Part 4 – Karen & Joel

The Proposal

Joel proposes to Karen and preparations start for a modest little wedding. Joel doesn’t want a big lavish fancy affair with all the media hype. He wants to keep it quiet, just a few close friends. The date is set and they are both so looking forward to the day.

First though Karen needs to break the news to Jimmy. THIS is one conversation she’s not looking forward to! She wonders how Jimmy will take it….but should he be surprised. It’s not like she’s seen him much lately…if he really cared surely he’d be phoning her or coming to see her. She thinks there have been rumours going around though because everyone seems shocked when they see her. She gets “looks” from everyone. Karen doesn’t know why. Perhaps everyone is just jealous!

Promotions galore are happening at the moment too. Both Karen and Joel are moving ahead in their careers.


Joel professes his undying love to Karen when she gets home from work, and he returns from the park.08-10-15_10-49 PM


He drops down onto one knee and Karen wonders what is wrong. “Are you ok? Did you hurt yourself? Is your shoelace undone?” she asks all at once.08-10-15_10-50 PM


Joel pulls out a ring and offers it to Karen. “You have made me the happiest man in the world, I can’t imagine the rest of my life without you by my side. Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife Karen?”08-10-15_10-50 PM-2


“Oh yes yes yes!” squeals Karen in delight as she admires the big rock Joel placed on her finger. “YES!” says Joel as he clenches his fist in victory. Karen gives him a passionate kiss and confesses her eternal love for him.08-10-15_10-50 PM-3


They go and celebrate their engagement in the hot tub. Such a tender, passionate moment.08-10-15_11-03 PM


The following day as a kind of engagement present, Karen’s boss givers her a promotion to Advice Columnist. He gives her a nice $611 bonus as well as a nice comfy chair to read her books in and a pay rise too. That should all help pay for that lovely wedding dress she thinks to herself.08-10-15_11-10 PM


Late into the night and Karen is feeling a little peckish so she decides to try out the new ice cream maker that Joel purchased that day. She makes some mint ice cream with choc sauce and a peppermint stick.08-14-15_3-22 PM


She is pleased with her first attempt at making ice cream and it fills the spot before bed time. The ice cream headache is no fun though LOL08-14-15_3-23 PM-2


Joel also got promoted to Agent Handler. The producers of the movie are happy with his studying for his role and soon production will begin on the movie. Joel also gets a small bonus and a work station…not that he knows what he will do with it. For the time being it’s in the spare bedroom. He may give it to the producers as a prop for the film.08-14-15_3-34 PM


Since Karen is still at work and he can’t share his news yet, he invites Karim over for a game of chess. Karim has been playing quite a bit of chess with his daughter Nastassya, and he’s pretty good. He beats Joel easily.08-14-15_3-47 PM


Karen comes home and after some dinner together and sharing his good news, the couple sit down to work together. Karen is writing another book and Joel is doing research. Karen is now level 5 writer.08-14-15_4-07 PM


The next day Karen continues working on her book while Joel has gone to work. She’s on a roll and the book basically writes itself and suddenly she’s finished. It’s quite late though, half the day is gone, but Karen has completed part of her best selling author aspiration….life just doesn’t get any better!08-15-15_3-59 PM


That night she knows that she must tell Jimmy that she’s getting married and their relationship is definitely over. Jimmy is shocked at what he is hearing. “I had heard rumours” he said “but I didn’t believe them. I thought you just needed some space”.08-15-15_4-26 PM


“Well I can’t help who crosses my path” says Karen. “Joel is just the perfect gentleman and while you were great, you weren’t the “one” for me. I’m sorry”. Jimmy almost yells at her “you’ve broken my heart”.08-15-15_4-28 PM-2


Jimmy is so angry he doesn’t want to talk to Karen anymore. With an angry look he storms out the door and slams it behind him. “Well goodbye to rubbish” chuckles Karen and heads off to bed relieved that that conversation is over and done with.08-15-15_4-29 PM


The next morning the toilet gets all clogged up and Joel decides to try and fix it himself. It takes a while but he gets there and he’s proud of his achievement. This being domestic stuff is great he thinks to himself!08-15-15_4-31 PM-2


Karen comes down and starts on making a wedding cake. These things take ages to decorate so may as well get on with it. Joel talks to her while she bakes and she tells him how much she loves him and how he holds her heart in his hands….awwww!08-15-15_4-34 PM-2


Linda comes over for a visit and she is shocked when she sees Karen. Everyone is reacting like this lately and Karen doesn’t know why. She asks Linda what is wrong and she tells the couple that Jimmy is spreading nasty rumours about Karen being a two timing cheat. Karen realizes she will have to talk to Jimmy again, and will now have to try and fix her reputation.08-15-15_4-46 PM


Over breakfast of pancakes and orange juice, Karen thinks about how she will handle the Jimmy situation. He needs to stop spreading rumours and grow up!!08-15-15_4-59 PM


Karen decides to go to the library since she has a day off. She checks the local social media to see what rumours Jimmy is spreading and she tries to squash them. Jacqui and Dwayne are also at the library and they have a chat with Karen and tell her not to worry, they don’t believe the rumours anyway. This could ruin Joel’s career too though. Jacqui has an idea to spread rumours about Jimmy and see how he likes it. Dwayne doesn’t think that will work, and says he’ll think up a more cunning plan. Karen decides to talk to Jimmy first and see if she can reason with him. 08-15-15_5-04 PM


Next Karen goes to the park and meets her friends Linda, Damian and Anna. She tells them all that Jimmy is just trying to paint a bad picture of her, but they are all very supportive and tell her to just ignore him. He’s being immature and they will sort him out. Linda has a cunning plan to embarrass him and Damian says if that doesn’t work he will resort to violence….even if he has to get a mate to help him, because in reality Damian doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. 08-15-15_5-10 PM


Next Karen heads to the local night club for a drink. it’s been an exhausting day. The barman tells her she looks like she needs a holiday. “You’re not wrong” agrees Karen. “A honeymoon even” she says smiling.

Meanwhile Joel returns from work and has been promoted again to field agent. He’s not sure what this means but hopes it will teach more hands on stuff and perhaps some stunts to perform in the movie.08-15-15_5-18 PM


He meets Karen at the bar where she recites a love poem to him. He loves it! But oh oh…look out here comes trouble! Jimmy just arrived…..08-15-15_5-20 PM


He looks so sad Karen almost feels sorry for him. She decides to try the nice approach and asks him nicely to stop spreading rumours about her. He reluctantly agrees and when he sees who she is marrying he kind of understands. He didn’t realize it was THAT Joel…the movie star! No wonder she dumped him so quickly. Heartbroken still, he leaves and tries to get on with his life.08-15-15_5-21 PM


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