Part 2 – Karen & Joel

When we last left Karen she had fallen for a local guy called Jimmy Wetzel. She thought she had found the perfect man…until “Love” came to town in the form of Joel Kinnaman. Joel is a movie star and is quite famous so he moved to Newcrest, a quiet little town where hopefully people won’t bother him too much. He couldn’t even walk around in his old town!

Karen couldn’t believe her luck when she met him on the street and invited him in for a cuppa. She “loves this guy” and has seen all his movies and TV shows. She feels like a little girl all weak at the knees when she talks to him. How could anyone like him be interested in her…and yet….he is!!


Karen invited Joel inside and she feels like a giddy teenager having this gorgeous hunk of a man in her lounge room. She’s tired after a long day but she isn’t going to bed yet…she has JOEL KINNAMAN in her house!!!11057233_10153578886151983_2520674900730455794_o


The next day still giddy from her special guest, Karen headed off to work and got a promotion at the end of the day. Everything is just looking GREAT in life at the moment!11856495_10153578886246983_231784383110271741_o


Joel stops by again to get to know Karen a bit more. He feels a special connection with her and is drawn to her for some reason. Karen tells him that she loves his smile and the way his teeth sparkle when he smiles.11885703_10153578886276983_3002044108523661429_o


He tells Karen that he is attracted to her and really likes her. He flirts a little and Karen puts her arm around him and looks deep into his eyes. There is chemistry there but she feels slightly guilty about Jimmy….11850539_10153578886251983_6464603547350859354_o


She whispers in his ear…I didn’t quite catch what she said but judging by the smile on Joel’s face he likes what he is hearing.11893975_10153578886206983_5225629958209287699_o


You know it’s late and I really should get going says Joel and he gives Karen a good night hug. He feels so strong and manly in her arms. Karen doesn’t want to let go.11834846_10153578886266983_5087416047659494953_o


She decides it’s now or never and gives him a goodnight kiss on the lips. He is slightly startled but he kisses her back. The chemistry is incredible!11888585_10153578886211983_9185947241168336188_o


Well I think we all know what Karen is asking him here don’t we!!!! hee hee11893960_10153578886231983_8624069822930909679_o


And I don’t think I need to tell you what happens next…sleep of course!!! *coughs*11845014_10153578886106983_2842608697806269633_o


Or not……ha ha. *Closes the door and walks away*11850689_10153578886131983_3466120570055681079_o


The next morning Karen has to go to work so Joel says he will leave her to get ready. “no don’t go” says Karen, giving him a kiss to entice him to stay. It didn’t take much persuading….he can’t believe how much he feels for Karen already.10333557_10153578886596983_2899036397431611443_o


Karen he says clearing his throat, ummm would you like to be my girlfriend? Ooooh yes squeals Karen so excited at the thought of being seen around town with this gorgeous man on her arm. How did she get so lucky….she can’t believe it!11882360_10153578886601983_5502211670863750865_o


Joel can’t believe his luck either. Did she just say yes?? He might be a big movie star but he feels like a little school boy all of a sudden. Well I better go back to my hotel he says and let you get ready for work. I have to do some house hunting today to find somewhere permanent to live. House hunting says Karen…why don’t you just move in here with me? *gulp* Did I just say that out loud Karen thinks to herself….oh dear…whatever will he think of me? But Joel thinks it’s a great idea and says ok.11163159_10153578886611983_1347359768320515453_o


While Karen has a shower and gets ready for work Joel decides to grill some fruit on the bbq for her breakfast as a surprise. He was the one surprised though….he forgot he doesn’t know how to cook, having had all his meals bought to him in the hotels he stays in most of the time.11885701_10153578886706983_7715631228992575825_o


So Karen cooked the breakfast that morning instead and he decided to keep his little accident to himself. He felt so foolish and she might think him an idiot if he told her.11896440_10153578886711983_4575593861403570023_o


Karen heads off to work and Joel takes a relaxing swim in the pool. He tries to forget almost killing himself and relishes in the happiness of his new found love.11845119_10153578886701983_820402378950183695_o


He cleans up the kitchen with the new dishwasher that Karen recently bought. This is all new to him. Hotels do all of this usually, but he thinks he could get used to this being domestic and having a lady to look after.10333548_10153578886686983_6707145747298426408_o


Karen comes home from work and Joel meets her at the door. Hello my love he says as he caresses her cheek. Karen goes all weak at the knees and pinches herself to see if this is really true. She’s worried she will wake up and it will all be just a dream.11252768_10153578886696983_1709592095789087589_o


They sit down to dinner and talk about each others day. Karen had a bad day at work but she forgot all about it sitting her with her dream boat. Joel says he has a surprise for her. While she was at work today he did some investigating and found a dirty dark basement under the house with nothing in it. Since he needs to stay fit for his movies he wanted to bring some gym equipment in. So he made a nice little gym, spa area for the two of them to share and relax after work.11914249_10153578886681983_5202743444103751394_o


Here is the massage table, where he promises to give Karen any massage her heart desires. He is good at massage and the thought of his fingers rubbing her back makes her go all weak at the knees again.11232379_10153578892756983_3196429973838805653_o


The sauna…for relaxing and romance11834846_10153578892781983_4638405069298323046_o


Joel’s gym equipment where he can stay in shape for his movie roles.11017498_10153578892791983_3826213647154356914_o


And a little bathroom….for those times when you don’t have time to go upstairs!11203520_10153578892746983_8890916119769519816_o



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