Part 3 – Karen & Joel

Karen and Joel are both working hard in their careers at the moment and Karen is having a great time introducing him to all of her friends. Joel can’t believe how nice everyone is here in Newcrest, but the word is getting around that some famous is living in town.

Karen is working on writing her books and trying to become a best selling author. She’s written a few books now and they are starting to bring in some money. Joel has landed a new movie role, where he plays a secret agent, so he’s doing a bit of work at a local company to research the role. He has to at least seem like he knows what he’s doing when the movie recording starts.


Karen completed part of her aspiration to becoming a best selling author and finished another book. A publisher bought the rights to it and hopefully it will bring in some money…even if only a little bit.08-07-15_10-40 PM


Precious popped by for a visit while Joel was at work. She’d heard about the new man Karen had been seeing, and was disappointed to find he wasn’t home. “Whaaaat! You’ve asked him to move in already??” says Precious. “Yes” said Karen “I did”. Precious looks at her crazy friend and just hopes she knows what she is doing.08-07-15_10-45 PM


They go outside to relax in the hot tub and watch some TV…their favourite cooking show Sims Kitchens Rule. Precious notices the new vine that Karen has growing over her new patio roof….it’s gives the area a lovely ambiance.08-07-15_11-02 PM-2


Joel is home from work and he’s now able to do some intelligence research on the computer after his boss gave him a bit of a promotion. This secret agent stuff is pretty easy he thinks to himself…at the moment anyway.08-08-15_4-46 PM


Ummmm…that’s not intelligence research Joel!! But I suppose after a hard day at work he deserves a big of time off to play games ha ha. The new desk set up works really well because the two of them can sit at their computers working, but still can chat at the same time.08-08-15_4-54 PM


Karen has a day off work so took some time out to visit the local spa. A yoga class to start and she’s doing quite well.08-09-15_10-16 PM


Ummm I don’t think you are supposed to sleep during this pose!! LOL08-09-15_10-17 PM-2


Followed by a lovely relaxing massage. Work away all that tension from work….aaaah.08-09-15_10-23 PM-2


(Sorry Karen – I had to include this photo). The massage therapist was gagging and choking….it made me laugh with her funny facial expressions.08-09-15_10-24 PM


After the massage Joel met Karen at the park next door and they played a quick game of chess. Apparently it keeps the brain sharp and that is what is needed by a secret agent…even if it’s just a played part in a movie.08-09-15_10-29 PM


Damian found the couple at the park and Karen introduced him to Joel. They boys got on really well and chatted away while Karen cooked them some frank and beans on the grill. Joel asked Damian for all the juicy gossip on Karen as they have been friends a long time. Of course Damian being a good friend only tells him the good stuff. Damian also tells Joel about his 3 beautiful kids and says that he will have to meet them. Joel loves kids and hopes to have some of his own one day.08-09-15_10-36 PM


They sat and chatted until the moon started rising in the sky. It was a full moon and so pretty. Joel couldn’t help but admire Karen as the moon made her skin glow and he thought how beautiful she looked at that moment.08-09-15_10-37 PM


Back at home, Karen jumped on the computer to browse the web. She is dreaming of the day when she will get married (hopefully to Joel) and so she’s researching some wedding dresses and venues. She gets a shock when she sees the price of the dresses! Oh dear…she will never be able to afford one of them 08-09-15_10-41 PM


Karen heads off to bed a bit depressed and sad knowing that she has lots of work and saving to do before she can afford the dress she wants. Joel jumps online after Karen has gone to bed and searches through the history to find the dress Karen was looking at. He secretly orders it for her, hoping he gets the right size. it will be a lovely surprise for her and with his upcoming movie role he can afford it easily.08-09-15_10-50 PM


The following morning Karen is writing her latest book and Joel is doing his intelligence research. Karen asks Joel what he was up to last night after she went to bed. Oh nothing he says…just working.08-09-15_11-09 PM


After work Karen went for a quick jog around the block, and ran into Janne who was doing the same.
“Hey what’s this I hear about a new man you have in your life Karen?” asks Janne.
“Come on over to the house and I’ll introduce you” says Karen.08-10-15_10-15 PM


On the way they met up with Linda as well, so Karen invited her over too.
“So where’s this secret man then” says Janne
“I reckon she made him up” teases Linda.08-10-15_10-19 PM-2


“Girls meet Joel…Joel meet Janne and Linda.” says Karen as he comes to join them.
The gang sip their fizzy drinks and chat for ages catching up on all the latest news. Karen and Linda work together so they see each other all the time, but Janne has much news to tell about her and Marcel’s relationship and wants to hear all about Karen and Joel.08-10-15_10-20 PM


Karen grills some chicken while Joel makes the salad in the kitchen. While he’s away Janne asks Karen…so come on spill….what’s it like being the girlfriend of a super star.
“It’s good” says Karen “but I’m a bit nervous about having to go to all these gala events and stuff, and having our photo taken a thousand times in one night. It’s daunting”.08-10-15_10-22 PM


Janne had to leave as soon as she’d eaten but Linda stayed and chatted some more. She suggested Joel should be the one grilling the chicken while Karen makes salad. He relives the nightmare of almost burning himself to death and gulps his chicken as he agrees with Linda. “I’ll give it a go” he says trying not to show his nerves.08-10-15_10-23 PM-2


Joel had some time off the next day so being the weekend he thought he’d go and check out the local park again. He ran into a charming and very smart young girl called Bridgette. Turns out she’s one of Damian’s girls and the two got on famously over a game of chess. Bridgette is a bit of a mastermind when it comes to chess and she easily beat Joel, much to his embarrassment.08-10-15_10-36 PM


Bridgette had to go home for lunch and Joel found himself suddenly surrounded by a bunch of people. “Hey aren’t you that actor guy” says one of them…suddenly they all crowd around him and ask him tons of questions. He is such a gentleman that he sits there and answers every one of them before excusing himself and heading back home to the quiet.08-10-15_10-42 PM




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