inside just yet. ” she says.

Damian is sad, he hopes its not because of him and his work that she’s in a bad mood. He has such good news to share with Ashley too…he got promoted today to assistant nurse and got a bonus. He was going to take her out to dinner to celebrate tonight but that might have to wait…

08-18-15_11-06 PM


The other kids and Ashley come out to greet him and Damian tells them the good news about his promotion. It means a couple more days off each week, so I will be home more he assures Ashley. Come out to dinner with me and I’ll tell all about it. She agrees and they head out while the kids stay home with Aunty Linda to babysit for a couple of hours.

08-18-15_11-11 PM


Adelaide hangs around on the jungle gym like a monkey. She’s quite agile and loves to hang around on the play equipment. She may end up quite the athlete when she gets older.

08-18-15_11-18 AM


Adelaide is working her way through the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration and now needs to brush up on her typing skills. Her teacher says her typing needs lots of practice.

08-18-15_11-18 AM-2


The kids all hang out outside in the playground together while Aunty Linda watches over them. It’s good to see them all having fun and getting along together for a change.

08-18-15_11-38 AM


“Beam me up Scotty”…..

“there’s a strange aircraft coming up on the radar captain….it’s closing in on us fast!”

“What shall we do?”

“Brace for impact” says Captain Bridgette

08-18-15_11-38 AM-2


Woohoo…Bridgette reached Level 10 motor skill. The kids are doing so well. The twins will be in high school pretty soon…they’re growing up so quickly!

08-18-15_11-40 AM






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