Part 5 – Karen & Joel

The Wedding

After lots of planning the big day has arrived! Karen and Joel are getting married and Karen will become Mrs Karen Kinnaman. Everyone is so excited and the invites have been sent. Sadly Casey and Jacqui couldn’t make it though, but Precious, Damian, Linda and Janne all came along to celebrate the couples big day.

After the ceremony the party continued well into the night, with food, drinks and dancing. The couple were exhausted but everyone had a great time and gave them some fantastic presents. Unfortunately, with their busy schedules there is no time for a honeymoon right now so the couple just made the most of their day off and will organize a honeymoon at a later date.


Joel fantasizes about his wedding as Karen continues to make the last minute plans for the wedding. The wedding planner has done a great job of setting up the garden for this wonderful event. Joel can’t wait to marry his beautiful fiance.


08-15-15_6-06 PM


Finally the time arrives and Karen joins him at the wedding arch. He can’t believe how beautiful Karen looks and he takes a moment to whisper in her ear that she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

08-15-15_6-10 PM


he guests are here and they watch with great excitement as the ceremony begins. I Joel take you Karen…….

08-15-15_6-11 PM


“To be my wedded wife. I promise to love you forever”

Karen is overwhelmed with happiness and love for her husband but she’s still nervous as she quietly says her vows to Joel.

08-15-15_6-11 PM-3


After a beautiful and romantic kiss they give each a big hug. The guests all look a little uneasy at this public display of affection LOL

08-15-15_6-11 PM-4


Karen and Joel feed each other an imaginary first piece of wedding cake, and they laugh as they do. The guests much prefer the real thing though.

08-15-15_6-13 PM


Damian and Joel dance together while the girls all get together inside. Of course they all want to see the ring and congratulate Karen and tell her how beautiful her dress is. Damian of course congratulates Joel and thanks him for the invite. It’s been a wonderful wedding.

08-15-15_6-20 PM


Karen and Joel flirt with each other a little and Karen compliments Joel on his great tuxedo. Linda is thinking “ok it might be time for this party to end” LOL

08-15-15_6-23 PM


Karen heads into the kitchen to clean up a little before bed and Joel takes the time to thank the guests for coming. That’s his subtle way of saying time to go home guys…I want to celebrate with my wife hee hee

08-15-15_6-25 PM


Damian suddenly feels sick and thinks he may have some food poisoning from the hamburger. You should have eaten the wedding cake instead of the left overs in the fridge Damian! He has some medicine at home to settle his stomach so he heads home to take some.

08-15-15_6-29 PM


Night everyone. Thanks for coming. The wedding was a huge success…. a gold medal party and the guests left some amazing presents behind. Karen and Joel head to bed…exhausted!

08-15-15_6-31 PM-2


The next morning Joel finds that the TV was left on all night and it’s now broken so he quickly fixes it before Karen notices. He’s getting quite good at this handyman stuff.

08-16-15_9-45 PM


Then it’s time for some romance in the sauna

08-16-15_10-06 PM


Followed by a luxurious massage….I think we’ll leave these guys now to enjoy their first day of married life together……..

08-16-15_10-08 PM






4 thoughts on “Part 5 – Karen & Joel

    1. I know. Sadly though if i update with your new sim you lose all relationships. Unless there is a way i don’t know about?


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